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    Re: Important note about the Social Beat app


      I was just presented with a $500 plus phone bill because I stupidly downloaded the Social Beat application and was not told that I had to turn off  the feature allowing continuous download of data. After getting a supervisor's assistance, I disabled the entire app, but the damage was already done. Very poor documentation was given with this app, but Verizon really could care less about that, as long as they are able to charge for the time. How many other of these vampire apps are out there, I wonder? If you know anyone on Verizon Wireless tell them to be extremely cautious when downloading the applications offered.

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          The same thing happened to me and I find it concerning that such a large company would not consider removing the overages charges after knowing exactly what has happened in the past. I will be moving my plan as soon as I can from this carrier due to their unwillingness to look at the information and make a sound judgment.


          This is how it went:


          $15 overage in June, but since we have a bundled package, I thought this may be to a late fee or changeover, or possibly some movies, so I did not investigate.


          Yesterday a $200 dollar overage charge for an app that was preloaded on my phone from a verizon wireless store. The audacity behind giving rights to a company that will most likely result in overage charges that is not discussed at the time of purchase and then billed at a later time with no way of reconciliation the unwanted overage could be seen in most courts as theft. It is similar to inviting guests to enjoy a free dinner and then charging them to get their car keys back from the valet, does not sound very legal to me.


          I can show that the social beat data connections were at strange times and for ridiculously long usage times including a whopping 722 minutes of connectivity to which there were no indications at any time that the app was even engaged. How is it possible that someone can show years of data where they were rarely in use of a phone for over one half hour at a time and then in two instances within a month be using a data app for 12 hour stints throughout the night? Seems like a long track record would be a more fair indication than a rogue social app placed on your phone at the time of sale that results in huge overage charges.


          Where is your common sense Verizon, or shall we say that you might have had an idea where this would lead upon preloading this "social beat" app? Could it be that profit was your main goal instead of protecting your customer base? So far that is the only indication I can get from spending hours on the phone with your lower level management reps which refuse to let me speak with anyone that can resolve this issue.


          I will be posting this letter wherever I can until I receive a response that satisfies my disgust in your current practices, please put a stop to the use of this abuse by Social Beat and Verizon Wireless.




          Kevin Levitt


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            Calling Social Beat a rogue application is putting it mildly, but,yes, Kevin, the more exposure to this, the better. Maybe you should start a Facebook site?

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              I just wanted to thank you for posting this about the social beat. I had 187 dollars in data charges that I knew nothing about. My son told me that he accessed Facebook for about 4 minutes on my phone. After that, the phone itself kept accessing this for days!. The rep. tried to tell me that someone had to be going in every 5-6 minutes to do this. It made no sense to me. I had her read the post and they very graciously reduced the charges by half. So my son accessing facebook for 4 minutes actualy cost me 70 dollars! They would not have taken so much off if I had not shown them your post and that I had no clue as to what my phone was doing. I think this is a big-time rip-off! Thanks Verizon!!!

              • 4. How much money is Verizon clearing from incorrect charges for "Social Beat" app?

                Why has this been checked as a solution?


                Our post was moved to another location which reset the number of views, it is already near 100 again just from this afternoon. Interesting that Verizon would not want more individuals to see that they have had nearly 6000 views since this "phenomenon" began. My guess is that means at least 5000 customers have been hit by this thing, with no solution, no wonder they were giving me the runaround immediately, Verizon must have already established a protocol of how to respond to people experiencing the same issue. Interesting that at least 5000 people have been told that it is their fault that an app, that is allowed to function on their network, is customer error and not their own. I thought it may be an isolated scenario, but obviously it is not.

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                  Kevin, my utmost and most sincere apologies for clicking on your letter as a solution. I have added up the usage charges for my July bill; $485.55 for this vampire application. Rathera long day yesterday, and I again aplogize for hitting the wrong button. We are far from a solution here.

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                    No worries, with all the blocking and movement of our messages yesterday, I assumed it was "those people not to be mentioned" that had clicked it as a solution. It seems like they are actively covering up anything having to do with social beat.

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                      I have put a message on my FaceBook account advising people not to even consider using this vampire. If you wish to see it, feel free to join my friends list. If we can get enough people who have our problems, could we begin a class action?

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                        I just wish I would have read these message boards before I accessed the social beat ap.!  I had a bill for nearly $1000 when I only use my phone for long distance and emergency purposes,   I almost died when I got the bill.  After speaking with 4 different customer service associates they finally agreed to pay for half of the bill.  Neeless to say I will not be renewing my Verizon contract when it comes due.  They should definitely let you know that you are being charged for the minutes used before you download this application.

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                          I just found out the same thing with Social Beat. I had MB usuage blocked and still charged for this. Was never told I would be charged for it and they told me there is nothing we can do about it!!! OH yeah I will be calling back about it now!!


                          Thanks so much for posting about this!!



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