• driod maxx 2 sd card unmounting on own

    We have 2 maxx 2's and both suffer this problem.  They just randomly unmount the sd card.  Now if we turn off the phone pop out the sd card slot and reinsert it the sd card is recognized again.  At leas...
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  • From 3G to 4G..?

    I currently have an old HTC Incredible2 (3G) with an active Verizon account. I want to purchase a LG G3 (4G) phone from a friend who has just upgraded to a new LG G5 device. Can I just simply go to a Verizon store and...
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  • Marshmellow: USB Ext Storage Access Issue

    Verizon recently downloaded the Marshmallow (6.0) OS  to my Motorola Driod Turbo 2 phone.  Now I can no longer access my external storage mini SD card to download pictures to my computer or upload documents ...
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  • Autopay skipping months

    I have autopay setup to pay every month. However, last month, it did not debit my account, so now my account is in "collections" and I owe a late payment fee. This is the second time this has happened, even though I'v...
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  • Internal service failure messages

    Why do I keep getting these messages, internal service failure, then a message saying app not owned
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  • How do I install a certificate

    Got a Turbo 2 and for my work it is asking for a certificate. How do I get one installed?
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  • My Verizon verse more everything

    Please oh please 15 GB on more everything or 18 or more on my Verizon. What best? What's the difference? Help? Need more data as this is only internet but cannot afford for bill to go up. If I switch to my Verizon it ...
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  • Marshmallow

    When will Verizon push Marshmallow to the Galaxy S5?????
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  • How do i close single apps, using "Recent Apps" in Grid view?

    In the "Recent Apps" app, we have two views. Card view. Grid view.   It's easy to close individual apps, in Card view.  Each app has the "X".  It's easy to close all apps, in Grid view.  Grid vi...
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  • Note 5 Marshmallow Issue!

    Good morning,  upon completing the OTA update to Android Marshmallow a last evening,  my WiFi connection is not stable. It connects to the network,  but anytime I go to a Web page I get dns probe and co...
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  • How do i get screen replaced? I have a crack in it!

    Where can I get my screen replaced? I have a crack and it's causing distortion.
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  • can i get the text messgae off my drold mini it one of the phone on my acc. but dont have phone no more

    can i get text message off a line on my acc. but the phone not around it mini drold
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  • Pop up ads

    IM getting pop up ads in my messenger services.  All of them.  Samsung, Verizon and fb.   Help please!
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  • When

    What is the expected release date for the Galaxy Note 4 6.0 update and does Verizon really need all the nearly useless bloat ware
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  • Droid Maxx 2 suddently saying "Google Play Services Not supported"?

    I've had this phone for over six months and was able to use all of the google apps and youtube. As of a few days ago, I can no longer use gmail or any other google app. It keeps on saying (... requires Google Play Ser...
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  • Voice mail won't answer

    Calls never go into voicemail. Also, I can't call voicemail using my number or *86. Recording says call can't be completed as dialed.
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  • Verizon announcement

    How do I get the verizon announcement off of my Motorola Droid turbo 2 that plays before the ringtone?
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  • downloading pictures to computer?

    How do I download pictures and videos from the cloud to my computer.  I tried to connect via usb, but my computer didn't recognize my phone.
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  • Monthly bill

    Hey, we have been customers of Verizon since 1996. Our cell phone bill bus going up to $200 m 3 phones 10 gigs data. Please let me know what you are paying? This is way high!
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  • temporary turn off

    can I temporary turn off a phone on my account
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