• Early Termination Fee

    My contract ends in April 2016 for two of my devices and July 2016 for the other device on my account.  We are looking to go to a different carrier.  Anyone know how to calculate what the ETF for each device...
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  • mentally disabled people and billing problems

    What is with these people you can't call and resolve any issues of which there have been so many I can't count  recently.  I applied 60. Dollars to my prepaid account and it is siphoning it of piece meal unt...
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  • Shady Data Usage Calculations

    Verizon is billing for data that we have not used!  Today, I did nothing with my phone and I have a 24.50MB of usage already!  It's ridiculous.  I've called, and nobody can get to the root of the proble...
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  • Disappointed in NC

    I have been trying to use my phone all day with the majority of that time being used staring at the screen waiting for it to pull up. I can't watch videos, log into my accounts to pay my bills, and I can barely check ...
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  • How do I save a voicemail message?

    How do I save a voicemail message?  Or their voicemail greeting?  My husband died recently and I want to save the sound of his voice.  Sadly this is the only recording I have of him.
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  • Signal Strength, Dropped Calls, Texts and Calls that Won't even go Thru.

    I have been with Verizon Wireless since it was Cingular and/or Air Touch! I have always thought the prices were high but the service was so superior it was worth it! Now I feel like I am paying for a phone that works ...
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  • One agent said $800 to terminate and another said $1521.44 ?

    I have been a 5-line Verizon customer since our first cell phones in 2002.   Verizon knows this and is soaking us with very high bills ($500-$700+ per month)  and now super high termination fees. &...
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  • Unable to bring phone number from a previous provider

    I was told that my number could not be brought to Verizon as Verizon does not have a "licence" to have the number in the system. Does anyone know what license this is and where can I read how providers are granted the...
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  • Poor customer service for a flawed device

    Worst phone ever.  On my second replacement soon to be third.   The latest issue is one I have read here.   People cannot hear me but I can hear them.  If I push the mute button twice it ...
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  • Scam on the promotion for the s6 edge

    The web site showed I qualified for the promotion now after I got the new phones they tell me I don't qualify what up Verizon.
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  • Does network extender assign dynamic IP addresses?

    Hi, I'm using the network extender in my office at work and the IT Dept says the extender is subnetting the network (functioning as a router, I assume) and utilizing DHCP to assign IP addresses which is confusing our ...
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  • I was wondering if my phone had warrenty

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  • Usage detail

    I can't find my minutes detail!
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  • Why haven't you updated the Sony Xperia v2 tablet to Android 4.4.4?

    The update for the Sony tablet has been out since late October early November but my tablet still cant receive the update via your  update service! Why?
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  • Droid Turbo alert sounds issue

    I silence it "indefinitely" but alerts always come back on at 6am. How do I get it to be silent until I change it back to wanting alerts???
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  • Picture messages

    I can't send or receive picture messages in text messaging
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  • I don't think I can connect to wifi with my iPhone 5 - help?

    I heard that I can tell if my iPhone 5 is connected to wifi by seeing a wifi icon in the upper left corner of the display. I don't see that icon. Looking in Wi-Fi Settings, it looks like I'm connected because the wire...
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  • Picture text

    I am not able to send or receive picture texts
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  • Can't view my usage details

    I can't view my usage details by line? What happened to it? I can only see total details. I can usually monitor all texts and calls on my sons phone now it has disappeared????
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  • good working condition

    So I am just trying to get clarification. I am thinking about upgrading my phone using early Edge. I meet all the requirements but iot says I have to return my old phone in good working order. My phone works fine but ...
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