• mms

    I cannot send pictures, when I try it says cannot send multiple MMS.....what's wrong?
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  • Using my iphone 6 abroad for 3 months

    I am going on a trip for 3 months and  trying to use my iphone 6 in South Kore(using a Korean cell phone carrier, not Verizon, so I am not roaming it)   What should I do?   Should I country-unlock my...
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  • Lowing Camera Res for Texts & Email

    When attaching a picture to a text or email, is there an easy way (with stock camera app) to lower the resolution so I'm not sending a huge file (which goes against data usage)?  Thanks!
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  • Ugh... Straight to voicemail

    Seriously, nothing more frustrating when you're having an issue and can't talk to a single person!!!!! When someone calls me it goes straight to voicemail.... So I'm not getting any calls..... Then when I call out, it...
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  • Moto X Advanced Calling 1.0???????

    Had the Moto X since October and read on Verizon's site that the update would be released in later in the fall. Its 2015 and still no update!! Is it going to happen or what??
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  • Sounds on LG Revere 2

    When I press numbers on keypad, they are voiced.  How do I turn this off?
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  • Is there a way to send the contact list from my flip phone to the Verizon Messages app on my tablet?

    I have a Convoy flip phone. I recently installed the Verizon Messages app on my iPad Air, since it's a pain in the neck to type texts on the phone. With the app on my tablet, I can easily send (and receive) texts. But...
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  • WHY? LOLLIPOP 5 killed all of my google apps, fios apps, and samsung apps oh yeah and touchwiz

    lollipop 5 download and up date my Samsung Galaxy S4 and touchwiz, and fios mobile and everything google and samsung and assorted other apps ceased to work and disappeared from my phone.  What did you do to my ph...
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  • Tablet died

    My Verizon tablet just died tonight. I have had it about two months and rarely even use it. It won't charge and it won't go on!
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  • My HTC 1 phone is completely charged and after a few calls the battery goes down Why?

    My HTC 1 phone is completely charged and after a few calls then battery goes down fast Why? HTC One
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  • touchwiz has stopped working

    S4 updated to lollipop (5.0.1).  Now "TouchWiz home has stopped." occurs when trying to drag an app to the home screen or when deleting an app from a screen. I've tried safe mode, clearing data/cache in the app, ...
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  • LG Transpyre stuck on verizon logo. Keeps rebooting

    I have an LG Transpyre that is stuck in a bootloop on the Verizon logo.  Does anyone have the factory image file I could flash via odin?
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  • Why does verizon falsely advertise the 'designed by you' moto x for $449.99?

    This is verizon's site:   Click the 'design yours' button, and any options you choose will result in a price of at least $499.99.  What happened to $449.99???  
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  • Turn off Driving Mode--Galaxy S5

    My phones Driving Mode keeps turning on randomly even when I am stationary.  How do I turn off this wonderful feature.
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  • Lollipop issues

    Updated my G3 to lollipop when Verizon offered the OTA update about a week ago. I used to have a perfectly good device with KK, now it's terrible. I sincerely hope someone at Verizon sees the following issues as not j...
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  • Who runs this company and where are they hiding?

    How is it that Verizon has no problem taking your money.......but has no desire to give back what is yours?  I returned something for $265.00 almost a year ago and no credit has yet to be seen.  I have had m...
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  • terrible experience buying phone from a Verizon third party store run by Cellular Sales

    Do not buy an Apple phone from a Verizon store that is not a corporate store. I bought mine from my third-party retailers call cellular sales and they have done nothing but take money from me and not help when I have ...
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  • Lollipop 5.0 bad

    I have Samsung note4. Downloaded lollipop 5.0.  In settings when I try to access sounds & notifications, the settings app closes.  I used to go almost two days on a charge, now I barley make one day.&nbs...
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  • Lollipop update draining battery

    Anyone else notice that the new update is draining the battery. I used to be able to go all day doing everything on my phone including watching a few shows on Netflix without charging my phone until bedtime but every ...
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  • My S4 reset last night by itself, i lost everything!!! Help!!!!!

    When I woke up this morning I noticed my phone had reset and was on the setup screen.  I lost my pictures, apps, texts and all settings.  Some contacts are also missing.  What can I do?  Why did it...
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