• Will Verizon be releasing the S5 mini?

    As I'm sure a lot of people have heard, Samsung is already working on the S6. Should I be assuming that the S5 mini is going to be skipped over in favor of waiting for the next generation galaxy? I love the Galaxy lin...
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  • when can we expect OS updates for stagefright vulnerability?

    When can we expect an Android OS update for stagefright vulnerability? Galaxy S5 and S6
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  • Samsung Gusto 3 keeps rebooting

    My new Samsung Gusto 3 keeps rebooting.  It looks like it's trying to make a data connection (the data indicator turns on and the "S" icon shows).   Why is it doing this?
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  • starting bluetooth phone call disconnects while walking

    When I try to use my Bluetooth to initiate a phone call, the voice dial gets disconnected while I have the phone within my pocket or in the belt holster. If I take the phone out of my pocket or holster and hold the ph...
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  • Backup Assistant has been set up on another phone?

    Getting a message at boot saying that 'Your Verizon Backup Assistant Plus account has been set up on another phone, so we need to reset it on this phone'.   I have not set it up on another device.   Why am...
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  • Why is having no data affecting my text messages !!?

         I have unfortunately used up all my data and my next cycle doesn't start until the 10th of August. However, half the texts I send are not received, or received hours after I send them. I've al...
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  • Ring tones for separate contacts

    has anyone had this problem since last update, can not assign ringtones to separate contacts?
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  • Personal Greeting on iPhone 5s doesn't work

    Has anyone experienced this issue: all of a sudden, my personal greeting for voicemail doesn't come up when people get my voicemail.  Somehow, the phone defaulted to the basic impersonal greeting.  HELP!!! T...
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  • Having issues with my family locator app...

    The issue is... for sometime now I cannot log on from my phone. the error is that it times out and say try again a few min later.  In which I do and get the same message. This happens on both wifi and ota.  ...
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  • Charged 50.00 for 2gb for months - when the price is 40.00

    I was being charged 50.00 for 2gb when everyone else ( or maybe others are being railroaded too ) are being billed for 40.00 for 2gb. I called and asked when was this price change ?  I was told over 9 months ag...
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  • Signal strength recently drops in north Raleigh, NC

    I've noticed that just recently (within the last few weeks), the signal strength in north Raleigh, NC (at my house and around the neighborhood) has reduced from 3-4 bars with 4G down to 1 bar and sometimes as low as 3...
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  • Blackberry Bold 9930 Backup Assistant by Fusion One stopped working

    Hello,   I work for VZ landline and have a Bold 9930 company phone with data shut off.  I have used backup assistant for years but now it stopped working.  I uninstalled it and reinstalled but it still...
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  • Note 4 build update no 4g

    A new build was pushed to my note 4 and now I can not connect to 4g on 3g and 1x. I've tried the repair software, factory default reset, deleting all apps,  factory default reset with no app, and safe mode nothin...
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  • Billing Dispute

    Verizon receeived a duplicate paymnt from me in error for Feb-March 1 bill. Verizon REFUSED to credit back one of the payments of $203.83 ( so they received $407.66 ) According to them a payment made on website ( whic...
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  • Upgrade

    If I am abalone for an upgrade with Verizon how much would it cost to upgrade from my iPhone 4s to an iPhone 6? Verizon Wireless Admin
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  • Trouble with keyboard

    Hello, I also have been having trouble with the letters double typing and my letters "e" and "h" have to be pressed in hard for it to type the letter. I ran the keyboard test and they still didn't work. I have removed...
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  • live chat never available from abroad?

    I live abroad but have 2 pre-pay phones for use when in the US. They do not work where I live as they are CDMA and not GSM. I can log into my account for one phone but not for the other. Trying to get help using "Live...
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  • Waiting too long for Android 5.1.1 on Galaxy S6

    Folks, this is your flagship model. Most other carriers have rolled this out. I've heard the excuses....you haven't gotten what you need from Google/Samsung (not true), you have to spend extra time making sure it work...
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  • I read that the BB Passport will work once Verizon rolls out VoLTE.  Is this true?  When will that be?  I am happy to buy and unlocked international phone to get the passport.  If it doesn't happen soon I am going to have to switch to AT

    My Q10 is two years old.  I don't see the Classic as that much different than I already have.  I really want the passport.  May have to switch to AT&T to get it if the VZW network won't accommodate ...
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  • S6 photo collage and photo editor not working

    When I go into gallery, select a photo, tap edit, then tap collage, nothing happens.   When I tap photo edit, it says app not installed with a download button. When I tap download, it says app not found. I've t...
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