• Battery life

    For me it appears that the battery life is mostly normal when the phone is dormant but when i am actually using it, the battery goes down like the gas gauge on my motorhome.  This could be because now the entire ...
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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 dropping calls!

    I am so frustrated after getting this phone. I travel the same route every day and this state of the art,  top of the line phone does not perform as well as prior phones with regard to its connectivity. My caller...
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  • iCloud contacts

    i backed up my iPhone 6 and now I have duplicates of my contacts how do I get rid of them short of deleting each one individually?
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  • Why is there a separate charge for Corporate email when I pay for a specific amount of data?  Why does Verizon care how I use the data I paid for?

    My company uses Good Mobile for corporate email.  Can someone please tell me why Verizon charges $15 dollars a month for the privilege to use this service?  Verizon does not pay licensing fees for this softw...
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  • I'm accruing data usage when I'm connected to wifi

    I'm positive that Verizon is committing Fraud.   10 days ago my husband and I switched from Sprint to Verizon and got new Galaxy S5 phones.  While with Sprint, my husband used about 1.5GB of data a month an...
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  • swipe lock disappeared

    I was using swipe lock. Then changed to pin.  Wanted to go back to swipe lock and get error which says: turned off by admin, encryption policy or credential  storage.  How do I turn it back on?  I ...
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  • connecting to verizon cloud

    ok.....I have a Pantech Caper Prepaid TXT8035 phone........just downloaded and installed the Verizon Cloud app on my computer so that I can download/upload pics off my phone to my computer.........I signed in, selecte...
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  • Activation trouble please help

    I activated my phone and was given a number but when the phone activated it gave me a different number  I called verizon and they told me that my original carrier was not verizon and to contact the apple store af...
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  • Verizon Cloud or phone cloud is there a difference

    Does this ring any bells with anyone.  I'm trying to find exactly where my contacts list goes.   Thank You in advance
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  • Dropped calls with the Galaxy S6? My S4 had no problems but my S6 shows weak signal and drops calls frequently!

    Is anyone else having a major problem with dropped calls with the Galaxy S6? My S4 had no problems but my S6 shows weak signal and drops calls frequently!
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  • Verizon Cloud

    I lost access to my Verizon Cloud when I ported one of my phone numbers to a landline.  When I try logging in with that phone number it says phone number not found.  Verizon telling me my cloud contents gone...
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  • fix for incompatible charger notice, I am using original charger and cable

    How are we supposed to fix the incompatible charger issue on Elli 8's?
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  • Discussed customer

    My husband and I have been Verizon customers for over 10 yrs. we have 4 phone lines 2 of which we do not use anymore and we have a jet pack which is useless in our house cause our service sucks. My husband and I both ...
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  • droid ultra

    I can't send or receive a picture. I can a regular text but a pic message just says it can't download
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  • were can i get my online album pix back ???

    Were can i get my online album pix back ???
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  • YotaPhone 2

    Any chance that Verizon will offer the YotaPhone 2 when it become available next fall? The dual screen is one of the most innovative features I've seen in a long time. I would love to have that phone!
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  • Very spotty service along Route 30 corridor from Villanova to Philadelphia

    We're getting very spotty service all along the Route 30 corridor, at least from Villanova, PA to Philadelphia.  Sometimes drops to no Gs and single bar.  This is a problem on 1) our personal cell phones and...
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  • Advanced calling 1.0

    FREE VZW MSG: You recently enabled LTE for Voice/Data & now have Advanced Calling 1.0. Please visit www.vzw.com/AC1.0/iPhone6 to learn more about the service. Does this charge/use extra data unable to locate in li...
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  • can't remember password?

    How do I recover password?
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  • Dropping Voice Call on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note II in Benton, LA 71006 area,

    For the Past year, my wife's S3 drops calls frequently. I bought and installed an Extender from Verizon several years back and it doesn't seem to help. The Data side has gotten much slower but the biggest issue is th...
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