• Text messages not going through

    For the last few days the text messages I have sent to various people (on Verizon Accounts) have not gone through.   Why is this happening all of the sudden?   If I use iMessage on my Mac computer - they ...
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  • Load music from sd card

    I recently had a phone replaced and can't get the music from my sd card to load to my phone and show up in my library in Google music. How can I get this accomplished?
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  • Formal Complaint?

    Does anyone know how to file a formal complaint with Verizon? I found the address but was wondering if there was an e-mail or something i could possibly send to. I have been with Verizon for about 8 years now, if not...
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    My dad got a mywifi and we dont use it at all. I want to get a phone. can i substitute the 2yr contract of the mywifi to put it on a phone.
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  • Sim Card Error

    I recently purchased a S4, and I've been getting intermittent Sim Card errors, they usually don't last long about 2-5 seconds, but its typically when I'm in the middle of talking to someone on the phone, or on an app ...
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  • How do you initiate a hands-free call using s-voice when the phone is locked?

    I've been able to make a call using a Plantronics Legend bluetooth headset connected to my Samsung S5 as long as the screen is unlocked.  However, when the screen is locked, nothing seems to happen.  When I ...
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  • Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

    It's Tuesday, 11 June 2013, and rumors continue about the much anticipated release of Google Jelly Bean 4.3 (or some variant of it). Though it didn't happen yesterday the 10th as some had expected--others now say July...
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  • Poor Coverage 90275, 90503, and Culver City

    Hello-   I've had Verizon Wireless for several years. I after moving back to 90275 where mobile reception has always been a challenge for almost all providers (surprisingly Sprint has the best coverage), outside...
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  • Huge data usage with Verison 4G LTE hotspot ( Verizon-890L-50DB)

    Recently upgraded my internet service to a Verizon 4G LTE hotspot (Verizon-890L-50DB).  First month - no problems - second month - I have 6GB of overage charges.  Every time I log in to check email or any ot...
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    Has anybody received the 4.4 kitkat update yet on their note 3 update? My friend who has a note 3 with tmobile has received it already.
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  • Anyway to cancel contract and resign new one with same phone number?

    Here's what I want to do.   I want to get a new phone and get on the Edge program. Im a new customer as of Dec, 2013. I dont quality for edge because I cant upgrade until Dec 2015. I also dont qualify for early ...
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  • UML 295 Cost

    My employer frowns upon using the hotspot features of phones at the office so I'm considering the UML 295 USB device so I can use my laptop for personal use. I already have the "share everything" plan. If I add this d...
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  • How does one block an overseas phone number that is more than 10 digits?

    Does anyone know how to block overseas numbers that exceed 10 digits? I guess a more pertinent question is how in the world do you get hold of a customer service rep?  The website is the worst I have ever encoun...
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  • Verizon Messaging App....Missing for Windows Tablets???? (Web App does NOT count!!)

    If you sell the Windows RT tablet, you should have an app that allows text messaging on it. You have one for all the Android and Apple tablets.   I understand it may not be worth your time to build it since Wind...
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  • how to transfer contacts after device is activated

    Missed the bit about 'don't activate your device just yet...' and I did just that. Needing help to recover contacts etc. from a deactivated Samsung Convoy and transferring to a Casio G'zone Ravine; the now active phon...
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  • Why has everything... EVERYTHING!!!!!!! unfortunately stopped working? Unfortunate my butt.

    Hey so my phone is totally unusable because the second I unlock it, a black box pops up and says unfortunately homescreen has stopped. If I hit ok another box will pop up instantly saying this or that app has stopped....
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  • Where's my 4G? (South Coast Oregon)

    Hey Verizon,  We are suffering over here at the most westerly point of the lower 48.  There is NO 4G the entire length of Curry County on Rt 101!  You have thousands of customer here that rely on 3G as ...
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  • Photograph download

    How do I download photographs with my Motorola Droid Ultra.
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  • Samsung Galaxy note 3 no service?

    I have just got the N3 on the 10th, i pre-ordered it from best buy. I have spent over 8 hours with best buy and Verizon trying to get my service to work everywhere. we have changed the phone and the sims card more tha...
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  • text

    Is there a reason I am not receiving texts from another line on my account.
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