• Droid mini pictures are to big when e-mailed. Can you change the pixels?

    how can this be changed/
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  • Galaxy S4 junk

    Now this phone restarts it's self when ever it wants. Having problems turning it on and off .and it still won't except SD card fourth phone in 25 days. PEACE OF CRAP
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  • lost message

    can i Un-delete a message I received?
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  • grandfather unlimited

    I have unlimited data with verizon. I am badly due for a new phone, but I do not want to spend the non-contract price for a device. Is there anyway verizon will allow me to buy a phone at the two year contract price w...
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  • Can i put my verizon wireless number on another verizon phone?

    Hi, does anybody know if I can put my services on a different Verizon phone? My girlfriend has her "old" htc bolt that she no longer uses because she got an upgrade last summer.. this phone was used on her Verizon pla...
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  • Photos not storing to phone.

    I love taking pics with my G2 but I have been paying more attention since not all the photos are going to my gallery.   I use quickpic and sometimes the stock folder.  Again a random problem but since I...
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  • Please reply if you are experiencing Droid DNA SIM card errors

    Please reply if you have a Droid DNA and are experiencing SIM card errors. 1) Have had it more once every couple of months. 2) Occurs more than once per week. 3) More than once a day.   If you aren't exper...
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  • Not all of my texts are going through.

    I seems to be a random issue sent my wife messages last night and one she didn't.  Went back through the logs and there were more to other people after I started asking them.
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  • Is verizon making money off of robo calls??

    I have been getting a ton of robocalls. I asked Verizon what they are doing about it and they said nothing. I can only block 5 numbers unless I purchase a special package from them allowing me to block more. What a jo...
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  • If I ad another line to my account, will this change my contract date?

    If I add another line to my account, will this change my contract date?
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  • I live in the 49740 zip code area, about one half mile from a tower that has been updated to 4G LTE.  For the last month I have been experiencing poor service.  What can Verizon do to improve my service to a more acceptable level?

    Service was very good up until a month ago, and has been very poor since then.  The issue is not device related as it works fine in other locations around the area.
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  • Moving to Belgium in May - how can I cancel contract?

    Hello,   I have an iPhone 5 and my contract expires Nov 4 of this year.  I am being transferred with work to Belgium in May for 3 years.  I need to do something about my phone and the contract.  C...
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  • my email keeps freezing

    I can not add a new exchange account
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  • Smartphone Printing Option

    Does the Nokia Lumia Icon have the ability to do the "smartphone printing" thing.  I have come from a droid Maxx to the Icon - love the phone but still figuring out all of the abilities it has.  Thanks!
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  • 4G performance, not

    With 3 out of 5 signal bars and 4G service, looks like my phone has detected a lack of 4G so it's moved over to 3G, yet while texting and attempting to send an image via regular SMS, the available bandwidth is so bad ...
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  • constant SIM card error

    Anybody else experiencing intermittent or constant SIM card error msg on phone. Mine just started this afternoon and I have never messed with it before. I have taken it our reseated it and even took the battery for ex...
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  • 4G Speeds Slow in Charlotte NC

    I'm in Charlotte, NC and the area is blanket coverage 4gLTE.  The problem is at lunchtime 11am til about 4pm give or take a few hours the service is just horrible.  During a festival my internet usage is non...
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  • how can i get charged when my device is still suspended and no call is made?

    Hello, Verizon I have to complain that I was charged $106.09 for this month's statement. But my device (removed) is still suspended, up until this week as far as I know, and I have made no call. How could I get char...
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  • Disable Daily Scoop on LG Cosmos 2

    Daily Scoop is a pain. It starts itself (usually after I charge my phone) and LOCKS my phone. Info provided on Verizon's web page does NOT have the necessary information to disable Daily Scoop on a on LG Cosmos 2 phon...
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  • Sim Card Error

    I recently purchased a S4, and I've been getting intermittent Sim Card errors, they usually don't last long about 2-5 seconds, but its typically when I'm in the middle of talking to someone on the phone, or on an app ...
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