• Why is my bill so high

    My bill is 499.28 this is out of control I don't believe this is right
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  • There will be no 64gb Nexus 6 ??!!?

    I have an upgrade coming up and was so happy to see that Verizon announced it was going to carry the Nexus 6.   When I look on the smartphones page at the Nexus 6 they only show it in 32gb. Is it possible that t...
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  • Moto X 2013 Lollipop update?

    It seems clear that the 3rd Gen Moto X will arrive long before Verizon releases Lollipop to the 1sr Gen Moto X.  My contract is finished and  with the end of purchase incentives like "New Every Two" a new ph...
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  • How come data plans stop at 10GB. not 12GB or 15GB

    For the past 2 months i have exceeded my 10GB allowance. why not have more bigger GB plans like sprint has.
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  • My phone is currently getting little to no signal at all in Ohio.

    I'm having an issue with my phone getting no signal, or one bar. I can't get a stable enough signal to make a call, and I have no social media pages to say anything with. I was wondering if anyone else was having this...
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  • contacts wont sync via SD card

    >Just purchased the HTC one m9 as a upgrade. So I sent all my contacts to the SD card I had for my old phone. And then I put it into my new phone and went to the phonebook and I went to import from SD card. It prom...
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  • Droid RAZR Max

    Why does my droid run so slow I have done everything that I was told to do and still hasn't helped it anu
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  • is there a fix for the turbo upgrade to android 5.1

    i just upgraded my droid turbo to 5.1.  it's running really hot and the battery life in down to about 18 hours at best.  things like the "caller name id" app consume 37% of the battery.  is there a fix?...
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  • Has Anyone had an Unexplained Jump in Data Usage with the JetPack?

    My JetPack was supposed to have used about 4 GB Sunday, 8/2.  I visited the sites I usually visit each day, and over the course of a year I have averaged less than 0.25 GB used per day.This increase was a shock, ...
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  • Early Edge Shipping label, Return

    I just ordered a Droid Turbo on Verizon Wireless Early Edge, and it came.  there was no return shipping label inside the box to ship my old Moto X back.  When I look at the order in My verizon, it only gives...
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  • need to suspend my service due to military service

    Hi, I would like to suspend my service because I should do the military service. But, I'm now out-of-state and I cannot suspend through online also my 2-year contact ended in this June. So, my device is now on pend...
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  • Getting charged for 3 lines with only 2 in use

    My fiance and I opened a new account with Verizon, and when I ordered his new phone on a promotion, it came with a new number.  My fiance had been on his sister's plan, wanted to keep his old phone #.  The d...
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  • Delete an account for cloud on your phone

    My boyfriend allowed me to use his gmail username and password to access his playstore. I go to my cloud and it synced all of his files onto my cloud, but I have an option whether to go into his cloud under his email ...
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  • Lost my text messages

    How can I restore my deleted  text messages
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  • Unhappy longtime Verizon customer

    Have old unlimited plan. Want to upgrade phone and being told that must change plan in order to do so. Not good for Verizon to do business with customers that way. Also son recently changed devices when his broke .. N...
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  • iPhone 5S Not allowing data usage

    I've had this iphone for about a year and a half now.. Lately, my iPhone will not let me use Safari, send photos, use iMessage, etc.  I reset my Network settings multiple times.  It will then work for a minu...
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  • Have to pay off phone if contract is cancelled?

    So right now I'm on my girlfriend's family plan as an added line without a contract because I added a phone I already had. I believe if you add a line without having a phone, you'll have to begin a contract and get a ...
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  • samsung 6 photo recovery

    how do I recover photos from Samsung 6 phone?
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  • Can't send vid or pic msg's

    For some reason my phone isn't sending picture or video messages, can anyone help me figure out why?
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  • Wrong Voicemail Time Stamp

    I live in New York, but I have a 323 Los Angeles #. I noticed recently that the voicemail timestamp is giving L.A. (Pacific) time. How can I change it so it gives New York (Eastern) timestamp?
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