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    Nexus 6 purchased from Motorola


      I have a Nexus 6 that I purchased from Motorola (long before Verizon released their version of the phone). I know it works fine. Went through a hassle to get a nanoSIM, but that is neither here nor there.


      I would like to hear an official response from a Verizon employee regarding this question:

      • For those of us that purchased this way, will Verizon ever recognize our Motorola purchased Nexus 6 as anything other than "Non-VZW Device" in MyVerizon?


      I'm sure you can imagine the many reasons why we'd want this to happen. The discount for having an out of contract service line, being able to make account changes online without having to move the SIM card from one phone to another first (or calling into CS), etc.

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          I'm not really surprised that I haven't heard from an official Verizon employee about this. It's a shame that Verizon hides behind the veil of "network security" regarding IMEIs that begin with 35 vs 99.

          There is absolutely zero difference between a Verizon sold Nexus 6 and a Motorola one. The bootloaders can be unlocked the same. They have the same factory image from Google. Etc.

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            I would like to know the answer to your question as well. I purchased my phone from Google a week after the phone was released. I would think that Verizon could do something and add these phones to the system since we activated them on their network.

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              The "unofficial" word that I heard from several friends that work for a VZW call center is that there are no plans for them to be supported. They are telling people that they should contact Motorola/Google to get the phones switched with one that has a MEID beginning with 99.


              Basically, since they aren't actually blocking the phones from working, they aren't actually violating the Block-C regulations they agreed to when they purchased their LTE spectrum. So, long story short.... we shouldn't count on our phones ever being officially supported.

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                Sorry but call centers will be the last to know and it's someone opinions. It'll go the way of devices devices and be supported as such. Verizon hasn't changed that and it isn't easy as flipping a switch like people assume.

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                  Actually, it is.


                  I worked for Verizon's Technical Engineering team for 3+ years (hence the reason I still have contacts in executive leadership there). It is as simple as:


                  a) Motorola providing an ASN with the IMEI range to Verizon, and

                  b) Verizon loading said IMEIs into their Device Management Database.


                  There is also a manual process in which a CSR can submit a DMD request for a specific device, however the odds of that being accepted are slim to none. In my 3 years there, we actually approved 10 or less DMD requests. And, yes...it is as easy as entering the information into their database so that VISION recognizes it.

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                    If you say so... It's a white list system and not a black list system. Logistically it's not that simple when it looks simple. I will put money down it will be supported like how the Samsung dev devices are supported or any other dev devices for thay matter. It took Verizon a while to get those into the database.

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                      I would love for that to happen.


                      At this point, I would even be ok if it became recognized as an ODI device (I wouldn't be thrilled, because that still has limitations, but it'd be better than "Non-VZW device").


                      I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I just have to swap my SIM back and forth between devices if I need to make an account change and keep having the out of contract discount manually added to my account each month.

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                        I believe it took the dev devices about 2 months before being dev devices from the date they started being sold.  Might have been slightly sooner, but I am almost 100% sure it was around at least 1 month.

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                          I believe you're right. I'm 99% sure it was somewhere in the 1-2 month range.

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