• iPhone5s phone app isn't working.

    Whomever I call can receive the call but can't hear anything on the line.   I can also receive calls but cannot hear anything on the line.   I've used Google Hangouts so I know the hardware is functioning....
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  • Help!!! - Phone suspended - Travelling in Europe

    I just got an iPhone 6S Plus prior to a trip to Europe.  I'm on the 12GB Verizon Plan with TravelPass.  When I landed in Amsterdam, I was able to call my wife to let her know I had arrived, as well as my loc...
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  • ******

    I switched in January to verizon from sprint. Love the service worth every penny in my opinion.  However, I paid my first bill the day before it was due. On my phone with my debit card through the app. For 7 days...
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  • Consistently Awful signal quality in 92627.  Will Verizon EVER upgrade service to level they claim?

    I live in a flat, suburban neighborhood that Verizon claims is solidly in the middle of a huge 4G zone.  However, I almost _never_ get 4G... and when I do, it's only for a few minutes (or seconds) and usually in ...
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  • Overly Annoyed!

    Okay, sorry if this is long but I am completely annoyed, fed up.   My wife and I switched from AT&T to Verizon in June 2014 and got 3 iPhones and a home line.  Pretty good deal I thought so we went wit...
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  • Very deceptive and unwilling to negotiate the amount of lines on my account!

    I am desperately hoping that someone at Verizon Customer Service with a conscious and sympathetic heart reads & acts on this. First, Father's Day weekend 2015 while at the Verizon Corporate store in Dickson City, ...
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  • Changing Sim cards between phones?

    Bought Verizon Android prepaid phone couple of days ago and activated to test drive Verizon in rural area. Taking phone back but network is good so considering permanent move. At Walmart I found Verizon branded Lumia...
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  • How to keep my GB low

    Is there any help out there as to tell me how to keep my GB low? I only get 2GB every month and if I exceed those GB I get charged a hefty amount is sucks any help out there? vzw-admin
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  • When calling, no sound through handset or speaker, but Bluetooth headset works fine.

    Looking for help - I have a Galaxy S5. When I dial or receive calls, I can no longer hear anything through the handset or speaker; but my Bluetooth headset works fine. Turning off the headset, turning off Bluetooth, o...
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  • How to remove Verizon Software Update Assistant on Mac

    I had a Samsung G4 and in the course of using it I installed on my Macbook Pro the program: Verizon Software Update Assistant.   I no longer have this phone so I want to delete the software. I deleted all the fi...
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  • Screen is dark. Spider web cracks. Need to replace srceen and LCD. So far estimate is $190 to replace.  Has anyone replaced theirs for less?

    Has anyone replaced the screen and LCD on their Galaxy S5 for less than $190?
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  • Advanced calling

    You wife and I have advanced calling. I can send her a video call, but she can't send me one. The camera icon doesn't light up and says I can't recieve video calls at this time. She has tried refreshing my contact pag...
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  • Data overage

    I use wifi all day long from my day job then at church wifi and even at home wifi. But it tells me I am almost going over my data. I should change to t-mobile with unlimited like all my 42 other friends that changed.
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  • How do I file a complaint about customer service?

    The Verizon Wireless website is very hard to figure out how to file a complaint. I have been receiving very poor customer service as I try to upgrade two of my lines. First, two representatives (one in the Pasadena co...
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  • motorola droid turbo 2 font

    How do you change the font on the Droid Turbo 2?
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  • Data is not available at this time.

    I used a prepaid data card on my new Ellipsis Jetpack. Still not able to.connect to my smart tv. Data shows on my account. I tried resetting the jetpack and still no change. WiFi is not working please help.
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  • try to install my corporate email and get a prompt to install a certificate

    tried to follow directions on line but I keep getting a message that there is no certificate.  what do I do?
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  • Contact disappear

    Tried to delete duplicate contacts says hidden , where are they hidden. Some disappear from list
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  • $30 for 1Gb?, $30 for 1Gb?

    IIsn't $30 for 1Gb shared a little too steep?  Not competitive.
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  • my iphone has been completely erased, how can i get the factory settings back?

    I have erased my iPhone completely and need to get the factory settings back on it so I can sell it,
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