• Where are my devices I ordered and why is it taking so long to figure out?

    Almost 2 weeks ago I had placed an order for 4 new phones, upgraded plan and 2 phone cases because my contract was up. All on Edge. With rush delivery. Pretty straight forward online order. Got a box the next day. Ope...
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  • Preview of the new Note 5....

    I Couldn't be happier with my choice of the Note 3.  I didn't see enough in the 4 to lure me into the un needed expense.  but....now....the new Note 5. 27 mp camera, on a swivel, to take better selfies an...
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  • Option to send egift card is missing.

    This is text
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  • Why is data service so bad on the Long Island Railroad Ronkonkama line?

    This is especially true for a couple of miles before and after the Hicksville station? Phone becomes practically unusable and I am not even streaming video, just trying to read the news. Particularly ironic, since I c...
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  • Why am I incurring data usage while connected to WIFI?

    I called customer service to find out why I am incurring data usage while connected to my home wifi. The representative couldnt explain at all why, but told me in order to fully connect to my home wifi, I have to turn...
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  • Texts sending as an email

    My texts have been sending to everyone as an email instead of my phone number. The email is also the same one that is used for my icloud. i want to send it as my phone number instead of the email
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  • Knock on feature

    I can no longer knock on to wake up my phone. I can knock off. It worked fine before the update. Any ideas how to fix this?
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  • Anyone else having poor RF signal reception on Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

    I wanted to keep my unlimited data alive so I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at full price at the Harrisburg Verizon store today.    I had to stop in at the lab where I work on the way home to chec...
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  • My phone is locked and it won't recognize my fingerprint or code. How do I get it to unlock?

    My phone is locked and it won't recognize my fingerprint or code. How do I get it to unlock?
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  • On visual or premium voicemail can you offer callers options?  Such as press 1 for address, press 2 for email, etc?

    On visual or premium voicemail can you offer callers options?  Such as press 1 for address, press 2 for email, etc?
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  • ¿Cómo puedo eliminar los mensajes telefónicos desde la pagina web?

    tengo 252 mensajes en mi telefono que no deseo escuchar, como puedo eliminarlos sin entrar a cada uno y eliminarlos?
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  • someone logged into my account?

    I could not log in, I typed in the correct password on my PC 100%.  After I changed my password by using the link on the verizon website, I read that my account was last logged in at 9am, which I did not.  I...
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  • Lollipop downloads media messages even when Mobile data and wireless are off

    I always leave mobile data off except when specifically using it. In the past, that meant that if someone sent me a message with a picture, here is what happened:   Mobile Data off, Auto Retrieve off --> Got ...
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  • Extender/Signal Booster problem in Chicago on high floor

    53rd floor,  60611 zip.  Bought brand new extender due to constant dropped calls on all 3 iPhones (1-2 bars at home, 4-5 outside) and set it up according to directions (connected to router, connected to powe...
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  • Edge program question!!!!!

    I recently purchased a galaxy s6 and in doing so I paid the taxes off which was about 55$.  I did this the same day I got the phone so that it wouldn't appear on my next bill. However, I returned the device withi...
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  • I need to contact corporate office immediatly

    How do I contact corporate office. I have been dealing with an issue for over 3 months and keep getting different answers but problem keeps coming back and no one at verizon is doing what they state. Then the person i...
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  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Blue Dot on front facing Camera

    There is a blue dot in every photo taken on Samsung Galaxy S6
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  • Storage issues?

    while my 5s says I am out of storage at 12.2gb, my usage shows a lot less with the largest being 2gb for photos and the rest under 500mb - what am I missing in finding my storage usage and clearing it out?
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  • WIFI and Bluetooth will not turn on, DROID MAXX

    I Am having the same problem.  For a couple of months already my wifi has been spotty and now I haven't been able to get it working at all!   all of the research I've found suggests that, just like what man...
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  • How can I add my wife's name to the bill?

    How can I add my wife's name to the bill?
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