• Seriously Verizon

    This is how you want to treat long term customers. I have been a customer since 1995 (I think or somewhere around then) I pay over 200 a month for a service that I can likely get much cheaper but Verizon has always ad...
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  • Note3 update

    AT&T is offering 2GB + unlimited talk/text for 2 years for $70. AND a free Note4. Will Verizon  match this to keep me as a customer?
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  • Unfair

    A year ago I deposited into my prepaid account and a few days ago I had a balance of $68.77. Apparently since I did not add to the account within the year my entire balance has been forfeited. This is no way to treat ...
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  • No in call sound.

    I can hear them, but they can't hear me. Any ideas? Droid turbo 649th Android 5.1
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  • when will note edge get lollipop 5.1.1 my battery life stinks with 5.0.1

    Just looking for a rough date when we can expect it to be released. Thanks!   Mark
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  • My iPhone won't ring.  Yes, I have checked the side button... Ideas?

    My iPnone 5 won't ring.  I've checked the side button, do not disturb, volume, notifications..... All to no avail.  : (
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  • HTC one M9 system crash

    I bought the HTC One M9 2 days ago. Within this 2 days, the system has crashed 10 separate times. I don't have to be doing anything in particular for it to happen. This last time for example I only tapped on a new tex...
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  • Is it possible to delete voice mail on an old flip phone online (on verizon's website) or by using a different phone?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  • Backup Assistant on my LG-VZ1100 says does not recognize my account information..

    @Backup Assistant on my LG-VZ1100 says does not recognize my account information..
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  • Will the S6 edge plus ever be offered in titanium silver on VZW?

    Will the S6 edge plus ever be offered in titanium silver or is it just black, white, and gold? 
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  • Advanced Calling on the Moto X 2014?

    The Moto X 2014 was originally advertised as one of the first phones that would have VoLTE, yet months later, the capability is still lacking.  Several Verizon phones have received this update, but not this phone...
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  • Music library shuffle

    I can't shuffle my songs on iTunes even if I select the shuffle prompt. When the song finishes it simply starts out again & again. This is using an iPhone 6. How can I get the songs to shuffle?
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  • Samsung S5:  Storage - Miscellaneous files - amounts inaccurate

    I've researched the Verizon Community and searched the net, but can't find any answer to my questions.  The last few system updates have indicated they need 500MBs, and my device doesn't have enough storage for i...
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  • Mark

    Can't get the right name callerID when I make calls this is confuselng people when I make calls specialy business calls it comes up as my wife's. 100% of the time. Then I have to text which is my name to tell them its...
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  • Personal Hotspot question

    I have an iPhone 4; just signed up for the Large (6GB) Plan, which includes a Personal Hotspot.   I have wifi in my house.   If I buy an iPad Mini (wifi only), and am in an area with no wifi, can I tether ...
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  • Contacts have disappeared from my phone, and I can't sync with the cloud to retrieve them. How do I get them back and keep this from happening again?

    Tried to send text message yesterday and all could see were phone numbers next to them. No names appeared, and when I went to my contacts I only had 15.....there should be at least 100. Found them on the cloud and put...
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  • Returning a product

    I purchased a jet pack under a promotion deal and have had it over 14 days return and exchange policy and want to return it and cancel services for it but have a 2 yr contract on it. My question is how much if any wil...
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  • Live Chat Not Functioning

    “Live chat” is not functioning even though it is within posted operating hours. There is a new cell tower near my home that now provides roaming on my VZ phone.  When I looked at my activity log, roam...
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  • Do I lose my upgrade if I switch to the Verizon Plan?

    I'm currently on the More Everything plan but want to switch to the Verizon Plan as I'd save about $60/mo. I'm also eligible for upgrades for both phones on the Everything Plan right now to get phones well below the f...
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  • Unsubscribe non-verizon # from verizon service alerts via text

    I am not a Verizon customer for any service.  One of Verizon's customers entered my phone number (presumably) as a secondary contact number, and I get that customer's service texts regularly.  For instance: ...
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