• Close Caption Capabilities

    I am hearing impaired and use a caption phone as my land line. I have a Samsung Note 5 with close caption capabilites, my question is does CC work on phone calls or just on video?
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  • Shipping label for old phone return

    Verizon Wireless Customer Support Verizon Wireless Customer Support Verizon Wireless Customer Support I've been threatened several times by Verizon via text that if I did not return my phone via mail and the shipping ...
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  • NOTE: If Verizon fails to offer the new 950 or 950XL Windows phone, this Fall, you will be loosing me as a customer.

    Please let Corporate know that the lack of the new Windows phone this Fall, 950 or 950XL, will signal to me that you are not interested in having the Windows phone user as one of your customers. I expect Verizon Wirel...
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  • Droid Turbo keeps updating

    Droid Turbo is having to many problem's. Just about everything is messed up.
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  • Official Samsung Pay Thread

    Hello community members, In an effort to consolidate all user concerns into one place, this will now be the official Samsung Pay thread.  Please post all comments about Samsung Pay here.     Thank yo...
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  • I have an iphone with verizon as my main phone - I want to use verizon message to get my text messages on my nexus 6 with tmobile = I don't know how. I put the app on the nexus 6 - but I can't figure out how to link it

    I cannot figure out how to link the second phone - on tmobile- by using the app. The app never gives me a place to give the phone a nickname or anything.
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  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

    When will the Note 5 receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update?
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  • Early upgrade from Contract to Device Payment

    I am eligible to upgrade my two year contract line a couple weeks early to a device payments phone. It's said to be a limited time offer early upgrade.   My question is: If I accept this early upgrade offer, wil...
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  • Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans

    Loyal Verizon Wireless customer here since 2002. Myself and the other less 1% of your very loyal clientele have just been kicked down by your choice to charge us for unlimited data. We have payed for our phones outrig...
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  • I can't delete a large number >1500 photos from my Cloud account.  I get a network error (Request timeout).  This happens on my phone and computer.

    Any ideas?  I can delete several at a time, just not the whole 1500. Thanks Dave
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  • new software update has destroyed all Google Play Music functionality

    never fails...an update should result in happiness with new features along with hopes of improved functionality...but invariably, it always screws something up.  In my case, post-update, I jump in my car and lo a...
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  • how do i activate an existing verizon line on a new sim card?

    I am trying to move my son's phone number from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5s - the sim cards are different sizes so you can't just move them.   Apparently there is no phone support for Verizon after 8 pm so I'm co...
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  • Who wants a premier offer for WP10?ie Lumia 950,950xl

    I have owned and absolutely loved my Lumia 822 and now my Lumia 735. I have been waiting wit bated breathe for the Lumia 950 xl. I figure if the phones that I have been using for the last 2 1/2 years are considered mi...
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  • My Galaxy S6 will not accept updates.

    Since a few days after I got my S6, a screen appears every day asking to update the software. I follow the instruction, but it always reports that the update was unsuccessful. How I can get the update to finish, or tu...
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  • Is it possible to see the information for text messages sent last year?

    Lost a number that was pretty important from last year. I know I sent some text messages to the owner of the number. I was wondering if there was a way I could access a record of my messages so that I could find that ...
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  • Not reconnecting

    Why is my phone not automatically reconnecting  to the extender when I return home?
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  • Issues upgrading to lollipop

    When I try to upgrade my phone to lollipop it fails every time after the restart. It's been a week already. Any way to fix this?
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  • visual voicemail will not set-up

    hello; I am having trouble setting up visual voicemail, when I click on the app, it says - setting up visual voicemail please wait, it just cycles. I checked the app and it is enabled, it is also included on my plan; ...
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  • Verizon please help

    I am not sure why you do not accept emails like a normal company but I am in Japan with voicemails I cannot get.  Visual voicemail does not work so I need to use my password or pin and do not know what it is.&nbs...
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  • Billing Promises UNFULFILLED?

    I am a school teacher and my husband works in construction. We have a fixed income.   Back in September 2014, called Verizon, told them I was working on my budget, nice lady gave me $15 off per line (2 lines) an...
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