• Billing

    If I set up a payment for tomorrow through my phone, but went ahead and paid it today in store. Will they still deduct it tomorrow?
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  • Points not very valuable

    Points not very valuable:  Disappointed in the Verizon rewards points. When I went to redeem for a couple of items I compared the price with buying outright from Amazon. For example Harman AKG DJ headphones. Usin...
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  • Client icon

    I noticed an icon with the name Client on my Note 4. When i click the icon it opens a screen with the name Cellebrite Client v1.6.7. I immediately closed it as it wasn't loading. I used Google to search the icon and i...
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  • Lg g4 auto refresh

    G4 refreshes in app and makes most apps unusable? Any help?
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  • Droid Turbo keeps rebooting

    Since the last update My Turbo keeps rebooting by itself. Does anyone know what the issue is? I did do cache clearing and factory reset but it still continues to reboot several times a day randomly and this kinda dr...
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  • Screen won't rotate

    I have a droid turbo that the screen has stopped auto rotating on. I checked the settings and restarted the phone. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it?
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  • Galaxy S4 Lollipop Issues

    Ever since I updated my Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) to Android Lollipop (5.0.1) I have been experiencing a ton of problems such as: 1)Slow Charging issues with original charging brick and cable. 2)Excessive battery drain e...
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  • Help me stay with Verizon

    I've been with Verizon since they first started selling the iPhone's, because I've always heard great things about the customer service and the service even though I knew I would pay a monthly premium for the greatnes...
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  • Upgrade to 5.1.1

    When does verizon plan to upgrade s5 to 5.1.1? Apparently other carriers are upgrading s5 to 5.1.1 to fix  bugs with 5.0, but verizon is behind.
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  • Is it time to leave Verizon?

    Is it me, or are others experiencing major connection issues lately?.  Calls dropped, GPS continually "loses signal" and text messages don't send.  I've even had a few instances where I suddenly notified via...
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  • No service at home

    I have a apple iPhone 5c and I also have a new htc remix on my more everything plan up until about a week ago I had at least 2 to 3 bars of service now my phone says no service at home even when I hook up to the infin...
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  • Help with my S6

    What is error code 248 when trying to open Verizon Tones app? How do I get me tones back from previous phone?
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  • Droid Turbo malfuntioning after recent update

    I recently updated my phone to LP. Ever since then my phone rarely rings or sound notifications.  I've missed some VERY important calls. I have powered off then on again. I found a post that said to remove the ...
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  • Need to find out if a phone I bought is stolen

    So I bought an iPhone 5c from a guy I found on buy sell trade page in my area, he said it was his and that his son locked it and didn't have a computer to restore it... So long story short I bought it and reset it and...
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  • Video Voice Mail setup issues

    I decided to try the Visual Voice Mail last weekend on my Droid Maxx.  A week later, I still have the spinner and  "Setting Up Visual Voice Mail.  Please wait."  Tried powering down, no change.&nbs...
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  • Inappropriate texts from an unknown person

    Last night I received several texts from a number I don't know. Then, a friend I had been in touch with earlier in the day received them, as well. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have never had an issue before.&nb...
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  • Month to Month Discount

    An interesting thing just happened. I was on Chat with Troy and I wanted to find out how quickly we could apply my Month to Month discount once I pay off a phone I have on Edge, I didn't want to be without the discoun...
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  • Ongoing charging problems-Won't power up

    Been having this problem from the beginning.  Even after I sent it in for repair/replacement, it will frequently power down while charging, and be very difficult to power back up, often having to hold the power a...
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  • iPhone 6 and iPad already shows 3gb usage ..only had 3 weeks

    i upgraded my phone to iPhone 6 and also purchased iPad About 3 weeks ago   I share gb with my husband.  He has not done anything different to his phone.  i received txt last week I was up to 2 g...
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  • Add credit card to auto pay

    How do I add new credit card information to my auto pay account?
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