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        I never did receive an email confirmation. I had to call 611 and they told me last night, that it is on the way. I asked them for the tracking number, and the lady I spoke with gave me the FedEx 2-Day tracking number. It just left Memphis today at 3:53 pm and it says Estimated delivery Mar 16, 2011 by 7:00 PM. In fact, as I type this, the Verizon Wireless Order Status page still says "We are experiencing technical difficulties, please check back later." The order status site is worthless.

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          Does the reference number on the FedEx tracking page represent anything meaningful? Like your order number or location code?



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            Yes the reference and purchase order numbers on the FedEx tracking page are stated as the following:




            Purchase order number


            The sales person (when I called on Sunday) at the store told me that my order number on my receipt is after the # and that the store location code is P338501. On my receipt, the information is displayed at the top of the receipt as Order Location: P3385 01 ....... I will keep everyone posted on my status.


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              Can you again tell me the format of the reference number? This will help me and others possibly get a tracking number without wasting hours of time on the phone.






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                Good luck with online ordering, because a number of us that bought iPad 2 at 5:00 on March 11 (at Verizon stores) were told that "shipping would be immediate". I was told I would have it by "Tuesday or Wednesday" of this week. 

                I went to the Verizon store and was told today that it will be shipped in 2 or 3 weeks.  In other words, once Verizon got our money, they are now claiming that because the product comes from Apple (No...they never DID have the product in stock)....they have no accountability for knowing when the product will be shipped. Can you say "bait and switch?"

                By the way....if they charge my card prior to shipment.....that is illegal in most states. Contact your state's attorney general.

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                  I too placed an order for an Ipad 2 on the morning of the 12th at a Verizon store after calling and being told they had them in stock and to come in.  I arrived 40 minutes later.  Upon arriving I was informed that "in stock" actually meant at the warehouse not in the physical store but that they had just over 1000 when he checked the computer as I was ordering. I was told they had the product in their warehouse and that it would be packaged Monday for sure and would arrive via Fed EX overnight on Tuesday, March 15th by 3pm.  I was very clear that in order for me to take time off and pay a replacement so that I was able to sign for the package that I needed to know this was for sure. I was assured repeatedly that Tuesday before 3pm I would need to be home to sign for my package.  I made arrangements to be home Tuesday to sign for the delivery which was at acost and am very frustrated!!  Tuesday afternoon I was told on the phone that the order was filled and would arrive Wednesday before 3pm for sure, again made arrangements at a cost and no delivery. After SEVERAL calls and several stories I'm now told that it could be weeks but was promised a status update call from the store supervisor today, never happened. I was told by the sales person Tuesday that he was going to make it right and compensate me for giving  incorrect information, that didn't happen either.  I'm unable to cancel my order but the funds have already come out of my debit account.    Tonight I noticed that the case I ordered for the IPAD was not actually a case on the order, it's a loop stand!!!  Not to mention I went through another hour of phone calls because the sales person had my address wrong.  There is now an ITT ticket I believe to correct that at Fed Ex since an order can not be opened once it has been placed.  

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                    I see this is more wide spread than just myself and a few others. Time to report this to my friends at Engadget to get some press started. Verizon crossed the line and knowingling deceived us.
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                      Yes, it looks like this is a widespread problem.  I don't take issue with getting the Ipad in 2-3 weeks, but I don't like being misled multiple times.


                      My problem is even more disappointing.  I stood in line last Friday, only to discover the store only had 3 ipads, like everyone else I was assured that they would arrive to us by Tuesday if we placed the order in then.  My rep told me he would call to make sure it was okay and there were no problems (I still haven't heard from him).  


                      So Monday arrives, and I call the store for a shipping number, but they don't have ANY information so I call customer service.  This time I'm told the shipments are taking 2-3 weeks!  The rep says he will find out more and call me back.  He does call back the following day, this time to say my order was placed incorrectly as an accessory, so he CANCELLED it, and now I'll have to ORDER AGAIN.  After he transfers me to a telesales rep, I find out the rep made a mistake, and the original order WAS CORRECT, but it's already cancelled so I will indeed have to order again.  


                      I've been a loyal Verizon and Apple user, when AT&T got the Iphone, I remained with Verizon.  I have received no response from customer service, so my future with Verizon is in question.  


                      And yes, they charged my check card before shipping, so until this morning, they've had $1700 of my money tied up because of their mistakes. 

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                        if Engadget  or another reporting source would like my info please feel free to message me. As for me, I will be contacting the Attorney General Monday and have already blogged about it.


                        I only have 130 readers (registered) but there are already those among my reader population who are saying the same thing.


                        I want my money back. I'd rather wait three months then give Verizon a dime of it.

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                          i asked to give an email for tracking but the associate said 'theres nowhere to put it'  i truly hate this company. ill never leave tmobile now for my phone service.  i wish i never ordered from verizon.  especially when i have an apple store in my city.  :smileysad:  but she said she could overnight it, thats the only reason i placed the order. 

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