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      • 10. Re: Corporate Verizon Stores vs. Non Corporate Stores

        I had a terrible experience in an “authorized retailer” location that just opened near my home. I was dissatisfied with AT&Ts service and visited this store to inquire about switching. The first question I asked the woman who greeted me was “is this a Verizon corporate store?”. Her answer was “yes, all we do here is Verizon”. I ended up moving 5 lines from AT&T and purchased 5 iphone 8s. The following day around 11 am, I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize and the man asked is this ____ _____? I said yes who is this? The man proceeded to say “you have a problem. I have a phone that has all of your personal inforation”. It turns out the store had downloaded the contents of my phone on to this customers new phone. This incident is still unresolved but that is when I discovered I had dealt with a authorized retailer. I also determined that I had paid activation fees of $150 and paid $50 more for the phones because I did business with an authorized retailer. Keep in mind that no signage or other notices existed that made it clear this was anything but a Verizon corporate store. There were 3 sets of headphones and adapters missing and I have been unable to get those after 3 weeks. Your options are very limited and Verizon will quickly distance themselves from any issues you have and tell you the authorIzed retailer is responsible. The problem is there are no standards for these 3rd parties and Verizon has very little to say about how they conduct their business and how they treat customers. The bottom line is carefully think about whether you choose to do business with Verizon but NEVER do business with an authorized retaile.

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