• G'zone software update

    While trying to update the software. "We were not able to download this update" is displayed on my phone. Any help?
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  • ESH Tech Protect

    This charge keeps hitting my credit card. Supposedly insurance for my phone. Asurion is on my Verizon bill. (Another insurance) Why am I being charged twice. I want the direct credit card charge to stop! I've canceled...
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  • My verazon

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  • why does Jetpack™ MiFi® 6620L shutdown after full charge ?  In the settings I have already set to never shutdown although 0 devices are connected. Please help

    why does Jetpack™ MiFi® 6620L shutdown after full charge ?  In the settings I have already set to never shutdown although 0 devices are connected. Please help
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  • Used Note 4 with no signal

    I bought a used Verizon Note 4. To cut to the chase here-I've checked and it's not blacklisted (not stolen nor is there a balance owed on it.) Verizon tells me it's unlocked but I can't get ANY  network signal-ev...
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  • My phone is not receiving calls and texts

    MY phone is not receiving phone calls and texts while I am at work. I am one of four people with Verizon Wireless at work and we all have the same problem.  Verizon needs to fix it!
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  • I am going to Cabo Mexico for a week--what kind of international plan do I need?

    I am going to Cabo Mexico for a week--what kind of international plan do I need for Iphone 6
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  • Verizon Navigator and Blue tooth

    Why doesn't the voice in navigator work in my 2014 F150 work when blue tooth is also on?
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  • Email stopped syncing as normally does.

    My email has stopped syncing with my phone.  It used to update about every 10 minutes or so, but as of late, it seems to update a couple times a day.  Even when it does update, it isn't real time.  It s...
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  • format changed online no longer see actual detail of minutes and texts

    This changed suddenly late on September 2 the look on line when you go to view usage detail nothing comes up when you hit minutes or messages like it has- detail of incoming outgoing calls and duration of each is not ...
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  • Backup Assistant Plus not working properly after update I545VRUGOF1

    After software update I545VRUGOF1, on Aug 21, 2015 back up assistant plus is no longer working for my contacts.  I was able to verify online the contacts are still there, but the Sync process is no longer working...
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  • FIX NEEDED AGAIN WiFi/Bluetooth LE Connectivity Issue Back-LG G3

    Just a couple of weeks ago, I received an update on my phone that significant issues with the phone's performance. Bluetooth LE devices could not be connected with the office if a Bluetooth full power device was, when...
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  • Help changing iCloud settings

    We recently added a line for my daughter. For some reason, all of her calls show in my call log, and vice versa. Any way to turn this off? I've looked everywhere throughout the settings that I can think of. TIA
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  • One agent said $800 to terminate and another said $1521.44 ?

    I have been a 5-line Verizon customer since our first cell phones in 2002.   Verizon knows this and is soaking us with very high bills ($500-$700+ per month)  and now super high termination fees. &...
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  • Contacts have disappeared from my phone, and I can't sync with the cloud to retrieve them. How do I get them back and keep this from happening again?

    Tried to send text message yesterday and all could see were phone numbers next to them. No names appeared, and when I went to my contacts I only had 15.....there should be at least 100. Found them on the cloud and put...
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  • My Verizon

    So I had the 3gb plan and that wasn't big enough for me and my life style so I went onto the my verizon app and changed my plan to a larger one. But instead of giving me the amount of memory I paid for it gave me .78m...
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  • Poor service along Fairmount Line, Boston

    Data service is marginal along the fairmount line, and there is no data service at all in the vacinity of the Morton St. commuter rail stop. Any plans to improve service in this area?
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  • Data issues....

    I have the medium plan (3gig) why does it say I'm only allowed 1.742gb when I pay for 3!? Does everyone's say this? Help!
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  • Email account verification needed for new SIM card.

    When I tried to check emails on my LG G3, I got a message telling me that "Email account verification needed for new SIM card." The message gave me a choice to either "skip" it or proceed with verification by selectin...
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  • How can i boost my signal for free so.I don't drop calls?

    I hate my samsung galaxy s6. I had a Motorola razor before good signal and no dropped calls. This phone has no signal for calls and drops calls always if they even connect. I have not mved. What is the problem?
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