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        I was plagued by that stupid security notice until I decided to do a hard reset.  The security notice pop up stayed away for about a week before it came back again.  I searched all over the internet to see if anyone had discovered a permanent cure.  My searching came up with nothing.  I finally decided to try the Software Repair Assistant (SRA).  This is like a hard reset with the exception that it re-downloads the current version of the android software and installs it back on the phone.  It does back up your contacts and apps before it wipes the phone and then re-loads the current OS (it does put the contacts and apps back on the phone).  If you decide to do this you may want to download the new version of Kies (Kies 3) and let it do a backup before you do the SRA.  The SRA does not back up as much as Kies does.  So far I have not seen the security notice pop up, but it has only been a couple of days since I used the SRA.

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          I found a solution.  Holding down the notification of the failure then clearing cache and data allowed successful update...it worked for me....so far.

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            ahmedcyad ali

            Note 3 n9005 wifi not working

            note 3 unlocked model

            after few days after upgrading to android 4.3 this problem is happening 014b1141fc21eb164418d88430a7777188de3d78e7622b2ce2fd8994119721c6.jpg3135f126026bc14dae5910e37f64cd525045b71f3fc6954e67c2242f563bba77.jpg


            it seems like after i upgraded to android 4.3 .my phone i shaving some isssues with wifi recently. when i should get 15 Mbps downlaod speeed it is showing 1 Mbps. i ahve done all power saving mode to OFF also . and now going to ask for a replacement .samsung us said when i called, they offer help only if my device is manufactured in US. so sad 



            i hav etried different routers with different wifi bands also. a same galaxy s3 with android 4.3 is giving good speeed unlike this .

            so everyone please be aware of this when buying and let me know any solution.

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              My security update was failing as soon as I'd click it. I just did the same thing, held down on the failure notification, deleted the cache, deleted the data.  As soon as my phone connected to wi-fi, I got the error, but THIS time it finally let me update the security policy.  Hopefully the errors will stop now, but so far so good.

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                I FOUND THE SOLUTION.  I had downloaded and installed the final Android Adobe Flash Player release from the Adobe archive, therefore from outside of Google Play.  So I decided to try and uninstall it.  Once uninstalled, the SECURITY issue disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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