• Is the signal coverage differnt for pre-paid plans?

    Seems to be the case with AT&T.   Is Verizon the same?
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  • I can't upload photos to facebook anymore

    The day before yesterday I could upload photos from my iphone 6s to facebook.  Today I cannot.
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  • My new Microsoft Lumia 950xl is being delivered. Can I activate it on my present Verizon phone number?

    Well it time to crap or get off the pot. My beautiful Lumia 950xl is being delivered later today. I presently am using a Note 4 after selling my Lumia Icon recently. There is more discussion regarding the 950 & 95...
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  • Sub Account Verizon Wireless

    I have a sub account through my Verizon Wireless services. I am unable to access this account via My Verizon and I cannot access it through the app. I was told I would have to switch user names each time although the ...
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  • my ellipsis will not turn on

    Tried starting it while plugged in and while unplugged - no response   No charging indicator when plugged in   Was on and working evening before - woke to blank and unresponsive screen
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  • iPhone 6 is crashing (blue screen)!

    My iPhone 6 is randomly crashing (blue screen) then rebooting.No common reason why: happens while talking, texting, safari, FB etc... anyone else having this issue.
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  • Droid Turbo Network Time Changes Randomly

    I have seen a similar question on the forum but it was never answered so I'm asking again. As of last night (1 June 2015) my time on my Droid Turbo randomly changes.  Usually it is 5 hours ahead. When i receive m...
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  • Why was a ringback toen I had purchased no longer in my ringback tone list?

    I had purchased a Goofy Ringback tone which has been my signature ringback tone for years and suddenly it is gone from my ringback tone list. Why?
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  • How to stop clicking and screeching sound on my iphone 6?

    About a month ago, my Iphone 6 that was working just fine began to make frequent clicking sounds and a loud, high pitched screeching sound during calls. It seemed to be related to the software upgrade to 9 and/or 9.1....
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  • Unlimited data 30 dollar a month hotspot

    I see in my phone on the Verizon App it says, "4G mobile hotspot Use your Verizon wireless 4g LTE smartphone to get online access and share your data allowance with multiple WiFi enabled devices" now I've asked a few ...
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  • How do I change my shipping address?

    I have seen countless posts about changing addresses but have not seen one clear cut answer. My billing address is my address back home in CA but I am in GA for school and would prefer to have my phone shipped here in...
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  • Customer Service

    I am having a horrendous experience with Verizon Customer Service. I have been a customer since 2008 and usually get good response. In the past  2 days, I have phoned Verizon SEVEN times, and been disconnected at...
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  • when using voice recognition to text, phone locks up and has to be restarted

    Not sure if this is a device problem or something in settings?
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  • Lumia 950 and 950 XL (or some variant)

    Just contacted Verizon and was told the following I show that we are going to get the phones but there is not a release date yet. [Full chat transcript removed as per Verizon Wireless Terms of Service ] So it ...
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  • How do I change the voice mail greeting on a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?  The phone number used to belong to my husband and is now my sister's so we want to delete the current greeting and add a custom greeting with her name.

    How do I change the voice mail greeting on a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?  The phone number used to belong to my husband and is now my sister's so we want to delete the current greeting and add a custom greeting wi...
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  • iPhone 5 dropped calls

    My iPhone 5 suddenly started dropping calls.  Incoming calls while on the other line will only beep in my ear, but no information shows up on who called, then if they leave a voicemail it pops up days later. ...
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  • "Unable to move message" email problems

    I got a new iPhone 6s a few weeks ago. From day 1 I have had issues with deleting emails. My husband doesn't get his emails to his phone (S5 I think) so he has me get his too for work and the military so he knows when...
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  • Can I use my Galaxy S4 charger on my new Galaxy S6 phone. I don't like the one that came with it.

    I recently got anS6 Galaxy phone. I'd like to use my charger that I used on my Galaxy S4 instead of the one that came with it. Any problem here?
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  • Does Verizon Messages only work with other Verizon customers?

    Does Verizon Messages only work with other Verizon customers?
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  • Do you want me to reamin a customer?

    My wife, my step daughter and I are all customers of Verizon. All the accounts are in my name. I have a Galaxy 4, my wife an I-phone 4 and my step daughter and I phone 5s. My plan is up. I can leave whenever I want. I...
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