• Recording

    How do I get the recording"the time allowed for this call is unlimited" I want it off here
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  • Problems paying videos

    Why can I play any videos
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  • HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    Where can I go to find out if I have any bridge data on reserve??!!!!
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  • My phone is not connecting to computer usb

    My HTC One is not recognized when I connect via USB
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  • software download complete message

    I have a box at the lower right of my computer that says: Software download complete. Install Now Install Later. I'm not about to download something like that. I googled it and someone said is was a Verizon message i...
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  • Return of old phone with verizon edge

    When I purchased my new phone I was not asked for my old phone. Got a bill charging me an additional $350. Many many phone calls later and I finally get them to send me a shipping label. When I asked how they will kno...
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  • My Nightmare with Verizon Fraud Customer Service

    Apparently about a year ago someone used my social security number and address to open a Verizon Wireless account. I subsequently received a notice from Verizon saying the account was past due and a bill for $500. I a...
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    I am still having major issues with my Turbo...powering down, dropping calls, not having service...I have hard reset, factory reset, new SIM Card...I am at the end of my rope...please help
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  • why will my wifi connect at home but not at work?  only happened now that i downloaded lollipop

    ever since I downloaded lollipop my wifi wont connect at work but works fine at home.  at home it connects right away but at work on a public no password network it wont connect.  it sees the network but is ...
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  • Unread emails not deleting.

    Ever since the update I'll delete an unread message in my inbox and when I try to delete it in trash folder it will not delete. It'll go to the unread folder and when I swipe to delete or put a check on it and hit tra...
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  • screwed out of my phone on edge don't take the plan

    Upgraded my phone the store boxed it and put the sticker on It for me. I dropped it off next day at ****** USPS  why didn't I use FEDEX so I could track now I got a bill with an extra 400 dollars said the never r...
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  • music

    Are there any free music apps for galaxy 4? Just got mine, not so happy so far. Help?? this is all new to me. thanks
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  • Fees

    Is it me or does it seem like I am paying Verizon more than my fair share of taxes I look down at the bottom of my bill and there is an explanation of charges and I quote for one charge "Verizon Wireless surcharges-...
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  • Lost ipad - Need to cancel recurring data plan

    Surely there is a way to cancel the dataplan that is automatically charged to my debit card each month? ?? I no longer have the Ipad so I cannot cancel the plan using Settings, and I don't know what the device number ...
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  • Tried to activate fingerprint swipe on my samsung galaxy s5 and locked myself out. Help!

    Can someone tell me how to get back into my phone after I apparently locked myself out?
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  • How can I add ring tones to my iPhone?

    How can I add ring tones to my iPhone? I just got an iPhone 5c and I am clueless about these things.
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  • Txt msgs Doubling

    Ever since I got my I-Phone, I have always received text messages twice.  Every message I receive comes through 2x.  I have kept track and I get dinged to receive a text of the same message which is a techni...
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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update Problems

    I just updated my Samsung S5 to Lollipop 5.0 two days ago. Now the heart rate monitor light comes on anytime the screen is on and something is near it or it is sitting face up on the desk. The WiFi also is constantly ...
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  • WiFi connections.

    My phone will not connect to any WiFi. It is not my router. My husband has the same phone and it is fine. When I go to 'settings' I either do not see my router name, or it will be there and say 'not in range'. Or it i...
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  • When will the Note 4 update be released

    When will the Note 4 get the update ?
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