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        I have had this problem happen twice. I just got this phone in February. Is there a solution upcoming? Or do I need to go to the VZW store so they can give my brand new device a "refurb" phone that has the same issue?

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          Add me to the list!  Got mine in January, and after reading all this, I'm surprised I didn't run into this issue until a couple weeks ago.  Mine is the Droid 2 Global, and the volume is all the way up, it doesn't help to put it on speaker, I have the current firmware version, and I don't have any conflicting apps.  Please escalate this to Motorola!

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            Hello fellow community members,


            Thank you for all the various feedback on this issue. I can assure you that all the feedback is taken into consideration as we work diligently to resolve the audio issues that everyone is experiencing. As stated by my co-worker, ChristinaB, this concern has been lifted up to the manufacturer, Motorola, for discussion on a solution. SInce the topic has so many entries, I would like to provide some troubleshooting steps so new posting from members don't have to look far for suggestions. They are as follows.


            1.  Check the device volume ( I know this sounds like common sense but sometimes we forget)

            2.  Identify what type of calls that the issue is happening on. (Inbound or outbound/ landline or cellular)

            3.  Remove any/all connected audio accessories

            4.  Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi when not in use. 

            5.  Remove battery while device is powered on, wait 5-10 seconds, and re-apply the battery

            6.  Perform a factory reset. (I know this is the step that everybody DON"T want to do but it is very effective in resolving issues)


            Just to share an experience with everyone, I had this issue with one of my phones & it turned out to be a bluetooth issue. Most of the newer bluetooth devices have an Auto-Pair mode. When you walk by a bluetooth that has Auto-Pair then the phone will try to pair on it's own if bluetooth is active. Even after the bluetooth device is out of range, the phone is still searching for the bluetooth device that walked by, thus creating the audio issue. I understand that this might not resolve everybody's issue but I wanted the community to be aware that such a situation happens more often then we acknowledge.


            As you all may know, there are more community members than employees on this forum. Both myself and my co-workers will try to resolve this issue, one at a time, as time permits. If for any reason we are unable to contact you, via phone or private message, feel free to call our toll free number for assistance, 1-800-922-0204.


            Thank you for your time and patience.

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              My wife and I upgraded to our new Droid 2 Global since May.  We have had this problem ever since.  I do not see how this temporary fix would be considered a "solution".   A solution is where I would not have to do anything everytime this happened.  A firmware upgrade would be a solution.

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                1. I check constantly, especially when the problem happens. Voice is always maxed.

                2. For me: both inbound and outbound; and to both cell and land line numbers. I.e. all four permutations.

                3. I don't have any.

                4. I always have BT and Wi-Fi turned off in Settings, both because I don't use these and to conserve the battery a little... which this phone makes very necessary.

                5. Really??? Why while it's powered on? Is there any risk to doing this?

                6. Again... really??? Isn't that like wiping a PC and reinstalling the OS because of a bad sound card or driver? Seems excessive.


                I have also had this problem; sometimes constantly (multiple reboots per day) and sometimes not for weeks. I shut my phone off every night, and I have virtually no apps installed on it; mainly a couple of games for my kids. In fact I wish I could get rid of some of the apps VZW puts on, as I often find them running in Task Manager even though I did not invoke them. For example, Skype.


                The voice quality in general has been a huge disappointment. I switched from T-Mobile after the AT&T merger was announced because I needed a new phone anyway and wanted an Android, but I am still disappointed months later how poor voice quality on the VZW network is. Tinny and compressed-sounding compared to T-Mobile. Well, in light of this forum thread, maybe it's this not-really-great Droid 2 Global? Now that the Droid 3 is almost upon us I guess we can kiss any chance of Motorola, um, I mean Google, or VZW ever fixing this ussue.

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                  Im having the same problem....ofcourse...and yes Ive done all the above to try and fix it, no dice. If someone at Verizon knows what they are doing and is actually viewing this thread with the intention of helping then I hope that this will help..... I noticed EVERY time Im having this issue, it shows full bars and the 3G icon in the title bar, but as soon as I hit send the 3G icon goes away and AS SOON AS I end the call the 3G icon reapears. I literally made a call, ended it, made a call, ended it and so on and it did it everytime. It seems to do that when I have that issue and its blatently apparent the two are connected. Hope I helped in some way to fix this for all.

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                    I am currently about to recieve my 3rd Droid 2 Global. I'm having some of the same issues that others are having. (1) the phone reboots for no apparent reason. (2) Out of random, the incoming/outgoing calls will be devoid of sound and I have to power off the phone. All other sounds work. (3) The vibration function gets stuck on vibrate. (4) The text message function lags and has to catch up on the second phone. On the first phone, the text input totally ******* up and caused everything to force close and/or restart the whole phone.


                    Here are the solutions Verizon Wireless tried:

                    1. Power off phone and turn back on - Failed to Solve Problems

                    2. Restore phone to factory defaults - Failed to Solve Problems

                    3. Send replacement phone under warranty - Lasted no longer than 2 months before original problems started- second replacement being sent


                    However, it seemed Verizon Wireless was trying to blame the problems on me. Saying that it was my "3rd Party Apps." BUT, while I was on hold for 45 minutes, they advertised an unlimited data package so you can have all your favorite apps and games.


                    Then, a VZW representative told me that they were not authorized to send a differnt make/model as a replacement and it was Motorola's call if that could happen or not. So, I call Motorola. They said it was up to VZW. I call VZW back and they inform me that the process in which I was informed of by Motorola AND Verizon were "non-existant and made up." I was simply trying to nip my problems in the bud because I don't want to be going through this every  few weeks. Why would someone send the same one when its obvious it has problems (and not just me - check this website - lots of people having similar and different problems with the same phone)  and why would I want it. I was told to try the THIRD phone out and we would explore other options if it started malfunctioning. Other options, at this point, meaning spending more money. Problem solved?? Perhaps. We shall see.

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                      COUNT ME IN ON THIS ISSUE.


                      It appears that this problem has been occurring for others for some time, however my wife's Moto Droid 2 Global phone has been great for a full year until the gingerbread update, the can't hear issue occurs about every day and a half. It will work fine after a battery pull for about a day or so then go into "silence mode".  This is the second phone for her with this problem. Nothing seems to resolve it, tried three different Verizon stores. Hard resets, factory resets, clear apps, clear learned words,  She has very few apps on the phone, except what came with it. The fact that it was fine for a year then starts after software update is very frustrating.  One suggestion we have not tried is pulling the memory card, will do that today. and wait for a day and a half and will repost if this helps. 


                      Would love to fix this soon!  Please help me Verizon!

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                        Yup, wife and I both have D2Gs, and both have had the same issue.  I wish all Motorola and Verizon employees were forced to use the D2G so they could see how "non-existent" this problem is.  It is almost worth it to pay the cancellation few and switch cell phone service providers.  See ya Verizon!

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                          I've had that problem a few times.

                          The caller can hear me but I can barely hear something as if they were very far away.

                          My volume is turned up to the max.

                          Every time this happens I have to turn off my phone then turn it back on. At the moment that seems to resolve the issue but since it happens again, obviously that's not an actual solution.


                          This is just one of the many problems I've had with the Droid 2 Global.

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