• Sound Recorder on Ellipsis 7

    How do I delete songs on the sound recorder app?
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  • Not receiving texts

    I am not receiving texts sent to ph#@vtext.com from a monitoring system. My coworker, also on Verizon, is getting his from the same source. We have access to our outgoing server and it is getting the "message received...
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  • Customer service is no help

    My 81-year old mother has a pay as you go plan, and we put $100 on it once a year to keep it active.  Last year, we updated her phone with the data and balance of the payment.  The phone shows payment made o...
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  • Bookmarks are missing

    I can't post the Bookmarks widget to my htc phone I don't know how else or where else to find my bookmarks when I go to the widgets on my phone it has my bookmarks there and I should be able to add it to one of my pag...
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  • Droid Maxx Video Problem

    As of 5 days ago, my Droid will not play videos. It will still record them, but when I try to play them, I get a message reading, "Can't play video." It also will not play videos previously recorded, though I had no i...
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    I have been defrauded by employees of the Target Corporation working under contract to Verizon Cellular Service.     SPECIFICS On the day of January I visited the Target store at 5300 So. Mopac Austin 7874...
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  • GizmoPal device MDN has an SMS block?

    I had trouble initially connecting to my new gizmo pal 2, tech support was able to finally resolve the issue after an hour or so. They we're great. Now that I added my father as a caregiver when he tried to connect th...
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  • Can I add my OnStar vehicle phone number to my verizon wireless data plan?

    Can I add my OnStar vehicle phone number to my Verizon wireless data plan?
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  • Phone calls

    Suddenly I can't make or recieve phone calls. I have a iPhone 5s and this has never happened, I've had the phone for a year
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  • repeated notifications to install 5.1.1 when it's already installed

    I've had the 5.1.1 update for a few weeks but I continue to get the message that a software update is available to install (5.1.1) and that installation will take approximately 17 minutes. I'm managing this by schedul...
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  • When will Marshmallow be available for the HTC One M9?

    I know that Google has pushed it out to the service providers and other countries are pushing out to their customers so just curious why it takes Verizon in the US so long to push this out to its customers?  It f...
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  • Intermittently not receiving text messages, regardless of Texting app used.  Is it my phone?

    I have been having this problem for over a month.  It will send text messages to people and I won't hear back from them, then I will text them again and they'll send me a screen capture showing they did reply to ...
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  • Message+ No Longer Uses Custom Message Tones Defined in Contacts

    The current version of Message  does not support custom tones as defined in Contacts. This used to work but the latest update disabled this feature. Verizon support refers to it as they "fixed" it. Not from my pe...
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  • Messages  keeps asking for activation code

    I have been using Messages+ on my Droid Turbo, tablet, laptop and desktop for 6 months. I have started having problems the past week or so. On my laptop, I can no longer use the app. I open the program and it asks me ...
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  • Adding GBs using Rewards Points

    What is the most direct way to add a GB for 30 days using Rewards points. Can't seem to do it online. WHO DO YOU CALL?
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  • I have an LG phone. Can I retrieve voice mail and texts with my ipad while in Mexico?

    I have an LG phone. Can I retrieve voice mail and texts with my ipad while in Mexico?
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  • Voicemail woes, Galaxy S4

    Just a few days ago this problem started when trying to access basic voicemail. Up until a few days ago I just dialed *86 and the system went directly to my voicemail box. Now when I dial *86 I get the "welcome to the...
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  • Used 3gb in 3 days?

    I just switched over from T-Mobile to Verizon and purchased a droid mini, 3days ago and now its telling me I'm 75% data use. I don't know how, I never had this problem before. I don't use it that often.
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  • I lost my phone, can I erase what is on my phone but keep it all in my cloud account, to retreive to my new phone?

    I lost my phone, can I erase what is on my phone but keep it all in my cloud accoutn. to retreive to my new phone?
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  • Droid Turbo 2 warranty

    How long should it take to replace a customized droid turbo 2 if it fails under warranty?
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