• Droid x2 phone dial pad does not respond to touch on call

    When on a call and asked to input numbers even to get to voicemail phone freezes and will not accept certain numbers like 1 (but it may take an 8) or screen goes black or both. Cannot get my voicemail from this phone....
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  • Activation trouble please help

    I activated my phone and was given a number but when the phone activated it gave me a different number  I called verizon and they told me that my original carrier was not verizon and to contact the apple store af...
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  • IPad has stopped using Cellular data

    Had IPad for 18 months. Never an issue with Cellular data.  Two weeks ago, IPad still shows strong Cell strength, and data statistics shows that data is consumed, but unable to use any application on IPad when re...
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  • no service

    This morning my phone said "no service". I was able to get on wifi but could not call or text. I restarted my phone. Then it "required activation". I attempted to reactivate via ITunes. Now phone says unable to activa...
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  • My full name shows up on post in this forum

    I have read the legacy info on this subject, but do not understand it. On my profile, I have chosen a screen name. But when I look at my post, my real full name is posted. Can I prevent this or not? The settings are c...
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  • New forum format

    Sorry, I don't mean to be critical but the previous format was easier to use. If I was following a particular thread it would take just one click to see the RECENT posts. This format lists the very first post and all ...
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  • Turning things around?

    I haven't had to call into Verizon in quite some time; I'm one that prefers the chat session method. However because of what I needed done I had to call in.   It was one of the best service calls I've ever had!...
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  • Is iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 plus unlocked for use in the Philiippines?

    Hello, is the Verizon iPhone 5s unlocked for use in the Philippines if I buy a local SIM card?  How about an iPhone 6 plus?  Thanks!
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  • Weak Verizon Signal from IPhone 6 at home

    Hi, I am having problems with a weak Verizon signal in my home. Only 1-2 bubbles, when I go on the internet - and cannot open a webpage - it tells me there is a network error. I checked my wifi connection and it's exc...
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  • Visual Voice Mail

    How can I remove the visual voicemail indicator from appearing after I delete my regular voicemails? I don't subscribe to visual voicemail and I don't want to hit "clear all" from my front screen.   Thank you.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 dropping calls!

    I am so frustrated after getting this phone. I travel the same route every day and this state of the art,  top of the line phone does not perform as well as prior phones with regard to its connectivity. My caller...
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  • My Turbo resent random past text messages all at once...anyone else have this problem?

    My Turbo resent random past text messages all at once...anyone else have this problem?
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  • how do i find out my activation date?

    i need to know the date i activated my phone. i want to switch carriers, but because its a prepaid it wont be unlocked til a year from activation.
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  • iCloud contacts

    i backed up my iPhone 6 and now I have duplicates of my contacts how do I get rid of them short of deleting each one individually?
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  • Mission - Avid Searcher

    How can I complete the community mission for Avid Searcher?   The description reads as "Look up your first item in the search bar".   I wonder what does the community mean by "look up" as well as which sea...
    John Getzke
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  • How do I disable auto emojis when I text using Verizon Messages ?

    I have already updated the Messaging+ app and unchecked the auto-emoji option, but whenever I send or receive ":)" it comes back as an emoji. Can anyone assist me with this?
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  • Who is happy

    So who is happy with the lollipop upgrade? I have not done it myself, all the negative post have kept me from doing it!
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  • Can only talk on speaker!!  Help!

    When I make a call or someone calls me I can only talk on speaker.  Bluetooth is turned off, I have no ear piece attached.  I have tried restarting, taking out battery and sim card.  The phone is only 6...
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  • Kudos to Amy for great customer service

    Just wanted Verizon to know what a great job Amy [removed], in your Arizona office did for me yesterday. She was the best customer rep I have ever talked to. She answered all my questions, she was very sincere and hel...
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  • How do I use rewards points to increase my data amount?

    A while back, I noticed that I could use rewards points to increase my data allotment by 1 gig.  I'm running short on available data this month. Ugh.
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