• Why isn't me vibration motor working on my phone?

    My phone isn't even 5 months old yet and the vibration doesn't work anymore. I have the phone to vibrate when I receive a call, text message, facebook messenger, when I type a text or messenger, when the alarm goes of...
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  • Visual Voicemail disappeared from HTC M8 One

    The Visual Voicemail app has disappeared from my HTC M8 One phone and I cannot find a way to get it back.  It does not appear on the google play store.   I would prefer not to have todo a factory reset,...
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  • How do I file a complaint?

    I have recently had some issues with my account and when I've contacted customer service they have been rude and very unhelpful. I'd like to file a complaint because I am fed up with the terrible customer service Veri...
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  • native verizon emoticon support for basicphones?? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???

    can't basic phones have regular emoticon support like what smartphones would be sending our way? isn't that just a simple software update to push our way? it's pretty hard to communicate with just basic straight text....
    Paul T
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  • Can't download Mobile Email or Bing on LG Accolade (VX5600)

    I've used landline phones pretty much my whole life.  Eventually in early 2010 I bought an LG Accolade phone just to get certain family members off my back.  I put it aside and never got around to activating...
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  • Could someone please explain this to me about buying a phone.

    I just watched a girl walk into a Verizon wireless store with cash and was told she could not buy a phone out right because she did not have ID on her.  Why would that matter if she has ID to purchase a product i...
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 "sim card not detected"

    How do I get rid of the error message "sim card not detected" on my Galaxy Note 5?
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  • Scam

    My sons iPhone 6 stopped working completely. NO DAMAGED WHAT SO EVER!!  Kept phone in a life proof case since day one. Called Verizon, guy sets him up with a new phone. Son receives new phone through mail. Sends ...
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  • IPhone SE bluetooth problems

    My Iphone SE has serious problems with bluetooth. While in my auto, incoming calls are often indiscernible. I have a new car, 2016 Lexus, and a new phone so dated technology should not be the issue. Interestingly, mus...
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  • Travel to Scotland

    How can I use my iPhone 6 in the UK
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  • Phone keeps shutting off

    Every since I did a update on my phone it shuts down 3 to 4 times a day. I was told by Verizon store guys that they are aware of this problem. Is anyone else having this issue? Any fixes Samsung or Verizon?
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  • Verizon upgrade issues

    My phone was upgraded on Thursday. It completely messed up my phone. Took away all my settings and my deleted my contacts. I had to redownload apps and change all my settings back.  This has been very frustrating...
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  • I no longer receive a notice when I have voicemail.  Is there something on my phone I need to do to get it back?

    I no longer receive a notice in the notification panel when I have a voicemail.  Is there something on my phone I need to do to get it back?
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  • constant DNS problems

    Recently I've been having connectivity issues with my MiFi Jetpack 6620L.  At first when I ran troubleshooting it said "Access point/server was at fault" so I thought it was my wireless card just getting old.&nbs...
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  • Trading phones

    I would like to trade my new 7 Edge for a seven. What all would be involved in that and with the company
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  • S6 Marshmallow update

    I have continuing problems with my mobile data / wifi connection since I updated my S6 Edge with Marshmallow. Apps keep informing me that they do not have a internet connection and my google search regular returns a c...
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  • Annoying solid white box

    After update I have a solid white box in the upper left corner of my home screen on the status bar, and it's driving me nuts. What isbit for, and how do I get it off the screen?
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  • Factory Unlocked but Overseas Locked.

    Just bought me an factory unlocked Iphone but for my surprise its locked to use with overseas carriers (I need to use it with a Brazilian SIM). How can I unlock it?   The phone has no useful for me now.
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  • Can't receive pic messages

    Why can't I receive picture messages on my galaxy s6 edge+? I was able to yesterday but nothing today.
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  • Copy & Paste for Note 4

    I have been able to hold the screen down to copy, but for the last week it doesn't work anymore...what gives? Thanks
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