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        Thanks so much. I went to the link you suggested & downloaded the fix. (The first time it was blocked because my phone setting wouldn't allow apps & such from outside the Android market to be installed. Nice security feature, but just a heads up that you may have to change that setting 1st, and then you can change it back afterwards.)


        Just had two text messages come through & 1 visual voicemail indicator. Can't imagine that's everything I missed over the past two weeks, but it's a start. Thanks for sharing. And as soon as I can upgrade, I think I'll be transitioning to the good ole iPhone.

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          Well since this is for the droid incredible 2 can you give me some info on the original droid incredible because what the guy from the store said to do is not working and i am still not receiving messages.

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            This works! Havent got texts for 5 days and now its up and running again. Thanks for the post!


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              I did a hard reset, a soft reset and a hot fix that that the Verizon tech support person instructed me to use and still no text messages. The first person was going to send a new phone as the fix, but because I was out of warranty (2 months out), she could not do it, even after trying with her manager. My options, she told me, were to buy another phone or do an early upgrade. Um, no thanks. I called back after stewing about it for awhile and asked to speak with a supervisor. I complained that it was not my fault the update had messed up my phone 2 months out of warranty and she agreed. She was confirming shipping details with me for the new phone when I mentioned that I have a crack in my screen. It happened the first month I got the phone and has become invisible to me because it is always there. Well, then, I could not get the new replacement phone she told me and gave me some analogy about a TV screen having a crack and the bulb burning out and the manufacturer would not honor the warranty because the TV screen was cracked. Really? If I have a crack in my windshield but my transmission falls out with 10,000 miles on my car, will Nissan not honor my warranty because my windshield is cracked? Ridiculous. I was told there would be a fix in 7-30 days. So, I downloaded a third party texting application, and cancelled my text messaging and visual voicemail with Verizon, who will therefore be getting less money from me each month until my contract is up. At that time, I will be switching phones and carriers.
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                just remember when you switch carriers they won't replace an out of warranty phone or a phone with physical damage either


                have fun

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                  I would hope that they or any carrier would fix a problem they created, regardless of the state of my phone. I didn't realize when I cracked it after having it for only two weeks that I could've swapped it out at that time, but that is my fault. This is theirs. The two have nothing to do with one another, period.
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                    KarneDawg3 wrote:

                    Just saw someone post on the HTC forums, in a thread related to this same issue.


                    Ok, I called HTC and they had me go to a website and download something.  Now it works!  Call 1-866-449-8358 from 6a to 1a EST.

                    So I called that number and spoke with CSR.  She provided the URL for me.  It's a direct link, so it points directly to the file.  According to her, you point your phone's browser to the URL (as opposed to downloading the file to your computer and trying to transfer it over), and your phone will execute the file accordingly.  I haven't tried doing this yet because my girlfriend is at work and has the phone on her person.  But if anybody wants to give it a shot, here ya go:


                    [link to direct download removed]


                    This worked like a charm for me, thank you! 

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                      ^ I was happy that it worked for me so I was trying to be nice and move the link ahead so people wouldn't have to search back for the fix.  Apparently I can't do that. So you will find it on page 3. :smileywink:

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                        That link worked great, just make sure you go into Menu>Settings>Applications and check the block for Unknown Sources.  I called HTC and they had my wife's phone up and running in minutes using this setting and the link to the apk file!