• how much is the monthly bill for 3 gig data smartphone plan?

    I want to upgrade my device now while the sales are good. However I do not want to pay arm and a leg for services, I was prepaid and got switched to non contract account. I want to go for 2 year upgrade but am curious...
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  • Connectivity issues and inability to make calls or send/receive texts.

    As with some of the other customers on this forum, I have been a long time Verizon Wireless customer. I have phones in two different zip codes.The one zip code I get pretty fair service and yet since upgrading, I have...
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  • Features

    Why is my child notified if I get their location using my feature when I Am the adult, I pay the bill, its in my name?! They have no right to know I'm doing that and I have single right to do it!!!! This is ridiculous...
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  • How do I restore 4G?

    I lost 4G last night along with phone service for a short time. 4G LTE never restored. Everyone else I was with got their service back with no problems. Phone is modified just so you know. LG G3 VS985 I have: updat...
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  • Same #size called by different lines on my plan

    How can i run a query on same phone #s called by different phones on my line.
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  • Is the cell coverage less with prepaid Verizon Service vs postpaid?  What are the differences between prepaid and postpaid service?

    I have done some cross country travel and one of us has postpaid Verizon service and I have prepaid.  Seems they have service when I don't.  Just wondered if anyone knows if there is a difference in the cove...
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  • Darn Thing

    When I make or receive a call my screen goes black and seems to "go to sleep" and I have no control over the call. I have tried powering down to reset a couple of times to no avail. Any help would be appreciated
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  • contract

    I am due for an upgrade. My son wants to leave Verizon and contract does not expire for him for another year. Can I move my phone number to his device to maintain contract duration and that allow him to leave without ...
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  • Question on why I was billed

    My service was suspended without billing and reconnected on Feb 7 so why do i have a bill for $219
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  • How does a Verizon Wireless customer escalate a complaint?

    I need someone higher than a supervisor at the customer service center to handle my complaint.  I have spent hours and hours trying to resolve a situation from November regarding a $738 missing payment.  No ...
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  • Why is our iPhone 5c suddenly using data overnight?

       My husband and I have 1 shared gig per month. It's not uncommon for us to get a "you used 75% of your data" near the end of a cycle. But today we got the data warning only 9 days into our cycle, which d...
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  • Verizon messages

    When I assign a notification sound to a specific contact.using Verizon messages, it still uses the default tone.Worked perfectly fine on my s4.
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  • Tablet billing

    bought a tablet. was asked if wanted to tie it into phone. I said yes. billed extra $30/month. Was told tablet used phone's data. but has its own. not what wanted. not allowed to cancel; contract (didn't know about). ...
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  • New phone

    How do I change to new phone
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  • Security

    A message pops up on my phone saying I have a virus that I must respond in three minutes you sending these messages
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  • How can I download 'My Verizon Mobile' on a bring-your-own android device?

    How can I download the My Verizon Mobile app on my Nexus 5x?   I just activated my Nexus 5x on a verizon prepaid plan. I would like to use the 'My Verizon Mobile' app to stay on top of my plan, buy more data, et...
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  • Photo date stamp on galaxy s3

    My droid incredible allowed me to have a date stamp on my photos.  I can't seem to find it on the galaxy s3.  Am I missing something or is it not an option on the s3?
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  • No sound

    All of a sudden there is no sound on any video. This on my Note 5.
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  • Screen mirroring note 4 5.1.1 with newest update this morning.

    When I had 5.0.1 and anything before that I had no issues with screen mirroring connecting to anything including tvs and the Microsoft wireless display adapter.  Since the update to 5.1.1 screen mirroring will no...
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  • I have a galaxy s 6 with full coverage protection

    I have been having troubles with charging the phone getting hot. I can plug it in with plenty of battery and it will shut off. It gets warm while charging. It will also shut off it a aux jack is plugged into the headp...
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