• how do i un restrict my phone number

    I am unable to make calls with my phone number being shown. It shows on others phone as restricted. Where do I find the setting to change this? Any help would be appreciated
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  • Stolen tablet

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  • How long to process?

    I ordered the iPad pro over 10 days ago. It is not supposed to ship until Dec 4 however my order status still says processing. How long does processing take? I just want to know that my order has gone through and will...
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  • Help

    It won't work with wifi
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  • Verizon Retail Outlet

    After a decade with Verizon, this was the first time I have been disappointed. It wasn't with Verizon itself but with a retail outlet.   They pressured me into getting a jet pack. I must have told the salespers...
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  • How to stop clicking and screeching sound on my iphone 6?

    About a month ago, my Iphone 6 that was working just fine began to make frequent clicking sounds and a loud, high pitched screeching sound during calls. It seemed to be related to the software upgrade to 9 and/or 9.1....
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  • Do you want Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL on Verizon?

    Do you want Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL on Verizon?
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  • how do i retreve my text mesages for one year

    how do i retrive my text mesages for one year
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  • Verizon Dinged my credit report without sending me a  bill or notifying me

    I am a medical doctor and I have been a Verizon wireless customer for more than 10 years with two phones on my account. One is solely for my office and one is  for emergency call.  Over those 10+ years my bi...
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  • If Verizon refuses to carry the Lumia 950 and 950XL how likely are you to switch carriers?

    Microsoft is on a roll, Windows 10 is a hit and the new Surface 4 and Surface Book were sold out at one point in pre-order phase and is far and away it's biggest selling tablets.  This has many customers pursuing...
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  • Phone shuts itself off when sending text messages or for no reason at all.

    Does anyone experience an issue such as this?   Phone will often shut down just as I send a text....never sure if recipient gets text (unless I ask them) and not sure if I have missed a return text which the...
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  • Should I switch to Sprint

    I went into the sprint store to inquire about the "cut your bill in half event." Sprint offered to pay my early termination fee, cut my bill in half, and I would get a new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. While the bill is c...
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  • Caller can hear me but I can't hear them, why?

    This happens rather they call me or I call them but doesn't happen every time (mute is not on). Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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  • Private Mode

    All of the sudden, when I answer a call through my car, before I can hit "answer" on my dashboard, the call transfers to Private Mode and disconnects from the car (I can hear someone saying "hello", but it's coming fr...
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  • Will the SD card from the Ellipisis 7 fit and work in the Ellipsis 8?

    Has anyone taken their SD from their Ellipsis 7 and used it in their Ellipsis?
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  • Verizon is adding $20/ month for (grandfathered) unlimited data

    Verizon has decided that It need to add $20 per moth for unlimited data even though less than 1% of its customers still have it! I call foul. Customer service told me its to ensure integrity of the network! I cry foul...
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  • Hot spot speed on droid

    Use phone as hot spot for lap top 4g worked perfect until lately still 4g but so slow...how can I test speed?
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  • Multiple texts

    About a week now my phone is sending multiple texts instead of just one. I also noticed in phone contacts some of my contacts are listed 5, 10, 15 times for one contact. I'm using all the original apps that came with ...
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  • Upgrades fair??

    How is it that a longtime customer who is upgrade eligible gets the same discount as a new customer off the street. We both get a $100 dollars off a particular phone. Seems like verizon would want to keep their longti...
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  • My Empoloyee Discount is GONE now

    So anyone else have this issue? A few months ago when Verizon lowered their data plan from $40 per month to $30 per month your employee discount stopped.  That is because they have a new rule now.  You have ...
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