• Why does verizon falsely advertise the 'designed by you' moto x for $449.99?

    This is verizon's site:   Click the 'design yours' button, and any options you choose will result in a price of at least $499.99.  What happened to $449.99???  
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  • Who runs this company and where are they hiding?

    How is it that Verizon has no problem taking your money.......but has no desire to give back what is yours?  I returned something for $265.00 almost a year ago and no credit has yet to be seen.  I have had m...
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  • cancelled service/bill in collections Verizon no help what so ever, customer service horrendous

    back in November we started sevice with Verizon. Our service was horrible where we worked and went round and round with customer service. They eventually agreed that we will be able to cancel without penalty. We had t...
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  • How can I report poor cellular signal strength? My zip is 95128, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

    I have extremely weak cell signal at my house. I'm in the dead center of 95128, in San Jose. Obviously this doesn't make a whole lot of sense.   Sincerely, Austin
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  • Galaxy S6 Edge exchange question

    I purchased the S6 Edge 64 gig model. I would like to exchange it for the 128 GIG model. I have till 5/12/2015 to do this. However, there are no 128 GIG in stock at the stores. How would I go about exchanging it? Can ...
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  • LG G3

    Hey gang..I've been using the LG G3 for the past 6 months. Ever since the update for laggy,  my phone battery has been garbage and VZW messenger app has been very laggy. I did a factory reset and the battery has ...
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  • transfering contacts from my old droid ultra to S6

    Only 22 out of about 140 contacts transferred. I have free version of Youmail and I see them on my account on their web site. Anyone have tips? This is my first Samsung and I never had trouble transferring between Mot...
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  • Cloud Security?  Our information and contact lists are not secured?

    How can phone contact names & #'s be updated without going through Cloud? After reading the terms & conditions and privacy policy, it appears everything the cloud is used to do, is not secure. It also goes ...
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  • Pictures stored on Icloud

    My husband recently has gotten a new IPhone 6.  We backed up all his pictures and data to iCloud before the purchase. Now his phone shows he has 424 pictures, but you can't view them?? iCloud Photo Library is "on...
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  • Prepaid vs Contract service

    Is there a difference in service for Prepaid and Contract plans?I was told by a store Rep that Prepaid speeds are slower, call quality is lower, coverage is significantly less and, when the system starts getting overl...
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  • Duraxv keeps looping software crash?

    This morning,  I was saving a new contact in my phone, and when it asked me if I wanted to save this contact on the sim card also, as soon as I pressed the ok button the phone tried to restart and is now stuck in...
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  • lower my bill

    where do I go to get monthly bill lower to match there new plans
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  • What gives, why are you holding the update?

    I just spoke with a Motorola rep, and they said that it is waiting for the carrier support to update to Lollipop (5.0). What gives, why are you holding the update? Are you trying to make some other phone sell better, ...
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  • iphone 5 keeps randomly making calls on its own.

    iphone 5 keeps randomly making calls on its own
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  • I pay you but you don't need to pay me?

    I provided my iphone 4 to Verizon Wireless in September of 2014.... I have repeatedly called them to request my $200. I typically get "the card is in the mail".   Meanwhile, they expect me to pay their bill. So ...
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  • How to stop phone #'s in contact list changing?

    Have a Kyocero Dura XV.  This one phone on account, keeps loosing names & phone #'s?   How can I stop this?
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  • Employer discounts, Veteran discounts confusion

    I followed all the necessary steps to apply for a discount as I am also a disabled veteran. Took my VA identification card into the store and had it verified back on 7/28/2014. Waited several billing cycles for the di...
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  • Can't send messages after 5.0.1

    Ok so I don't get ota updates after 4.4.2 so I updated my s4 with kies after that I got 5.0 everything works fine smooth well heats up faster I try to send a text It didnt work I tryed everything clearing cache data d...
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  • 10GB for $80 questions

    I am currently paying about $120 with taxes ($95ish before) for a 2GB line and a basic phone line WITH my corporate discount. Which is crazy.   I am wondering if the corporate discount applies to this new plan, ...
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  • Verizon should just admit they messed up on the lollipop update

    Instead of trying to do all this useless troubleshooting, and telling people about a stabilization period that doesn't exist. The fact that this update is garbage is very well known. Just admit that it's flawed and wo...
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