• NFL mobile 2015 update not available??

    I have a Samsung Ativ Odyssey i930.  I recently tried to update the NFL mobile app, but I got a message that said the update wasn't available for my phone.  What do I do to upgrade or download the current NF...
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  • data usage doubled ?

    Not sure how data can double in usage with not much differently being done. the past 2 months , since the change, it shows my data usage being doubled. Anyone else have this issue ?
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  • Update?

    My LG 8.3 LTE tablet has been downloading an update from VW for the last week, today it has made it 80% bit has been at it all day. I am doing this over WIFI and the file is only 1226.3MB.  What is this and why i...
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  • Is there any way keep my existing plan and get a new phone with out paying full price upfront?

    My current phone is having a lot of issues and I need to get a new one, however I do not have $700 to buy a new one.  Is there any way to get one on a payment plan without losing my existing plan?
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  • startup manager for apps

    What is the best app that will prevent apps from restarting?
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  • i signed up for fios 6 months ago handed my stuff back to the same tech guy that day its was 1/2/2015 and never got my money back im pretty sure just checked my bank account and could not find it

    i was just wondering why i didnt get remembursed when yall said i would then i called and you said i wasnt in the system
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  • LG G Pad 7.0 won't finish the Setup Wizard (Restoring...)

    New LG G Pad 7.0 won't finish the Setup Wizard. It gets through language selection, setting up our wireless internet, we skip email account setup...but after the Google Services page, it goes into a never-ending "Rest...
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  • Local Verizon store allowed elderly father-in-law to add new phone to our acct?

    He does have an phone on our account that we provide for him. There is not an upgrade on that phone until Nov 2016, yet they allowed him to add another phone to our account without authorization. So now we're paying f...
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  • Wi-Fi stops working after Mobile Hotspot is turned OFF

    When the Mobile Hotspot app on my Note 4 is turned on, the device's Wi-Fi is disabled, which is required. Later, when I turn the Mobile Hotspot off, Wi-Fi is re-enabled, and connects to known wi-fi networks, but I hav...
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  • Why doesn't tap n pay work on vzw Note 3 ??

    I tried to set up my Google Wallet app for tap and pay with the nfc capabilities and it is not supported. Why is that? Is it a Google issue why it doesn't work, or Samsung, or Verizon? Very frustrating to have a nice ...
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  • Will Verizon support Samsung Pay?

    On the Samsung Pay site Verizon is not listed as a carrier that will be supporting Samsung Pay.  What is the official stance from Verizon on enabling this capability for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge?  Is there ...
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  • Messages

    My messages on Facebook come up on my messages on my phone here lately. How do I get it to stop please?
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  • my kindle fire says that I'm connected to my jet pack but I'm not able to browse

    my kindle fire says that I'm connected to jet pack, yet I'm unable to browse
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  • Can't play music on galaxy core prime

    Just bought a galaxy core prime for my daughter and moved all our music files over to the SD card on the device via my computer.  Google music nor Samsung music apps will play the music.  Just says "Couldn't...
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  • Hotspot

    How do I make my I phone 6 a hotspot so I can use my I pad. There is no WIFI where I am at.
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  • Cloud sync between two phones

    I'm looking to sync the contacts for two phones.  First one is a droid turbo.  Second is a Samsung Convoy 3.  Both phone are on acvtive lines with thier own phone numbers.   The contacts are on th...
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  • Billing help

    I've been with Verizon for about 6 years. I've kept my promises to pay always and never had service interruption. I had selected the prompt to notify of late payment and it's due by tomorrow. I know the rules on not m...
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  • Ready to activate

    How do I get rid of this botton on starup, phone is already activated
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  • Need puk

    Can't call need puk and phone settings make number out of display apple 6 plus
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  • forgot my screen lock code

    I set a code to lock my screen and now I cant remember it the phone isnt locked yet is there anything I can do before it locks me out
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