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        jit0628: ordered 3/11 6PM in store, not received, not a Verizon account holder (so no way to call 611)

        no tracking information given

        credit card been charged on 3/11

        On 3/21, called verizon CS, and got possible ship date between 4/1 and 4/8.


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          Not a Verizon customer, ordered in store on 3/11, credit card billed, no info on FedEx tracking using store number and order number.


          I called the store yesterday and they couldn't give me any info.  I found this forum today and read everyone's problems and called the store again and they acted like I'm the only one who has called. I told him I just want to be able to track the shipment online and he said he will check and call back.  I'll try and cancel if I don't hear back from him soon.  As far as Verizon customers getting the info by calling 611, he did ask if I was a Verizon customer and I told him no, but my intent in going with Verizon for the iPad 2 was to switch my cell phone service when my current contract expires, now, not so sure! 

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            I was stunned when mine turned up. As I was walking out the door. To run errands. No notice, no tracking, no promised phone call.  Never again, Verizon.

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              Man I have a headache!  Just got off the phone with the store manager from the Verizon store where I ordered my iPad 2 on March 11th.  Y'all are going to love this -- He was told by his customer support rep that the only way to cancel the order is if they have the tracking number, but, of course, if they had the tracking number I wouldn't cancel because I would know the order at least exists!  I think Apple is to blame in that they rushed this out before they had enough in stock in order to beat the competitors to the market, but Verizon is also to blame in that they have no way of tracking the shipment unless you are already a Verizon customer.  Of course, I wanted to be a Verizon customer which is why I ordered the Verizon compatible i Pad 2, but I didn't need the data plan right away.  Quite the merry-go-round!  Has anyone gotten their iPad2 that ordered it in store on March 11th?

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                Yes, I'm obsessed with this all now.  You can call FedEx at 800-463-3339 and ask if there are any deliveries inbound to your address.  You don't need the tracking number.  P---ed off to find nothing on it's way to me.  Called the store manager back and told him we had a big problem and he said, "Well, that just means it hasn't left the warehouse yet."  "Whose warehouse?", I asked.  "I don't know", he said.  I then told him that's exactly what I mean, a big problem.  I'm placing the credit card charge in dispute.

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                  I am truly sorry everyone for the delay regarding shipments of the Ipad-2. I can understand your concerns, as I am also excited about this wonderful device. Due to the overwhelming demand, delays may be experienced in shipments of the iPad 2.

                  If you purchased an Ipad-2 your order would be shipped by the following: 

                  • Orders placed on 3/11, 3/12, 3/13 and 3/14 are expected to be shipped 2-3 weeks from the order date.
                  • Orders placed on 3/15, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22, 3/23, 3/24 and 3/25 are expected to be shipped 3-4 weeks from the order date.
                  When you place an order for a wireless device, a tracking number will not be provided until the actual device is shipped and on its way to the shipping address. Once the device leaves the warehouse and is picked up by FEDEX, they will scan the code related to the shipment and at that time have tracking number for you. For example, if you ordered your device on March 11, 2011 and the shipment is expected between 2-3 weeks from that date (i.e.. March 25, 2011), you will be provided with a tracking number on march 25, 2011 and not before that date.
                  Verizon Wireless appreciates your patience in this matter and hope you enjoy your Ipad-2.
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                    Some real info! Finallly! So how will we receive the tracking number? They don't have our email.

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                      Yeah, except you have to be an existing Verizon customer or you had to have purchased 3g time when you ordered the iPad in order for Verizon to have your e-mail to send you a tracking number.  Read the posts -- Most of us who are posting here did not have an existing account and did not want to buy 3g time on March 11th because we weren't going to use it right away, but, obviously, by purchasing a Verizon iPad2 we intended to become customers.  In fact, I intended to switch my cell phone to Verizon when my current contract with AT&T, but that will never happen now, even if my iPad shows up today!  As far as I know, and this is after hours on the phone with the manager of the store where I purchased the iPad and on the internet, my order does not exist, anywhere, anyhow.  Verizon took my money on March 14th by placing the bogus charge on my credit card and NO ONE has any info on my having purchased the iPad2.  I have already placed the charge in dispute and I am trolling the internet and posting about Verizon's horrible customer service everywhere I can.  Here are 2 facts I learned:  (1)  Verizon can't cancel your order without a tracking number, which, of course, we don't have.  (2)  I posted before that FedEx can access any ingoing shipments to your home address without a tracking number.  Well, apparently this is not fool proof, as when I called Wednesday night they said I had no packages in the system, but, yesterday, my cover arrived from Apple.  NOTE TO VERIZON:  Take some customer service lessons from Apple.  I wasn't home when the cover was delivered, but they left a door tag, AND I got an e-mail from Apple telling me the attempt at delivery had been made!  I HATE VERIZON AND WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH VERIZON AGAIN!!!!!

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                        Adding my two cents... I was also hoodwinked into purchasing an ipad with Verizon based on the promise of a 3/15 or 3/16 delivery.  I called the next day and was told "delivery on Tuesday? who told you that?" As of today, no tracking number or ship date.


                        Although I've decided to wait patiently for my device and stick w/VZW as my provider (like I have a choice at this point...) I will not forgive/forget this situation. When the ipad3 comes out next year I will be selling this ipad on ebay purchasing my next device through Apple or AT&T.


                        VZW may have manipulated me (through false promises) into giving them my business in the short term, but rest assured they are missing out on any future business from me, family, friends, colleagues, etc. I am not a current phone customer w/VZW and thanks to this scenario - never will be.  


                        And to think, this could have all been avoided through a simple public "mea culpa" from VZW explaining what happened and some kind of consolation discount or concession.  


                        If all customers who were treated in this manner attempt to make their relationship with VZW as brief as possible, we can hit them in the only place they seem to care about...the wallet.  


                        Listen up VZW - people understand that problems/mistakes happen, but when you fail to STEP UP and say "We made a mistake, here's why and we're sorry, won't happen again..."  you lose credibiity and customers.


                        (Honestly, I know 3-year olds who are more forthright in owning up to mistakes than you people are...get a clue!)

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                          I've learned the it doesn't help fighting with Verizon. On the release of the iPad 2 I spoke to a sales rep who said they had 16gb iPad 2's in stock at 5:30pm. I drove to this location and the guy was putting it aside from me since he wanted the commission. I get there and he says they only have 64gb. I am not sure if this was true or not because maybe he just wanted more commission. I ended up buying it figuring I could just ebay it and buy the 16gb a few weeks later. So he comes back with it and the seal is already torn off. He wanted to make sure I activated it in store so he would get the commission on his account for the data plan activation.


                          Saturday night I called Verizon to buy a second ipad - white 16gb. The guy was super helpful saying he could help be my point of contact for future verizon purchases. I thought this sounded good since it always helps dealing with someone directly. He also said it would be 2 weeks for the new ipad 2 to ship and I placed the order over the phone and he said he would email me his contact info for future reference.


                          I got the immediate charge to my card and the order confirmation e-mail, but I never heard from this person again (replying the email didn't help). I called on Thursday 3/24 since my order status lookup never worked, similar to everyone here. I asked for a status just to verify my ipad would be shipping but they said if I was told it would ship in 2 weeks then I would receive it in 2 weeks. They said they could not lookup my order and I just have to wait for the e-mail once it ships out. 2 weeks from a saturday order on 3/12 would be 3/28 so I am hoping it ships out.


                          If not, I guess there is nothing else I can do but wait. I am pretty patient but I hate getting order status information which turns out to be meaningless since you cannot actually pull up your order.


                          On another topic, I was a FIOS customer a few years ago, cancelled my account because I was moving and I have fought with Verizon because they claimed I never sent in my equipment even though I had. From 2007 to 2010 I had a $3000 balance on an account htat went to a creditor and have been hounding me for years. This has finally been resolved but it was very difficult to get someone to help me since there are so many departments with customer service/billing.


                          That was off topic but my point is, Verizon has always had very poor customer service. They simply are too big and do not know how to handle this very important part of their business.

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