• Cancel service

    I bought 2 lg3 phones SAME day, lots of issues with ring/vibrate. One phone was able to upgrade, other still has 16 months till elidgable. So I am terminating that line to go to T-Mobile, what is penalty to terminate ...
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  • What is this http://vault.myvzw.com/webcs/app/share/invite/HJG9LJJ4He?

    I keep seeing references to a verizon "vault" most recently in this url http://vault.myvzw.com/webcs/app/share/invite/HJG9LJJ4He. I can't find any information on this at all. Does anyone know what it is, what it does,...
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  • My phone stopped working but I have a different phone to use how can I use the other phone with my same number and plan?

    I think my CPU in my phone over-heated and fried. I'm currently unemployed so I have no way to pay for a replacement or a new phone but my friend gave me a different verizon phone to use until I can get a job and get ...
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  • Not getting emails on Galaxy S4. Playstore not connected. What could be the problem?

    Not getting emails on Galaxy S4. Playstore not connected. What could be the problem?
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  • Where is the Note Edge Lollipop Update???

    Every time I research the whereabouts of the update, I get the "well we don't know" answer. It seems like I am not the only Verizon customer annoyed by this. Every other carrier has this update already implemented. Ve...
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  • Tomorrow For Droid Turbo Owner is your Day..

    It says on Droid Life Tomorrow is the Day that Turbo Gets it's 5.1 but I will Caution this as in the Past when Updates are sent out it's Done in Phases   So if it Does Release out.!   Some may Get it a...
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  • Droid Turbo

    I got a Droid Turbo yesterday and I have been trying to power the phone off but charge it at the same time. This phone will not power off as long as the cord is plugged in. Is there a way to fix this? My phone isn't c...
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  • Closing an account of a deceased customer

    My father passed away and I need to return his phone and close his account. I'm thinking the best way is to visit a store or call. Any one else ever deal with this? Suggestions?
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  • software download complete message

    I have a box at the lower right of my computer that says: Software download complete. Install Now Install Later. I'm not about to download something like that. I googled it and someone said is was a Verizon message i...
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  • So I accidentally deleted a whole text conversation from my phone. Is there any way Verizon can get my messages back to me?

    Verizon is my carrier and I have an iPhone 6.
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  • "Manage Data Alerts" does not work and I'm getting the run around.

    I am livid.  I have three lines on my account.  Two has unlimited data and the third has 2gb.  I have data alerts turned on for the 2gb data line and has yet to receive any alerts.  I have contacte...
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  • I want my old OS

    I know that a lot if people have posted on here but I'm frustrated, I had amazing battery life, no lag, no frustration. I loved this phone. Now lollipop has made me hate it. It drains my battery, it lags, even trying ...
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  • Ridiculous bills

    I have been dealing with Verizon for over 2 months on phones I have sent back and one I totally returned the very next day after I received it and still can't get the credit into my account that I was told numerous ti...
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  • Phone Insurance/Protection

    If I buy a brand new phone from a third party, will Assurion cover it?
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  • Verizon Samsung network extender

    I have a Verizon Wireless network extender for cell phone signal. It keeps losing the signal to my phone. When it connects I get all 5 bars. Without it I barley get 1 in my house. Issue is my phone keeps losing the ex...
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  • bill payment installment plan

    How to create a installment plan to pay a large bill?
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  • Verizon Cloud file management

    if i delete or organize files from verizon cloud does it reflect back on my phone (pictures deleted or folders/albums created)
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  • Why can't Verizon Wireless Warehouse log in Returned Phones?

    We traded in our Iphone 5's for Iphone 6 Plus's Edge.  They gave us a USPS return label and boxes for each.  We returned each phone in each box and they were received by the Warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas on...
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  • Bluetooth disconnects randomly

    We have two Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX (one is an HD).  We use our phones with Bluetooth ear pieces every night 2 - 2.5 hours each night.  Recently, past month or so, when using the our phones with Bluetooth d...
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  • International APN issue

    I travel overseas a lot and have had success using local Sim cards for voice calls. I'm having trouble with data. I don't seem able to add a different APN, it looks like that feature is locked on my Verizon S5 and not...
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