• Help, I can't dial on my samsung gs6 edge phone.  I get verizon error "......dial *611", so i dial *611, same error, dial *611 over and ((*$

    Verizon, YOU HAVE TERRIBLE SUPPORT!  I have NEVER not had phone access for this long in my life.  I haven't owned a normal phone (only cell phones) since 2003.  CONGRATULATIONS VERIZON/SAMSUNG.  Fi...
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  • Fleeting data connection during the day but is fine in middle of night

    For the last three days my connection during the day is fleeting. It is literally just a minute or two approximately 2-3 times during the day.  However, in the middle of the night, the connection is fine (like ri...
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  • print return label

    I just go a new phone today and I need to send it back. I had the page up to print a return label earlier, but it closed out and I cant find it now. Where can I find the return label for people to ship back free
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  • GSM signal is lost

    Hi all! After install 4G LTE Switch lost mobile network on moto x 1096 I would deactivate lte, but something went wrong. I did factory reset, but network is not find. Please help!
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  • 5.1.1 note 5 when when when when

    anyone know when the note 4 will get the 5.1.1 update?  it better be soon cause the note 5 has 5.1.1 stock. so when the is it coming out?  and did the note 4 ever get update 5.0.2?
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  • We're waiting on the 5.1.1 update, Verizon!

    Verizon needs to approve the 5.1.1 update. Sprint's Note 4 users have had it for almost a month. T-Mobile users now have it as well. (Rumors are, by the way, that their update makes their phone feel like new.)   ...
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  • 5.1.1 on Note 4???

    Why are we still waiting on this update?  We pay full prices for these phones and get an update FORCED on us that we already knew would destroy our phones but we have no way to stop it.  I had a perfect phon...
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  • Bad reception all of a sudden

    We have always had excellent reception on our cell phones from our home.  All of a sudden, a few days ago, people call but the phone never rings and goes directly to voice mail, we are cutting out during conversa...
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  • Is NFC possible on the Ellipsis 8?

    Is it possible to add NFC to the Ellipsis 8 by substituting an NFC-enabled SIM card for the standard one, or by some other means?  I have several devices around the house that connect quickly to Androids by using...
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  • help! texts wont send

    My droid DNA wont deliver sms. If I attach something, turning it into mms, it works. does anyone know why I can't send normal texts?
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  • Having trouble switching numbers?

    I have a 5C that I recently shattered the screen of so I am trying to switch my number to a 5S we had lying around yet I see no option for that on the website. I thought I could just call to do so but I don't know wha...
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  • False data charges

    I was grandfathered in at having unlimited Data. My line used no more than 2GB of data each month for years. When the service agent talked us into switching over to a family plan so we can add a line we added an extra...
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  • Upgrade phone

    My iPhone 4S just broke and my contract is ending in November. Can I buy an iPhone 6 full price out of contract now and link it to my Verizon account without paying any extra fees? If so how would I do that?
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 dropping calls!

    I am so frustrated after getting this phone. I travel the same route every day and this state of the art,  top of the line phone does not perform as well as prior phones with regard to its connectivity. My caller...
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  • I don't think I can connect to wifi with my iPhone 5 - help?

    I heard that I can tell if my iPhone 5 is connected to wifi by seeing a wifi icon in the upper left corner of the display. I don't see that icon. Looking in Wi-Fi Settings, it looks like I'm connected because the wire...
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  • Verizon Vault

    Verizon told me it was OK to delete something called the "vault" from my phone. They walked me thru it by going into settings, storage, misc, vault (which was taking up half of my 36gb of storage). Now my cloud doesn'...
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  • I keep getting some mms group sms messages not downloading. Is this a problem with the phone or the network? I have a Galaxy S6 and using google hangouts as my messaging app.

    Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated
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  • iphone 5 screen flicker while using camera

    Screen of iphone 5 slickers continuously while using camera.  Works ok sometimes.  Is this a common issue?  Someone mentioned a recall?
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  • My Samsung Galaxy s6 charger doesn't work properly anymore

    I purchased a black Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB brand new when it first came to stores in April 2015. Just this past day, the charger that it came with hasn't been working properly. Normally, my phone takes about 1 hour an...
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  • NFL Mobile App crashes immediately after opening

    I have a Galaxy S4 and the NFL Mobile app stopped working 11 days ago and I still cannot get it to work. When I try opening it, it crashes immediately. I've contacted NFLmedia several times but nothing seems to change...
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