• Volume on phone calls

    People have trouble hearing me when I place calls on my iphone6.  Is there a way to increase the outgoing volume?
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  • Does Verizon take advantage of Seniors?

    This is the second time I have attempted to contact you and your store with no response. Te time to refund and cancel the phone is running out without a response from Verizon. What must I do, go to social media or fil...
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  • Nightmare trade in and order

    I placed my order for my new phone on October 5 after completing the trade in process. My phone has been on backorder since then. Today I found out that I  never receive a confirmation email (I didn't know I was ...
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  • I want to block text ringtones from a specific number at night, How do I do this? Motorola razr hd

    How do I block ringtones for a specific number at night? I have  Motorola Razr HD
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  • It seems as the company gets larger, the service gets worse

         I just wanted to comment about my most recent experience with Verizon Wireless.  I am having problems with my LG G2 phone lately and it is not functioning properly.  Calls and texts ...
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  • data useage cycle is different from billing cycle

    How do I change this? I know in Lollipop is a very easy process but verizon won't update my z3v past kitkat 4.4.4 I got the phone on the 20th but my data resets on the 12th. Thanks
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  • 2 phones, yet 3 contracts on Edge up?

    I have had two phones under the edge up, paid off the second phone in full. Now I am on a 3rd contract on the 2nd phone I paid off. Does this make sense?
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  • Unable to access Visual Voicemail

    I am unable to access Visual Voicemail.  I get an error 2004.  Has anyone else received this?
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  • Call history

    How can I find a copy of my call history?
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  • HTC One M9 Not accepting Google account password

    Just got the HTC One M9 and I can't get my Google account to connect. I have app passwords so I do have the right password. I put in my email and go to password. I put in the password then it goes to a page asking for...
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  • can I use an iphone without a contract

    I have an iphone 5s that I'd like to give to my mother. Can she use this as a prepay not a contract? The phone had a contract that is up.
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  • Need Label to Return Old Phone

    I received my replacement phone but there was no return label included. I've searched the discussions and see where I'm supposed to go to print label but that did not help me.  What do I do now?  I've also r...
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  • Battery doesn't hold charge since 9/22 fiasco - anyone else?

    For all of you who experienced the continuous power cycling issue on 9/21 and 9/22, is anyone now having battery problems? Since the issue was fixed, my Droid Maxx very suddenly stopped holding a charge. It lasts half...
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  • Grey background

    How do I change grey background and black keyboard back to white
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  • Problem with signal

    Bad reception at home
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  • When will stagefright exploit be patched on Droid Maxx? There doesn't seem to be any hurry to get Lollipop to this phone so can we get this fixed...

    How long are you going to keep us sitting wide open to this exploit?   I understand it is supposedly patched in Lollipop but there does not seem to be any movement getting lollipop to the Droid Maxx.
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  • Intermittent texts I send don't get received... but are shown in My Verizon texting logs

    I have a Droid mini.  In the past month or so I have periodically found out from a friend that a text I sent was not received. This has happened with multiple contacts, they are using different service providers ...
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  • My verizon web app on mobile

    Why can't I log into the my verizon web app on a mobile device? I don't want to use the downloaded application. I know it's available because I use it on my laptop all the time.
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  • Phone Switching

    So I'm in a phone, I'm not really too particularly fond of it now and have had it since mid-July. Of course there are several things I didn't find out about in the first 10 days they give you to return it (at least th...
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  • Just received a replacement for another issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Tonight I am unable to turn on wifi or bluetooth. All of my other devices can connect to my router but my phone won't.  I was on a conference call with my Bluetooth Headset  and

    Anyone having a problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not allowing to turn on Wifi or Bluetooth?
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