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    When will Verizon start Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders?


      Hi, I am trying to figure out when Verizon will start pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have noticed that AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular are now taking pre-orders, and starting 3/24/14 T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders.  These pre-orders for these carriers will ship on April 8th and arrive on April 11th, which is the official release date of the Galaxy S5.  All of these major carriers have started pre-orders, where are you Verizon?  You're the nations most biggest and best carrier!  My iPhone 5 broke and I am able to upgrade right now.  I have been without a phone since 3/4/14 and I am in need of one bad.  So Verizon, when can I pre-order?  I really need the phone on April 11th because I need a phone ASAP.   If a rep needs to email me, here is my email: (removed)


      Thanks, Austin


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