• Verizon Edge Question

    What happens to the $15 reduced smartphone fee if you keep your phone longer than 24 months and don't trade up?  Does the fee stay at that level or go up to $40 per month?
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  • Eligible upgrade

    Hello. I just got an edge account and one of my devices is eligible for an upgrade. I'm not really sure how this works on the edge program. What happens to my old phone and what if it's not a working device??
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  • Bad SIM Card in 6 day old iPhone 6

    After a extremely disappointing experience with Verizon's chat service, I need to find out if other people are having a problem with their Verizon manufactured iPhone 6 SIM Card and ultimately, poor customer service.&...
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  • I recently upgraded to an i6. The price says 199.00 with a two year contract. I did the 2 year contract and still had to pay full price for phone. What is the answer to this dilemma

    I recently upgraded to an i6. The price says 199.00 with a two year contract. I did the 2 year contract and still had to pay full price for phone. What is the answer to this dilemma
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  • Where/how can I report poor 4G LTE data coverage in a specific location in Tucson

    Is there somewhere online that I can report a data coverage issue or a number to call?
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  • iPhone upgrade

    If Apple comes out with an iPhone 7, will I have to pay full price for an upgrade if my contract is not up?
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  • Need question answer from bill

    Why is xxx-xxxx not getting the $10 loyal customer discount     Personal information removed to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service   Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator
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  • Where on earth is a link to where I can complain about the customer service??

    I got 4 calls today about paying my bill... which I answered everytime. I got a call on my HOMEPHONE and was bugged over and over even AFTER I had made arrangements! This happened last month too. I am fighting kidney ...
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  • bad signal

    The past couple of weeks my signal at home has been terrible. It's always bad, but now it has been sometimes non existent. We have cell phones and also our home phone through Verizon. Have you changed soon something? ...
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  • bluetooth and wi-fi not working on droid

    Had a problem with wi-fi not working.  Support recommended a hard reset.  After the reset, I also lost bluetooth function with no apparent way to restore.  The device indicates that it's paired but does...
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  • Droid Turbo switching time by hours randomly

    The Time on my DROID Turbo randomly changes by hours for a about an hour before switching back
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  • Lumia 928 sucking at life...

    OK. Lumia 928. Piece of S. Get that. Wifi has stopped working everywhere, USB connection to the PC is no longer working either. It powers, but won't read it. I tried updating the drivers, no good. I reinstalled my Op ...
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  • Having trouble receiving texts

    I'm having trouble receiving text messages from my sister. She receives all of my texts. When she replies, her phone shows her messages have gone through but I never receive them. This isn't related to just one phone....
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  • Moving to Richmond.

    Can I order phones with VA cell numbers while in Atlanta?  We are moving from Saudi Arabia to Richmond but need to go to Atlanta for a while first.  I'd like our new phones to have numbers from VA, not GA.
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  • Ear speaker went dead.

    My ear speaker is dead, this is the 2ndM8 I've had that did this, can barely hear the speaker when it's turned on.
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  • Will not connect to pc note 4

    Why will my note 4 charge from usb on computer but not connect, im using 3 different cables 2 are samsung cables
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  • Since upgrading to BB Classic from my beloved BB Curve, I can no longer send texts when I am in certain areas.  Phone drops down to 1X from 4G.

    I bought my BB Classic in February (after waiting almost a year for it to be launched on VZ).  I had the BB Curve for many years which I loved!  Now when I go away on weekends to my summer place in Northern ...
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  • Can't text my husband

    My husband and I have IPhone 6, he can text me and I receive it but when I text back he doesn't receive it. We're on the same plan
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  • Day excursions from ship? Most cost effective option?

    Taking day excursions to Spain, France & Italy from cruise ship. Only need to text with fellow travelers and research as needed to get around. Don't need social media etc. Suggestions? Have iphone 6.
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  • PLEASE HELP ASAP: Need regular bill for early termination payment like yesterday but today is okay

    I paid the ETF fee to try tmob. for a bit for trully unlimited w/zero slower than 4GLTE at least through end of this year. So I went in and paid the early termination fee but the store rep. would only give me a small ...
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