• mobile broadband manager program disappears

    For no reason the Verizon Mobile Broadband Manager program disappears after it has been loaded for a while. However my computer remains connected to the internet.   When I double click on my desktop icon nothing...
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  • Family Base Issues.. FRUSTRATED

    I added Family Base to my cell plan last week in an attempt to control my daughter's out of control data usage.  I set everything up (with my husband and I as parents, her as a child and blocking her data after 5...
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  • Unlimited Data

    Is it true that if you are on an unlimited data plan still and purchase a new phone at full retail that Verizon won't activate it unless you switch to a current plan that does not offer unlimited data?
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  • How do I download photos from Android to computer?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I want to download photos from Verizon Cloud to my MacBook Pro.  I also want to transfer photos directly from my MacBook to the Galaxy. Everything seems to be so difficult using the...
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  • HtC one m8 not downloading all mms and group texts and not receiving some texts from iphones

    I Have used handcent for my texts for years. I switched over to Verizon almost a year ago, switching to an m8 from an m7. In the last month or so, I've been having some iphone texts not being received on my end. I swi...
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  • how can i reset my sim pin?

    how can i reset my sim card pin number?
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  • Why can't I use my Verizon Smart Rewards points to purchase 1 GB of free data like your ad states.

    Why can't I use my VZW smart rewards points to get 1GB of free data like the promo states.
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  • if i purchase a new phone, will i be able to retrieve any google play products that i bought on my current phone?

    Hello Im looking into trying to purchase a new android phone, hopefully in the near future, with my current prepaid plan that I have had for almost a year now, but I am worried about losing all of the books, music, mo...
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  • My Phone Thinks it's January 1st, 1970. How Do I Bring it Back to the Future?

    I've never actually seen that movie, I'm sorry if I don't understand any references.   Okay! So, here's the run-down. I have an LG Lucid 2. I am in England right now studying abroad for the year, and I have susp...
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  • S5 - Green line appearing in some photos?

    Verizon replaced my first S5 for a small green line appearing in some photos. My replacement arrived, and I'm having the exact same problem. See the link for an example. Can''t figure this one out! Seems to happen abo...
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  • Why can't I access mobile web on my phone?

    I am on the $35 monthly prepaid plan and am supposed to have 500 minutes talk, and unlimited text, and mobile web. I put my refill card on the day before my payment was due, like usual, and I can access the main VZW h...
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  • Slow speeds on Jetpack

    I have a jetpack 5510L.  For some reason today has been a day when no matter what I want to view the pages are taking forever to load.  I have had this device for a few months and it has not been this bad.&n...
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  • Early termination of one line

    I have a family plan with four phone lines. I need to terminate one line (daughter) that is eating up and exceeding all the data usage.  My question is, what is the ETF for one line, while keeping the other three...
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  • is there an external antena compatablewith router with voice.  i no longer  have a landline telephone only cell

    i live on the fringe of a 3 and 4 g area I have a router with voice although I now longer have the land line.  I have many dropped calls and lose internet often.  is there an antenna that I can use to get a ...
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  • Galaxy S5: Volume keeps turning up and down at will

    So, for the last 2 weeks, my phone keep adjusting it's volume to whatever it wants. It doesn't matter what I set the volume at. Before this, I would always have everything muted except for ring tone then all sounds up...
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  • How did the number I was on the phone with call me?

    I was talking on the phone.  Halfway through our conversation I got a beep that I was receiving a call.  Well after we hung up I saw that the number that had been calling was the same number I was already on...
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  • Two missed calls yet only one showed up in the call log.

    I was on the phone with my husband.  Whilst being on the phone I received a beep that I was receiving a call but didn't look to see who it was.  After getting off the phone it said I had two missed calls.&nb...
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  • Backup Assistant website

    How do you get into the Backup Assistant website.  Seems to not work?  
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  • how can I recover incoming caller id I accidentally cleared on my LG G4?

    New Verizon and LG G4 user. Accidentally "cleared" caller id of an incoming call while on another call?
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  • how do i acces my voice mail on a samsung galaxy s5?

    how do I access my voicemail on a Samsung galaxy s5?
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