• Reminders

    "Cannot accept location based reminders."  Since when?  I could before the last update.
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  • Factory reset. Again.

    Is anyone else having to factory reset over and over with these Lg phones? I have the G3, and I have had to factory reset four times in the past year due to different issues, from overheating to bluetooth issues. Thei...
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  • LED and other notifications will not work with 10/6/15 update galaxy core prime

    Since the recent system update (10/6/15 - G360VVRU3BOH3) the LED notification light will not notify me of waiting emails, messages, and voicemails even they I have it set to do so. In addition, I no longer get email a...
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  • Problems all around

    Service is slow, phones freezing up, turns on and off, messages are returned,  not sent , delayed, and other misc. Problems Verizon Wireless Admin Verizon Wireless Admin Verizon Wireless Admin
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  • The USAF moved us to Germany for 3 years.

    A few of the apps on S4 phone have updated and no longer work correctly. When I try to update the Samsung software, it tells me that it is unavailable. I am assuming it is because the phone does not have the Verizon S...
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  • How do i track a return device if i lost the tracking #?

    I mailed back my defective device within 5 business days 2 weeks ago, but i keep receiving texts messages and phone calls telling me to return the device or I will get charge a fee up to $500?  Please advise.&nbs...
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  • Monthly bill, early termination fee question?

    Can Verizon reject my early termination fee if paying my bill wasn't an option at the time, and I didn't intend for this to happen? After 2 or 3 months of nonpayment Verizon sent myself a early termination bill of abo...
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  • Stranger's contacts and photos auto-synced onto my phone

    Verizon Cloud synced my contacts automatically, and now there are contacts and photos downloaded on my phone that are obviously from a stranger's phone. What is happening, and how do I ensure that Verizon Cloud A) doe...
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  • Email not syncing or notifying and error message.

    This just started recently. When I try to refresh, I receive this message, "Not enough space in device storage. Delete some files and try again." I'm not trying to save anything. Also, I'm not receiving email notific...
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  • why do you have to wait 30 days to change your mobile number?

    Just wondering. I really don't like my current one.
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  • Dropped Calls

    Have been experiencing dropped calls with Verizon service for a long time.  It is extremely frustrating and causing poor service and response with my customers.   Everything was perfect about a little over ...
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  • Can't download desktop app

    I want to download the desktop app to get Windows desktop access to the Verizon cloud storage. I click on the "Download Desktop App" button (seems pretty straightforward?), get a screen that says wait, wait for about ...
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  • furious Verizon customer

    I just want to post this because I found this unfair   Me and my brother signed up for Verizon back in July I believe .. We were both T-Mobile so when we switched over we were given a credit of 200 dollars each...
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  • Two things,, I posted before about a gift cad not working.....

    Turns out it wasn't a gift card, it was just random numbers on my receipt. Dude at the store never gave me my trade in gift card or sent me an email containing its number. So I'm what? out a 100 dollars and an iphone ...
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  • Switching from basic vm to free basic virtual cm

    I had the free trial of premium vm for 2.99 per month and stopped the trial.  Now I have the plain ild basic, not the free basic virtual.  I have run all updates and it doesn't change it nor give me an optio...
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  • When will Andriod 5.1.1 be released for the Galaxy Note 4?

    I have been reading all the on line information and lots of other models have been receiving the Lollipop 5.1.1 update including the NEW S6, so why are the Note 4 phones not getting the update. I AM VERY UPSET
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  • Not reconnecting

    Why is my phone not automatically reconnecting  to the extender when I return home?
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  • After lollipop upgrade S5 Bluetooth no longer streams ID3 tags

    After lollipop upgrade S5 Bluetooth no longer streams ID3 tags. Songs themselves stream ok. Also the songs no longer auto start when you start the car. Does anyone know of a fix?
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  • Incorrect UK 0800 number on website

    On your website link:International Trip Planner you list this UK 0800 number:     United Kingdom (44 - None) Customer Service from a landline Dial Access Code: 0800-279-5088 then follow Calling Card Diali...
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  • Why I'm not able to sign in to verizonwireless.com when I am outside the US?

    Why I'm not able to sign in to verizonwireless.com when I am outside the US? the phone number or username is not recognized. Thank you
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