• screwed out of my phone on edge don't take the plan

    Upgraded my phone the store boxed it and put the sticker on It for me. I dropped it off next day at ****** USPS  why didn't I use FEDEX so I could track now I got a bill with an extra 400 dollars said the never r...
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  • Delete exchange email after upgrade

    After recent update 21.44.12, I can't delete an Exchange email account on the Droid Turbo.  Is anyone else having this issue or can tell me what to do?  I've tried pressing and holding on the account I wante...
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  • HELP needed with edge PLEASE?

    I am so confused how the edge program works and I really need some help on what to do. I've been a verizon customer for about 10 years and I'm on a single line "loyalty" plan and have been paying about $100 a month ($...
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  • if i need to buy a new phone can I buy a Sprint one and activate it with Verizon?

    I shattered my phone in Sept of last year and ive had no luck getting it fixed. I dont have enough money to buy a brand new phone from the Verizon store so if i find a cheaper one on Amazon from Sprint will i still be...
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  • Forget PCs. The Real Bloatware Problem Is on Android

    In 2015, PCs are now a bit of a sideline skirmish. The most important front right now is Android. On phones running Google’s mobile operating system, the forces of bloatware are winning.   Forget PCs. The ...
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  • Software Update Drains Battery

    I just received my software update last night for my Samsung Galaxy S5. In the past I can go through my day without having to plug it into the charger until I get home at night. My battery died within hours after I un...
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  • More Everything for Small Business

    Our small business wants to upgrade to the More Everything for Small Business plan. We currently have two consumer more everything accounts. Some of our techs have a jetpack and a regular phone. We want to upgrade the...
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  • Can I locate my kids' phones?

    I previously used Family Locator with our old plan and the kids' dumbphones. Now that we've upgraded phones and the plan, I don't see a locator with Family Base. Am I missing something?   Thanks.
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  • bill problem with repair/replacement

    I recently added a sixth line WITH insurance to my two accounts (3each) for my son who turned 12. Six months after activating phone we had a problem with phone not charging at all. I went by the Verizon main store in ...
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  • Moto X 2nd 2014 error after lollipop update

    I've got moto x xt1096, and faced with terrible bug after update to 5.0. Time to time on day faced with crash and restart of stock launcher with error "unfortunatelly google search (or app) has stopped" I made a top...
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  • Charged for a returned phone.

    Before deciding to post this, I read many posts from other Verizon customers in similar situations. Before I go ahead and proceed further with an option on how to move forward, I am hoping to get more insight and advi...
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  • backing up my contacts with my LG Optimus zone 2

    How may I backup my contacts with my LG Optimus zone 2? Stayed on the phone with Verizon for over an hour and they could not help me. When I sign into Backup Assistant Plus it does not recognize my number or "applicat...
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  • I deleted the contents on my cloud and it still says that I have no storage left. Does it not give back storage when you delete content?

    I deleted the contents on my cloud and it still says that I have no storage left. Does it not give back storage when you delete content?
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  • automatic emoji?

    I'm a fan of everything on my new galaxy S5 except the automatic emoji that shows up when I try to type : and )  I like the ios emojis but not the automatic ones that show up. I turned off smart emoji but it seem...
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  • Why do some of my apps flash (or redraw) after I unlock my screen?

    When I unlock my screen after not using my phone for a bit, some of the apps and widgets will flash (or redraw).  I've heard it's LG's launcher, but I feel this should not be happening on such a nice phone. ...
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  • Does the Note 4 have better signal strength than the Note 3?

    I have a note 3 that continually drops calls and bounces from 4 bars to 1 bar over the course of time with the phone being stationary.  I believe my problems started with the last software update (as documented i...
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  • Why does Verizon Penalize Long-time Customers?

    I started out as a Alltel customer in 2004 and became Verizon during the merger.  I had a pretty nice plan at 500mins with unlimited text and data.  When Verizon started their More Everything Plans, they sta...
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  • dropped calls

    For the past 4 years my phone randomly drops calls at my home.  I've had both an an iPhone and the galaxy s4 and they both drop the calls. My wife has the same phone and service as I do and it has never dropped a...
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  • droid maxx keeps shutting down and restarting 2-3 times a day.

    My droid maxx is a few months old and after last update it keeps shutting down 2-3 times a day and restarting each time. annoying at most...
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  • message access profile

    Since verizon did 4.4.2 kit Kat upgrade, I have been having issues with the bluetooth message access profile.  When I connect to bluetooth in my 2014 vehicle, I am not able to receive texts through bluetooth.&nbs...
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