• Password issue

    I am entering my wifi password straight from my jet pack& it keeps saying incorrect password. I've tried resetting network & it still does it. Can't connect to Internet.
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  • Collections

    Hello. I was arrested (not as bad as it sounds, but it took a long time to prove my innocence) and so couldn't pay my phone bill for the time I was in jail, which was about 6 months. I had arranged for someone to pay ...
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  • final

    usa vs japan live stream
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  • Extra charges

    I recently purchased 2 iPhone 6s (on June 16).  The sales person told me they came with car chargers and a wireless speaker.  He also put Otter box cases on them without asking us.  I just received my b...
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  • Can I cancel my contract?

    My fiancé and I signed a 2 year agreement on September 27, 2013. It's Now July 2015, what are my fees and how do I go about cancelling? Don't think I can wait till September anymore. Time for a change!!!!
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  • Wifi/Bluetooth will not connect on Droid MAXX

    I've seen this posted several times in this forum without a satisfactory answer given. Here's the deal: I have Droid MAXX which will no longer connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. To be specific, sometimes the on/off sliders...
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  • Constant WiFi notifications on Android Lollipop Verizon phones

    I just bought an HTC One M8 and updated to Android Lollipop 5.0.1 through Verizon's OTA update. Now I'm getting constant WiFi notifications in the status bar and pull-down bar, one saying "WiFi networks available" and...
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  • So I accidentally deleted a whole text conversation from my phone. Is there any way Verizon can get my messages back to me?

    Verizon is my carrier and I have an iPhone 6.
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  • Can I change my plan in this way without breaking contract?

    I currently am on a shared account of unlimited texts and talk and 6 of data. The price is 156 which seems high but that is not my question. Can I keep or update the plan but remove the person I am sharing the account...
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  • Samsung s5 "Charger not compatible with this device"

    So this is a newly replaced S5 for the same problem, had this one about 2 months. Now again, when I try to charge the phone with the original charger I get an error message that says "charger not compatible with this ...
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  • Anybody Using a Lumia 735?

    If so, how do you like it? I'm planning on selling my BlackBerry Classic and picking up a Lumia 735 as a backup/change of pace device. I'd really like to hear from end users though instead of online reviews by paid sh...
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  • Time to end the Verizon / Microsoft Family Feud!!!!!!!!!

    VZX, I know you probably don't care but if you don't carry the Lumia 940 / 940xl when it comes out, im gone. I've had enough of you and Microsoft acting like little children, kiss and make-up and sell some latest...
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  • LG G2 keeps jumping ahead 4 hours

    Two days ago, my LG G2 started randomly jumping ahead 4 hours, and then back. I have it set to Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone. The Time zone shown is correct (GMT-4:00 Easter Daylight Tim...
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  • Support & Protection

    I  received a notification about starting the "Support & Protection" option for my phone. What is this really, and does it cost more?
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  • How can I see when and where my messaging was last accessed?

    How can I tell when my messaging center was last accessed or how do I know if someone has logged into my acct and read my text messages?
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  • There is something really wrong with my data usage and billing.

    On June 29, I bought a  Droid Turbo with unlimited talk and text, and 1GB data.  I had a Droid Maxx before and rarely exceeded .5GB a month.  My bill for 6/29-7/1 included a $15.00 charge for data overa...
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  • Text message question

    Is it possible to get copies of text message content for my account ??
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  • I'm trying to get my PUK code

    I'm trying to get my PUK code but the screens no longer look like the samples given for locating the code,  Can anyone help me find it?
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  • Lg g3

    My LG g3 has not been performing well after the lollipop upgrade.  WiFi slow, battery draining and Facebook crashing.  I have done multiple factory resets and cache cleanings.  Totally dissatified with ...
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  • Moto X 2nd Gen. VoLTE

    Why do ridiculously old devices like the Droid Mini and Maxx have advanced calling but the Moto X 2nd Gen. does not? I don't care about advanced calling one bit. I don't use voice and data together that frequently, bu...
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