• How to keep my GB low

    Is there any help out there as to tell me how to keep my GB low? I only get 2GB every month and if I exceed those GB I get charged a hefty amount is sucks any help out there? vzw-admin
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  • When calling, no sound through handset or speaker, but Bluetooth headset works fine.

    Looking for help - I have a Galaxy S5. When I dial or receive calls, I can no longer hear anything through the handset or speaker; but my Bluetooth headset works fine. Turning off the headset, turning off Bluetooth, o...
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  • Screen is dark. Spider web cracks. Need to replace srceen and LCD. So far estimate is $190 to replace.  Has anyone replaced theirs for less?

    Has anyone replaced the screen and LCD on their Galaxy S5 for less than $190?
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  • Advanced calling

    You wife and I have advanced calling. I can send her a video call, but she can't send me one. The camera icon doesn't light up and says I can't recieve video calls at this time. She has tried refreshing my contact pag...
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  • Data overage

    I use wifi all day long from my day job then at church wifi and even at home wifi. But it tells me I am almost going over my data. I should change to t-mobile with unlimited like all my 42 other friends that changed.
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  • How do I file a complaint about customer service?

    The Verizon Wireless website is very hard to figure out how to file a complaint. I have been receiving very poor customer service as I try to upgrade two of my lines. First, two representatives (one in the Pasadena co...
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  • motorola droid turbo 2 font

    How do you change the font on the Droid Turbo 2?
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  • Data is not available at this time.

    I used a prepaid data card on my new Ellipsis Jetpack. Still not able to.connect to my smart tv. Data shows on my account. I tried resetting the jetpack and still no change. WiFi is not working please help.
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  • try to install my corporate email and get a prompt to install a certificate

    tried to follow directions on line but I keep getting a message that there is no certificate.  what do I do?
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  • Contact disappear

    Tried to delete duplicate contacts says hidden , where are they hidden. Some disappear from list
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  • $30 for 1Gb?, $30 for 1Gb?

    IIsn't $30 for 1Gb shared a little too steep?  Not competitive.
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  • my iphone has been completely erased, how can i get the factory settings back?

    I have erased my iPhone completely and need to get the factory settings back on it so I can sell it,
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  • why won't my phone sync with my PC

    I got a Galaxy Core Prime phone last week and I'm trying to sync the phone to my laptop.  I loaded the Verizon Cloud Apps to both my phone and PC, and I can get the photos and contact created on my new phone to t...
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  • Is there a Android 5.1x update for the Samsung S4?

    My wife switched over to an LG V10 for her phone.  I did a hard factory reset on her old S4 about a week ago and everything is fine on it.  I plan to send it overseas to a relative working in Israel, but one...
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  • Latest Software Update Bug

    Our account phones were updated on 12/11/15. Ever since the update we are unable to switch from WiFi to verizon data when we disconnect from wifi. In order to connect to verizon data, we have to restart our phones eac...
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  • Samsung gusto 3 -  voice before ring tone

    before my Samsung gusto 3 ringtone starts when a call comes in -  a voice says "call from  111-111-1111".  how do I get this voice to  go away.  I just want the phone to ring like a normal phone.
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  • LG v10 wont stream bluetooth audio after update

    I purchased an LG v10 a week ago, did the initial setup paired it to my vehicle and it worked perfectly. I use spotify to stream music, at midnight Feb. 1st verizon performed a software update. Since then I can not st...
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  • Phone not ringing or showing missed call. Caller gets sent to voice mail. Intermittent problem. iPhone 6S Plus

    IiPhone 6S Plus is intermittently not reviving calls or showing missed calls. Going straight to voice mail. Is anyone experiencing this?
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  • NFL Mobile App Update

    This may not be much comfort for those that were having issues and wanting to watch the last few NFL games but there was a new update released that may help those that were having issues.
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  • Two issues. Texts sent getting stuck & unfortunately Google play services has stopped. I hit ok and it pops up a minute later

    two issues 1.sent messages getting stuck   2. error message, unfortunately google play services has stopped working
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