• LG3 call is muffled

    I switched to Verizon last year and bought 2 of the LG3 phone(on same day), with both phones no one was able to hear us. The mics are not blocked! Checked forum then tried disabling google anywhere with no success, W...
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  •   I don't have an sd card and I have to pay for texting and I have 59 pictures

      I don't have an sd card and I have to pay for texting and I have 59 pictures  
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    So this is my issue and would like help. I got my fiance a note 4 and we got it for really one major feature and that's the Advanced Calling 1.0 HD Voice ( VoLTE ) since she had to go to florida to help out a sick fri...
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  • Horrible Coverage in Santa Clara, CA

    I live in a location which is marked with 4G LTE coverage in the all mighty verizon coverage maps. However, I cannot even get stable voice calls inside my home. Also even around my home. And guess what? All the othe...
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  • LG G3 ISSUES FIXED.....!!!!!

    I have had nothing but issues with my LG G3 ever since the update for the Advanced Calling 1.0-VoLTE (HD Voice) came out and i installed it. I am not sure if that is what has been causing all my issues with my phone, ...
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  • Can I use the prepaid Mote E on my postpaid Verizon account?

    I am confused about Verizon's device locking policy. Device Unlocking Policy | Verizon Wireless It says that the LTE prepaid devices are not locked and do not need a password. So could I buy this Moto E Moto E Prepaid...
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  • Gross Negligence And Fraud

    I was persuaded to purchased new phones, that came with gifts that were apparently free.   I was told by the associate that my bill would NOT be affected by the change.   I was told that all my account loyal...
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  • Protect my privacy.

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to prevent my ex wife from checking my text messages as she is under a restraining order. She managed to get in my account and use Verizon Messaging to check my messages. I unsubscribed b...
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  • Pre-Order to Edge Up

    I have a device under the old 24 month/50% Edge plan.  I am due to hit the 50% mark in early May.  I would like to pre-order the Galaxy S6, which is due on April 10th on the Edge Up program.  I understa...
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  • What colors will the s6 come in? Looking for the blue

    I am going to preorder the s6 but i'm wondering what colors it is going to come in. I am looking to get the blue that is available for the regular s6
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  • Edge returns versus warranty returns

    This excludes any Asurion claims from accidental damages.   I see a lot of Edge program phone trade-ins and returns that never get properly received or credited resulting in charges.  I don't see a lot of t...
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  • Galaxy S6 Preorder

    Why is it that Verizon is the only major carrier that is not allowing pre-ordering of the Galaxy S6. I have waited since my upgrade date for this phone and would like to go ahead and preorder. I went to the Best Buy s...
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  • Data Usage Accounting

    So Verizon sends me a text saying I've used 75% of my data, I've never used that much data in 5 years. I check my phone and My Verizon on line and both show 33% used which should be just about right. Who's right and h...
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  • how do I change my yahoo email password?

    Hello I need to change my yahoo password. I have tried to do a recovery password reset. And your darn code is impossible I entered the  combo of numbers  and or letters and the stupid thing goes back and wan...
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  • Why are my ANDRIODS using DATA in the middle of the night when noone is on them?

    I want to scream. I traded in my Apple phones for Android phones and the main reason was because the Apple phones were running during the night and losing WIFI connection. Well guess what? the Androids are doing it to...
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  • downliads

    how can I repair my download installation of apps on a samsung galaxy 5
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  • Why won't Family Locator find a precise location with iPhone 5S? I set it up and it says it can only provide an area location.

    Why won't Family Locator find a precise location with iPhone 5S? I set it up and it says it can only provide an area location.
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  • Brand new iPhone 6 - unknown email showing for iTunes sign in

    I just bought a new iPhone 6 from a Verizon store and they helped me set it all up. I had to sign into my Apple ID password a couple of times for them. Then I brought it home and went to download all my apps like they...
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  • Worst customer service EVER!

    Back In february I had growe tired of the poor performing droimaxx I had warrentied onceore, and decided to try an IPhone 6.  So on Feb. 5 2015 I go into a verizon retailer and make the switch.  I then head ...
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  • turbo sucks data

    Last phone was droid RAZR max and recently traded it for Turbo... Loved it until I started getting data useage alerts and had to roll to 20gb... Had 15gb with 4 RAZR',s sharing always used under 12 GB  Now 4 turb...
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