• No 4gLTE during a phone call without VOLTE being on.

    With this advanced calling you are forced to keep it on in order to surf the Web during a phone call. I previouslyrics had an S4 which I was able to make phone calls during a phone call.   Now, I recently had m...
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  • Need advice for getting data service while traveling abroad

    I will be traveling in Norway and England and want to be able to use GPS on my Galaxy S4.  I can get along without voice service, and can rely on wi-fi for email and internet access.  I will be traveling for...
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  • Why can't I login to my account using the Verizon Mobile App?

    I have created an online account at www.verizonwireless.com. I downloaded the Verizon Mobile app and it says to use the same password for the app. When I try to enter it, it tells me it's not valid. I tried the forgot...
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  • Castle Rock Outlet Mall VERY weak signal; been that way for years now...

    I frequently stop in Castle Rock, Colorado on my way up to Denver with my wife and shop at the massive Outlet mall there right off exit 184. This is literally right off I-25, just miles away from a major metropolitan ...
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  • no data while on call S6

    Just upgraded to s6 from the s4. Why can't I access the internet while on a call?
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  • Galaxy S6 Edge screen rotation issue

    Has anyone else experienced a screen rotation issue on the S6 edge?  My device is locked in portrait mode and will not rotate.  Before you ask, YES SCREEN ROTATION IS TURNED ON.   I have spoken with bo...
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  • S6 Edge camera upside down

    Starts right side up then switches to upside down in seconds.
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  • Data connection stability issues since lollipop OTA?

    Is anyone else having network connection issues on their N4 after the lollipop update? At home, my 4G signal drops from 2-4 bars. At work it's the worse. It bounces from 4G, to 3G, and EVDO. It's never done that befor...
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  • I

    I am trying to use the Square register with the ecllipsis 8.. Is this possible?  is the ecllipsis 8 USB host compatible or does it require an adapter?  Please help
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  • after lollipop update, battery drain and slow recharge?  apps slow, or do not work,? even after reset?

    Lollipop update/./  battery drain, and slow recharge?  Google apps are not working properly?  Many third party apps will not load?   Did a factory reset and much of data would not reload? &nb...
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  • mobile network not available!

    Please help! I cannot call out or recieve any phone calls or texts. Says mobile network not available. I am suppose to recieve a very important phone call for a job interview and I don't even know if i missed that cal...
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  • audio speakerphone barely works

    my new iphone 6 plus has an issue when on speaker phone, the other caller can barely hear me talking. Phone audio turned all the way up has not resolved the issue. any ideas on how to fix?
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  • Phone Number Transfer works strangely

    I just opened up an account and got a new number. When I did this I transferred my wife's pre-paid T-Mobile number to my plan. So both of us are now on Verizon, on the same plan. When she calls my number it works fine...
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  • Droid turbo screen shattered had to buy a new phone

    Within a month of getting my Droid turbo it got dropped face down on the ground. The screen was shattered. I took it into the store and was told it couldn't be fixed or replaced. Being this is on the edge plan I had t...
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  • Incoming phone calls are going straight to voice mail. How do I get the phone to ring, so I can answer it?

    Incoming phone calls to my iPhone go straight to voice mail. How do I resolve that so the phone rings allowing me to answer before going to voice mail?
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  • Just a little Upset

    I put insurance on my girlfriends phone without a test call from Verizon I might add to make sure the phone was working, we went Kayaking that day in the river, hence insurance on the phone. She flipped her kayak and ...
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  • Good bye and good riddance Verizon

    Dear Verizon Wireless, I have been having a MAJOR issue with your billing dept. No one seems to be able to help me. I have had at least 6 contacts with them and each time, I have been given a different answer, and qu...
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  • Ever since the Lollipop update, I randomly don't receive group texts...

    How do I fix this???  It is extremely frustrating as texting is the primary function of my phone.  It is especially frustrating because there is no way to know which texts you aren't receiving.  I have ...
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  • "Backup My Contacts" is reversing "Mobile Number 1" and "Mobile Number 2"

    I'm trying to use the "Backup My Contacts" to upload several new contacts to my cell phone. First, I downloaded a sample contact using the "save my cloud contact to my computer". Then I used the labels in the first ro...
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  • update

    just checking in here to see if you forgot about us droid turbo owners
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