• Gear S with LG V10

    I want to get a V10 tomorrow (11/28). Will my Gear S currently paired with my Note 4 work with the LG V10?
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  • My phone starts to boot up, but then turns off!

    My phone turned off by itself.  When I turned it back on it went to the red Verizon screen but no further.  I have tried everything that I know of to do:  battery out, sim card out then back in.  I...
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  • why is my visual voicemail not working all of a sudden?

    all of a sudden i have 3 problems without making any changes to my phone 1.  I have no internet connect 2.  No sim card 3   Visual voicemail is currently unavailable 4  When I call my phon...
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    What is MDNSD and why is it killing my battery?   Samsung S5
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  • frozen welcome screen

    My phone is stuck on the opening "Samsung Galaxy Note II" screen. I tried taking the battery out and even took the sims card out and put it in my husbands phone and it still does the same thing. For the past few weeks...
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  • Broken iPhone and 3G

    My daughter's iPhone 6 Plus is broken but before it totally broke it turned on the 3G and I don't know how to turn it off so it doesn't keep costing me more $$ until it can get fixed. Thanks
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  • No monthly payment option for upgrading line (only full retail)

    I am trying to upgrade to an iPhone 6S on one of my lines. If I try to do so via the website (My Verizon), the only payment option is full retail pricing. I would expect to see a monthly payment option, but it doesn't...
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  • Chinese character on a black screen ellipsis 7

    My tablet will not respond to the manual reboot of pressing the on/off button and the volume button. It has Chinese characters on a black screen. I have tried every combination of button holding/pushing and nothing wo...
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  • How do I make a phone call from my Ellipsis 10 tablet?

    I used to make phone calls from my Ellipsis 8, but can't figure it out with Ellipsis 10
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  • Ordering A New Phone

    Hi! I've had my HTC One M8 for about a year and a half. I had it charging about 45 minutes ago (using the original plug and cable) when it suddenly stopped. When I picked up the phone, the bottom of it was red-hot and...
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  • phone did a factory reset due to lock out

    was locked out phone reset.  how can I get my contents back?
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  • charge is not work

    I have samsung note 4 and only have for 7 months now.it start charger when best one buy for it think would let me get new one
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  • Increased data usage with iphone6

    I just looked at our bill and see that my daughter has used 3x the data she used last month and the only difference is that we upgraded her phone!  Most of the time she is on WiFi, so I am baffled as to why and h...
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  • Were you a victim of Verizon Wireless Fraud?

    I enrolled in Verizon edge at a company Verizon Wireless store in NJ.  My receipt showed I was enrolled in Verizon EDGE which allowed me to upgrade my phone before two years.  I was told I had to send in m...
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  • My Iphone 6 was stolen.

    How hard is it for anyone to get into your phone with the thumbprint security set?  I don't think I can wipe it, I never set up the Icloud. 
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  • Wi-Fi calling

    I heard that Verizon had recently introduced Wi-Fi calling.  Is that True and what are the details?
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  • Slow phone

    My phone is moving really slow, what can I do to fix it.
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  • AMAZING Service

    I was looking for a corporate contact to email with the amazing service I recently had at the Verizon store in Keizer, Oregon (Keizer Station Store).  We've always had Verizon, never been with another carrier.&nb...
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  • When i ask Siri to set a timer, it tries to call random people or numbers not even in my contacts or it will start to play music?  Why is this?

    I need help.  When trying to have Siri do anything, it tries to call people or random phone numbers or play music.  The voice recognition does not work.
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  • I am trying to find out if any stores carry the 64GB S6 Edge Plus in White in stock in Peoria or Glendale, Az??

    Any store in Peoria or Glendle AZ carry the S6 Edge Plus in white with the 64GB?
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