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        I have been experiencing exactly the same issues as all of you. I called VZ on Tuesday to get a resolution and was told that the issue is happening for many Incredible users nationwide. I was also told that they were working on a solution for the problem, and days later the problem has not been fixed.


        Verizon has been my service provider for years and until now I've been more than satisfied with what they have to offer. It is unfortunate that their lack of response/urgency for a nationwide issue is enough to make me switch.


        I suppose I'll just cross my fingers waiting for a fix. Ugh.

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          Just saw someone post on the HTC forums, in a thread related to this same issue.


          Ok, I called HTC and they had me go to a website and download something.  Now it works!  Call 1-866-449-8358 from 6a to 1a EST.

          So I called that number and spoke with CSR.  She provided the URL for me.  It's a direct link, so it points directly to the file.  According to her, you point your phone's browser to the URL (as opposed to downloading the file to your computer and trying to transfer it over), and your phone will execute the file accordingly.  I haven't tried doing this yet because my girlfriend is at work and has the phone on her person.  But if anybody wants to give it a shot, here ya go:




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            Follow up:


            It works.

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              The link does work and I am now gettin a message pending when sending text messages but the person receiving the text does receive it, so I have no clue why the pending message shows
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                On my incredible my messages so far are coming thru Ok an no hiccups i've also set my D inc. to notify me when a message goes out an that is also working Ok.  but if things change i'll repost on it. B33

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                  THANKS for the link!!!!!  I'm also getting the pending signal (which is annoying)... but it's working again!

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                    Hello Community:


                    There is some new software on the way to address this issue.  Here's the link to it to the support page which will be updated. If you cannot wait for the software update, continue reading my post below. 


                    There are a limited number of Droid Incredible users that have their text messages negatively impacted by the update to Gingerbread.  If you are experiencing problems receiving text messages, please call tech support at 866-892-7957 from a different phone.  They will check your account and make sure that all is well.  


                    If it is determined that the back-end provisioning is fine, and the issue is attributed to the update (known problem that has been escalated to HTC), they will give you an "additional option." I can't specify what that option is here, but I think you'll be pretty happy with it. If you have a representative that is unfamiliar with the process (it's pretty well known internally, but it's possible to get a rep that hasn't come across this situation), advise them to "Search InfoManager for 47597." There's only 1 search result, and that's the article discussing how to handle this problem with the Incredible.


                    I truly feel for all of you experiencing this issue. Thanks for your patience.  We have fixes on the way, and options in the meantime while we get this fixed. 




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                      That is an update for the Droid Incredible 2.  Not the orignal Droid Incredible.  So thanks, but no thanks.


                      The additional option is most likely the APK file somebody posted a few messages above from HTC.

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                        Thanks for the link!!! Messages coming through!! woohoo

                        You would think someone from Verizon could do a little research to figure out problems, if they truely wanted to solve them - they would!

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                          I was having the same problem since the upgrade. Verizon wanted to give me a new contract and give me a phone downgrade fo


                          free, or  buy a flip phone for $110.00,  UNTIL MY CONTRACT WAS UP. I REFUSE BOTH, AND ASKED FOR THE




                          CALL 1-866-449-8358. THE FIX WORKED, AND I'M NOW RECEIVING MY TEXTS ONCE AGAIN...