• Why can't any representatives answer simple questions

    I am currently waiting on a replacement phone. I had suspended the line but was told it needed to be back on in order to purchase a replacement. I ordered before my upgrade availability but was assured by 2 agents tha...
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  • 101%data usage?/suspend data privilegeset temporar

    Hi! My data usage says 101%, what does that mean exactly? There are two people on this account including myself, with me as the account holder. The other person actually used a womping 86% of our 6gb and we still have...
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  • Question on why I was billed

    My service was suspended without billing and reconnected on Feb 7 so why do i have a bill for $219
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  • Correspondence team

      Does anybody have a direct phone number for the correspondence team?????   Upgrading both phones on our account has been a never-ending nightmare. On 10/31/15, the Verizon website said I was eligibl...
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  • When is Verizon going to FINALLY release the Blackberry Priv?!? Why so long?

    I am a die hard Blackberry user and this device has been out on other carriers for some time now--I believe T-Mobile is even going to beat out Verizon in launching this device!!! I've seen March, but why so long? My c...
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  • Why did Verizon charge me $45.75 when i have the $45 prepaid plan?

    I know this might not seem like that big of a deal but I would like to know why Verizon is charging me $0.75 more than what my plan is supposed to be.   Thanks!
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  • Android update

    Verizon, where is the update for Samsung Galaxy S5? More specifically the Marshmallow 6.0?
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  • Do you want Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL on Verizon?

    Do you want Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL on Verizon?
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  • How can I get better reception?  Customer service has been 0 help.

    I live in a high population neighborhood in the middle of a large city in the San Francisco Bay Area and I've had bad reception since the day I moved here over 7 years ago.  I'm lucky if I can get 1 bar on 3g, fo...
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  • Trying to install VZ Protect on new Galaxy 5 but get a message that my accunt has been suspended and to check on VZ  Wireless/mobilesecurity for more info.  Could not find add'l info.

    Can someone at VZ or in the community tell me why this would be the case?  I'm still in my first 30 days of network service.  I dd already install Avast Mobile Security since I had a 3 device subscription.&n...
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  • I hate VERSION

    TOLD to,call tech support back asap. But machine don't let me on phone 5 in 3 months yesterday
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  • pre-paided service

    Hello I'm having difficulty finding the proper pre paid card for my package plan in stores!  And was wondering if I get one and add the amount of my monthly plan will it renew my plan!  Or charge my so much ...
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  • Turbo 2 - SMS & MMS issues

    Texts aren't going to the assigned contacts. Or they come in from one person but they're really from someone else. Eventually the phone corrects it but it gets confusing and sometimes takes awhile. Also device is ra...
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  • I cant get my Droid Maxx2 and LG Gpad to sync contacts or calendar events.  GMail is in sync.

    I am new to the smart phone and do not know much about it although I am computer literate. I am trying to get my Motorola Droid Maxx2 and LG Gpad to sync contacts and calendar events. Gmail and Hotmail are in sync wit...
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  • VZ Cloud issues

    I keep receiving notices that my VZ Cloud memory is full. I try and delete docs, pics, videos, etc but they either don't let me delete them or it deletes, then reappears after it backs up again. Between Motorola, Goog...
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  • Videos

    I don' know what I'm doing wrong, but I have not been able to send out videos
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  • Photos to SD Card

    I can't remember how to transfer my photos to my SD card!  Can anyone please help?
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  • Late

    How can I make a late payment
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  • Posted dated payment

    l made a payment arrangement to pay with a post dated check via text message from Verizon.  I need to change that date to a week later I went through the automated service and created another post dated check.&nb...
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  • Voice Mail Message Time Limit Changed?

    I have the prepaid plan $1.99 Unlimited Talk which includes voice mail. It seems that the time limit on a voice mail message has been significantly reduced from approx 20 minutes to 5 minutes. Has anyone else noticed ...
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