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    Pantech Jest is horrible


      I am about to receive my 3rd Pantech Jest.  I am very aggravated that the phone keeps locking up, making it useless.  Verizon just wants to keep sending me another Jest.  This phone is horrible... Why would I want another one.  I just want a phone that works so I can use the service I pay for.  Why is that too much to ask????

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          I feel your pain, having just received one last week, and found the same problem.  Searching around here, I found the solution. 


          Call the phone from an outside device (I called from my landline).  This should get it past the "Verizon" startup screen and unlock it.


          Delete the backup assistant.  Apparently, there's a compatibility issue with the software, but it goes away if it's not installed.


          Personally, I'm still undecided with this phone, but hopefully some time with it will change my opinion of it.

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            I appreciate you telling me the "fix".  When it freezes and I am away from home, I am not able to call it to unfreeze it.  I just don't feel like I should have to work to make the phone work.  That should be Cerizons job... To make sure they provide me a phone that works.  I pay enough to have the service that it should work.  And if they don't work, Verizon should make sure I have a phone that does.  I don't want another Pantech Jest.  I just want a phone that works and can  be reliable.  The first one was less than a month old and this second one was about 6 weeks.

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              I also am amazed that we are being held hostage with this phone(?) I spend a bunch of $ for a product that does not work properly.I was told to call Pantech directly for possible software updates that would fix this phone you can not turn off or let the battery run down,and to my supprise Pantech doesn't even make the phone,a little sub-contractor makes it.Nobody knows when or if the problems will be fixed.Verizon needs to step up to the plate on this one.Make it right.I've been told I could buy a used phone(at my expense)or just wait OH till May of 2012.Offer us a different new phone.Don't send products out the door that are not ready or don't work right.I did not cause this.My next question is "Is there any Pantech Jest phones that work right?"Just let me know is there even one that works the way it is suppost to?Please let me know as I'm not a **** and I'm serious.

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                heartbrokein94 wrote:

                I am about to receive my 3rd Pantech Jest.  I am very aggravated that the phone keeps locking up, making it useless.  Verizon just wants to keep sending me another Jest.  This phone is horrible... Why would I want another one.  I just want a phone that works so I can use the service I pay for.  Why is that too much to ask????


                All verizon does is felicitate the manufacturers warranty. Pretty much what ever carrier does..


                You bought a subsided phone and for that you agreed to have for x amount of months


                What kind of issues do you have with it, what are you doing with your phone?


                I find it hard to believe you are getting the same issue on 3 different phones...


                It sounds like there could be some user error or just really horrible luck

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                  OMG!!! I had this phone for bout 2 or 3 weeks now and it got so many problems. I can't take pictures or videos, if I do den it just freezes and go back 2 the main screen. I can't download music on it it. HELPPP!!!!!    :smileymad:

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                    That is so funny.... user error.  I guess all the other people on the board and this post have user error too.  How about it is a poorly created phone.  It has a glitch... If it were a car, there would be a recall.  I am happy to say that I refused phone 4.  They sent me a different phone, refurbished but that is cool.  At least the new one works.


                    So... rather that coming up with something brilliant like it is my fault.... I don't know how to use a phone.... user error... check and see that I am not the only one having issue with this phone.

                    Hey maybe we are all using our phones improperly :smileyhappy:

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                      Hi jmount1068,


                      I am sorry to learn about the problem with the Pantech Jest. We do know that there are several of these devices that are working ok but its working or not is on a case by case basis. In reading your post, you were saying the phone was not working right but it was not clear as to what errors you were having and without the specifics its hard to determine the issues. In having the device replaced 3 times, perhaps some applications are causing the problem. Are you using a memory card with the device? Do you check the memory to see how much is available. Please try these steps below to check the memory.


                      To see how much memory is available for use:
                      1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap All Settings.
                      2. On the System tab, tap memory > Main tab. The amount of memory allocated to data storage versus program storage is displayed, as well as the amount of memory in use versus available memory.  If you need more assistance, here is a link http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/index.html?p=5355 
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                        ha this phone should be thrown in a garbage disposal it has shut off so many times i dont hardly use it I cant even send a text with out this phone restarting and having it resart when u try to answer an incoming call. i has just recieved a 3rd phone when i dont even want it anymore had problems with every phone and it hasnt even been a yr yet And does verizon care???? NO they send me the same phone over and over i just want a new phone i like the service but this phone i cant take it anymore Why cant anyone help!!!!! If they dont help i think i will change providers and find a place that will help customers like me i have been loyal renewed contracts over and over and in the end this is how im treated what kind of customer service doesnt help the people who chose to use them as a provider We get sucked in and we have to deal with it while i dish out my money to them for a phone that does even work Thanks Verizon for ******** me over!!!!!

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                          I have had the very same problems you all have had!  This phone really sucks!  I have had the battery replaced twice and the phone replaced twice.  Well, I finally had enough and called customer service, AGAIN, and told the service person my problem.  My only course of action was to upgrade to a new phone.  That cost me another $150 and my yearly upgrade was set back to 2013!  GRRRRR!!!  I decided it might be worth it since I'm tired of the phone shutting off, freezing up and basically being a pain in the butt.  I'm going to post a complaint on the Motorola site as well.  I feel that if a phone has this many complaints, Verizon should have some kind of policy to replace that phone with a phone equal to the one that is not working.  Paying a company for a service and not having the reassurance that they will back their products, is not in the best interest of the company.  People are going to move to another company that will back their products and provide their customers the best service they can.


                          One more thing: My husband was offered this phone and was purchased off the website.  When I went to get some help setting it up, the bozos, sorry, people in the Verizon store had never even see the phone before or knew anything about it.  "Sorry, you bought this on line.  We can't help you with it."  What??!!!  I thought maybe this particular store was out of the loop so I went to another store.  Same thing.  Now, answer me this: how can Verizon sell a phone online and not have the stores be able to help the customer?  Sound reasonable to you all?


                          Ok.  Off my soapbox now.


                          Bottom line: The Jest is the worst phone I have ever had.



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