• rg56

    i purchased a jetpack to use on vacation in places that I need internet connection. does the device keeping using data time if I am not on the net but my I pad is still on?
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  • Texts sending as an email

    My texts have been sending to everyone as an email instead of my phone number. The email is also the same one that is used for my icloud. i want to send it as my phone number instead of the email
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  • Message receipt is delayed

    Recently, I've been having issues with my S5. It gets to the point where every so often, I receive messages hours after someone sends them to me. If I send them something, they will get it, but I will not receive some...
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  • Batty

    I have: Droid Mini RAM size: 2GB ROM size: 16GB DISPLAY: 1280×720 HD SYSTEM VERSION: 24.3.27 obakem_verizon.Verizon.en.US MODEL NUMBER: Droid Mini SYSTEM INFORMATION: Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System ...
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  • Finished call on Bluetooth headset sends phone volume to zero

    After having the forced lollipop update (ever heard the expression "no means no"  Verizon?)  my LG Tone headset mutes when the call ends and there is no way to return the volume.  I can slide the notifi...
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  • With Canada/Mexico plan does the other line get charged long distance?

    I got a Canada/Mexico calling plan because I'm looking for jobs in Canada and am calling employers up there.  Will the employers I'm calling be charged long distance for talking to me?  This would be bad for...
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  • Has anyone have the problem to close Verizon wireless account?  I have requested via customer service a few times already and still not be able to close it!

    We tried to call Verizon customer services a few times requesting to close the wireless account since 05/12, but now we still have the account opening.  We talked with the customer services, they first said that ...
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  • Stuck in cloud

    downloaded the cloud app to my iPhone 4s. It has been in backup mode for 2 days. I've tried closing it and restarting but nothing helps. It has put my contacts to the cloud just not photos. What's up? Should it take t...
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  • LG G4 on Verizon June 4 and Best Buy pre-orders get $100 Debit Card

    LG G4: Register for the New LG Cell Phone - Best Buy   Best Buy is offering an $100 gift card for those that pre-order the LG G4   However, The Verizon at BestBuy is not available in Leather yet. B33 S...
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  • My One M8 is not receiving calls.

    Over the last couple of days, I have have missed at least 3 calls because they simply were not received by my handset. The phone does not ring and there is no notification that I missed the call until more than an hou...
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  • Need SIM card unlock code for htc incredible

    i would like sim card unlock code for phone that was previously active on account.  Tried to insert new SIM card while traveling abroad and prompted for unlock code.  Phone in question is htc incredible
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  • to summarize the lollipop mess

    after spending way too much time reading on a variety of forums about this lollipop S5 problem, it appears there really is no solution.   The lag is crazy, the battery life sucks, it overheats, etc etc ...
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  • Moto G having major problems

    My Moto G is now allowing me to back out of apps when I'm done. The back button and home buttons have disappeared. I've rebooted three times, I've reset my phone and it's still not working. What's going on?
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  • Is it possible to activate a 4G smartphone as a 4G "internet only" device?

    I am thinking about upgrading my smartphone.  my old phone supports 4G LTE and would like to add it as a "data only" device to my service plan (keep using the 4G data) but without it having any phone service.&nbs...
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  • Galaxy S6 Car Bluetooth Problems

    I was wondering if anybody else is having car Bluetooth issues with the Galaxy S6.  I previously had an S3 that worked great in my car (2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek) with no problems. The phone is paired with the Blu...
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  • I need to contact corporate office immediatly

    How do I contact corporate office. I have been dealing with an issue for over 3 months and keep getting different answers but problem keeps coming back and no one at verizon is doing what they state. Then the person i...
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    This "new" update is pretty but it sucks. I pay way too much money for this. Anyway to undo it?
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  • Galaxy S5 not receiving all texts.

    It seems I'm not getting all my text messages.  My family thinks I'm nuts, my friends think I ignore them. I don't get all my messages.  It seems it is random, without any real pattern as too which texts d...
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  • Why is there a separate charge for Corporate email when I pay for a specific amount of data?  Why does Verizon care how I use the data I paid for?

    My company uses Good Mobile for corporate email.  Can someone please tell me why Verizon charges $15 dollars a month for the privilege to use this service?  Verizon does not pay licensing fees for this softw...
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  • When connected to wifi my 4G stays lit up, not the arrows, just the 4G.

    I have reset phone, turned off and on and all that jazz and still remains lit up regardless of what wifi I am connected to.  Wifi must be working as the bulk of my data is from there not my plan but this isnt an ...
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