• help

    So I just added the 45 dollar plan to my account and I changed my plan to the unlimited everything and the one gigabyte of data and I still can't text or make calls but my Verizon still says that I have service and wh...
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  • I can't get my old phone(driod M  to Cloud pair w/ new (Galaxy S5). I have been trying for hours. Both conn'd to my wifi w/ a good signal. I need to transfer my content.

    I  can't get my old phone(driod M  to Cloud pair w/ new (Galaxy S5). I have been trying for hours. Both conn'd to my wifi w/ a good signal. I need to transfer my content.
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  • Verizon's lousy service after 16yrs of loyalty!

    I have been with Verizon for 16yrs, set up an automated payment plan which means the bills are paid on time. I am about to upgrade to a smart phone plan from the basic phone...or am I going to switch to a diff provide...
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  • Ellipsis 7 stuck on android screen

    After rebooting several times my Ellipsis 7 wont boot past the Android screen. Is there a hard reset I can get to?  Not sure what caused this behavior.
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  • On my elipsis 7 when I play play music located on Google Play, the stream "hesistates" ever 30 seconds or so when I am using Wi Fi. What is the reason and how do I fix it.\?

    What is the  cause of a hesitation when I use Google play on my ellipsis 7 when using wi fi? How do I fix the problem?
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  • xperia z3 home screen button stopped working...any suggestions?

    a few hours ago my home button and the button that shows all open apps stopped responding.  it vibrates like it knows that I am touching it but does nothing
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  • LG G 8.3 Tablet won't turn on.

    Charged my LG G 8.3 tablet all day, now it won't turn on. Not sure what to do or what happened, please help!
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  • Data Overages

    I was charged more than $1,000 in data usage for two countries not covered by Verizon's global plan.  I received a text message from Verizon that data would be blocked and cut off at $500, yet I continued to accr...
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  • Verizon Refusing Send a NEW SIM

    Y ordered 3 times online, and One by Phone, and still waiting, don't know what is the problem.
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  • can I set the maximum voice mail message length

    I would like to limit the length of a message people can leave on voice mail. Is there any way to do this with visual voice mail?
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  • My phone started dropping calls in my house about a month ago. How can I fix this?

    My wife's 4 and my daughters 5C did the same. I called customer service and was essentially told "too bad, if it's in your house we can't really help that". My wife was able to call *228 and her phone now gets 3 bars ...
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  • Email auto-sync no longer works

    I have the HTC M8.  Been running like a champ since I got it in January.  This week, however, it suddently stopped syncing my work and personal email as scheduled.  Work is every 15 minutes and personal...
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  • My HTC One M8 keeps putting itself into dock mode.

    Also if not in dock mode the notification is always present and device is defaulting to speakerphone when placing or receiving calls. Any solution? I have never used a dock or any other changer besides the one include...
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  • anybody having trouble hearing people when they call in and have to call back to be able to hear them

    anybody having trouble hearing people when they call in and having the call then back to beable to hear them
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  • Cannot activate prepaid smartphone

    Hello! Today, I bought an LG Optimus Exceed 2 at Best Buy. It's been already 2 hours since I bought it and I have tried to activate it and I can't. I have tried going to verizonwireless.com/activate and activate it th...
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  • Breach of Contract for Unlimited Data

    I have a blackberry and I went into the Verizon store.  I stated I needed a sim card for my new Samsung Galaxy S 5 to make my phone that I purchased off of Ebay work on my wifi.  The Verizon Rep said she cou...
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  • My open letter to Verizon (customer service mega-complaint)

    My open letter to Verizon Wireless, and any Verizon customers, current or potential.   Please let me preface this letter by stating I have tried to be as accurate as possible with facts, dates and discussions co...
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    Verizon, I am getting really sick and tired of your service and your crap.  I tried to chat with one of your "customer reps" online which took over 5 minutes to get in contact with someone. In addition, she told...
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  • $125 credit ended up as $250 past due amount??

    I was told I was getting a $125 refund to our bill as of 2/20/15. When I received my bill today in the mail it documented a past amount of $250. I have been dealing with incorrect bills since July of last year- hours ...
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  • Pay the bill after closing the account,

    I closed my account 2 month ago without paying the remained bill.   When I talked with a service person, he said that the remained bill would be sent to me via e-mail,   but I've never seen about it until ...
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