• Fixing 'my number'

    I just set up my old iPhone for my mom but it still shows my number as "my number" on the new phone.  How can I fix this?
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  • Pay the bill after closing the account,

    I closed my account 2 month ago without paying the remained bill.   When I talked with a service person, he said that the remained bill would be sent to me via e-mail,   but I've never seen about it until ...
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  • Where on earth is a link to where I can complain about the customer service??

    I got 4 calls today about paying my bill... which I answered everytime. I got a call on my HOMEPHONE and was bugged over and over even AFTER I had made arrangements! This happened last month too. I am fighting kidney ...
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  • Here's to hoping Verizon sees this

    I am a servicemember currently stationed in South Korea. Verizon took a payment from my bank after my account was suspended so I now have a negative balance. I would love to call Verizon, but I am half the world away ...
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  • Where/how can I report poor 4G LTE data coverage in a specific location in Tucson

    Is there somewhere online that I can report a data coverage issue or a number to call?
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  • Why can't I receive group messages on my new Android when in a group with iphone users?

    I switched from iphone to Android and now can't receive group texts from my friends with iphones. I deactivated my apple account.
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  • Not receiving group texts on iPhone 6

    I have an iPhone 6 and am not receiving any group text messages. I have tried turning imessage off and on. Signing out and back into iMessage and face time, resetting my network settings. Cellular data is on, enable l...
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  • Serious Problem with Verizon

    I have a huge problem with Verizon.  I took my adult son to a local Verizon store and bought him a phone. When the phone was activated and an account set up, the clerk used MY personal information with my SON'S a...
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  • JetPak data usage question.

    I use a JetPak at home for wireless internet.  We have it set so that only specific devices can access the internet via the JetPak.  For some reason the other morning (and I'm talking between 2am and 6am) so...
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  • Data Usage

    Does anyone wonder why we cannot store our unused data GB's when it does not get used up? We had to leave in an emergency situation mid-January and retuned end of February so we only used half of our GB's paid for. Wh...
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  • MMS message WiFi trouble

    I have a Droid RAZR M. It seems like since the KitKat rollout, I am unable to receive MMS messages while I have WiFi turned on. I understand that MMS travels via the mobile data and I do have that on. But itnseems the...
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  • damage to screen

    my iphone just cracked while i was reading on it. it has a slight hairline crack on the face. anyone help with what i can do about it?
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  • I have spent the last week trying to get a new phone.

    Last Wednesday I spoke with a lovely young lady in the Charlotte, NC call center.  My cell phone was no longer working and I was just a little over a month shy of my renewal date.  We had a great conversatio...
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  • Couldn't make the call to finish activation process and now phone won't activate.

    I have an iPhone 4s and while I'm away in Ireland I have tried activating my phone through the verizon website. I made it as far the last step where it said to make a call to *### (* followed by 3 digits). I could not...
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  • My sounds won't work

    Just got my apple 6 and no sounds come out. The ringer does not work it only vibrates. I set up all the sounds. I have been to the Verizon store for something every day since I bought it. Also how do you set up my mai...
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  • Terrible Customer Service / Billing Options

    I have enrolled in auto pay.  Had auto pay set up, then I got a new bank card.  After receiving the new card, I immediately updated payment info with Verizon way ahead of the next bill.  I find that the...
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  • Smart Lock not working after Lollipop upgrade

    I was looking forward to using the Smart Lock security feature after my recent lollipop upgrade, but I can't get it to work. I get to the point where 'Smart Lock' is available in the Security settings, but after I sel...
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  • Verizon Wireless Customer Service could not care less about their customers

        I have an iPhone 6 and after 8 months the charging port stopped working for unexplainable reasons. I called customer service on Thursday morning and gave them my shipping address and promised that with o...
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  • HTC One M8 Lollipop roll-out begins

    The HTC One M8 Lollipop roll-out has begun:   HTC One (M8) Software Update Benefits | Verizon Wireless
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  • Anyone having problems with their Samsung Galaxy S5 LED not working for notifications after the Lollipop update?

    This is completely frustrating since I have my phone on silent all day at work!
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