• Can the elderly get a person to talk to explain the bills and navigate the system?

    I believe I have been misled and that my bill is in error.  I find the website confusing and even calling (and paying $3.50) to pay by phone challenging.  Is there any place I can get help?  I am 80
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  • Kyocera Brigadier as mass storage connecting to Debian Linux

    Hi all. I have a new Kyocera Brigadier but I can't get it to transfer files using Debian. The phone is running Android 4.4.2 and I'm using Debian Wheezy 64bit current. I set the android to Media Sync Mode but I can't ...
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    Well it's been FOUR calls, and I am STILL on HOLD!  Verizon reps do not give out correct information, and then they suck you in to a plan by telling you the cost, which turns out to be much higher!  And NO O...
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  • Iphone not receiving texts from Note4

    I have a Note4 using Handscent SMS. There are times when I will send a text message to an IPHONE user and they never receive it. I really have never had this issue with any other phones just the Iphone. Just today I s...
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  • so feed up

    When I set up my account I was told that the other people on my account couldn't break there without Mr knowing now I get a bill for 900 dollars cause they broke there contract.....my whole family is with Verizon but ...
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  • Extreme displeasure and disgust

    For my birthday I decided to switch to Verizon after being a loyal customer of ATT for over 20 years.  I decided to treat myself to an Apple 6plus.  When I go in, it was a nightmare getting helped but I over...
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  • I have blocked someone from calling/texting me. How do I keep them from knowing?

    I have blocked some from calling/texting me.  Is it possible to make it so they don't know?  I don't want them to hear the message or receive a text stating that their number is blocked.
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  • Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!

    I have been a customer with verizon for 7-8 years. I have been happy with the service received for the most part. But sadly, after this experience I do not think I can stay with Verizon any longer.   4 months ag...
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  • protection plan billing

    does my protection program bill get added into my phone bill or are they going to come in different mail? i just paid my first phone bill with the activation fee but it didnt mention the esecuritel charge. i logged o...
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  • Verizon Home Fusion

    If you're thinking about upgrading to the Home Fusion that Verizon offers, you'd better think twice.   We upgraded from the MiFi in November 2014 with some hesitation.   Before the switch, we had s...
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  • Note Edge 4

    How many water damage indicators are there on the Note Edge and where are they located?
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  • Advanced Calling 1.0......... Moto X 2nd Gen?????????

    When is Advanced Calling 1.0 expected to roll out to the Moto X 2nd Gen?????????
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  • 1. Stuck in Dock Mode starting today. 2. "Personalize" is broke. "Unfortunately Personalize has stopped." No I haven't physically mistreated my phone in any way. I want to dump Lollipop and go back to KitKat.

    1. Today my phone is now stuck in Dock Mode. Don't want Dock Mode. Don't need Dock Mode. 2. Can't run Personalize. "Unforunately Personalize has stopped." Do you have a real solution? I haven't done anything differe...
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  • Pre-Order to Edge Up

    I have a device under the old 24 month/50% Edge plan.  I am due to hit the 50% mark in early May.  I would like to pre-order the Galaxy S6, which is due on April 10th on the Edge Up program.  I understa...
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  • how do i hide my caller id on galaxy s3?

    How do I hide MY caller ID on a Samsung Galaxy S3 that has no "Additional Settings" in the settings for the Phone? And WHY does it not have the option available?
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  • Lollipop 5.0 killed my Galaxy S5!!!  Where's the update???

    A few weeks ago I did the recommended update on my Galaxy S5 to the highly anticipated Lollipop 5.0.  Ever since then it's been nothing but problems. Slow to respond/lagging Default "Contacts" app keeps crashin...
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    I have been a customer since 2004 with Verizon, my contract was up March 20 2105. I called Verizon to get a price on a new contract. The sales Rep gave me a price with the edge program, and both me and my husband hear...
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  • Missing Voicemails

    I turned my phone on this morning and I saw that I had two missed calls and two voicemails on my phone, but when I go to the voicemail section on my iPhone6 the messages are not there. I checked in missed calls and th...
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  • recently having problems receiving texts from my wife, but noone else that I am aware of. She is a Verizon as well

    recently having problems receiving texts from my wife, but no one else that I am aware of. She is a Verizon as well
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  • Samsung 5 Echos

    My phone just recently started echoing on other end when on speaker.  Have made no changes....what to do?
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