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    Full-length movies on Incredible?




      Does anyone know if the Droid Incredible supports the viewing of full-length movies? I know some similar Android devices do, such as the Verizon's Motorola Droid X and the HTC HD2 and Samsung Galaxy for T-Mobile. (The HD2 comes with the Blockbuster app, and even includes both full-length Transformers movies pre-installed. But those are certainly not reasons for me to switch to that God-awful company, lol.) From what I can tell, the Blockbuster app is not available for purchase/download in the Android Market.


      Anyone have any idea, and if so where could I go to download such movies? I'm not asking for free ones (though that would be nice, lol); I'm more than willing to pay for them. Just don't know exactly where to start. Thanks in advance!

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