• my ellipsis will not turn on

    Tried starting it while plugged in and while unplugged - no response   No charging indicator when plugged in   Was on and working evening before - woke to blank and unresponsive screen
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  • when i compose a message the same contact has duplicate numbers

    when i compose a message and search for the contact it comes up with duplicates of their numbers
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  • When will Verizon enable wifi calling?

    I live in a location that has terrible cell coverage with Verizon.  When I initially signed on with Verizon, they had an agreement with AT&T to share towers.  Under that agreement I had no trouble, but i...
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  • My new HTC Desire 526 over heats and drops calls ? Will disabling messenger plus help?

    I recently switched from BB to a simple HTC 526. CALLS SEEM TO DROP AND OVERHEATS AFTER 5 minutes. Also I disabled Messenger Plus will this help?
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  • Is texting on the verizon website the same as texting from my phone?

    Im in canada and I know it says it's only for other Verizon customers, but is it the same as texting from your phone if youre using WiFi to text over the Verizonwireless.com website? Can you text people from Sprint an...
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  • Dont need data plan or smartphone

    My father got talked into buying a new smartphone with data plan. He doesn't use his data so he doesn't need the phone. Can he return his iPhone 5c that he's had for about 6months? He wants a basic phone and basic unl...
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  • I am not getting any notification sounds for texts and posts are a day old when I receive them, why?

    I am not getting notification sounds, why?
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  • Mail app - Pin expired

    I'm trying to sign in using the mail app to my Windows Live Hotmail account.  I'm get a 503 80383: Pin Expired message and can't go any further.   What do I do?
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  • Another lame Verizon action.  No links to the free Thankgetting Amazon movies and other offers

    Why doesn't Verizon have a link on the page it takes me to for the free amazon movies, etc?  There was no time limit listed on the ad.  I clicked on the 1q GB button and supposedly got my 1 GB.  It's on...
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  • Activate prepaid phone on postpaid account?

    If I buy a brand new prepaid phone can it be activated on an existing postpaid account?
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  • I want to give someone a Christmas gift of a new smartphone.  Can I give that person multiple $100.00 gift cards and will they be accepted for purchase at a Verizon store or online.

    The total cost will be $600.00 + and while I have used  credit cards and a single gift card purchases have never tried to use multiple gift cards.
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  • verizon cloud not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pleaseee someone help me my verizon cloud icon on my laptop doesnt work anymore n cant get to my pics n vids but from my ph n tablet i can i called verizon n no one knows what they r doing!!!! REALLYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??...
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  • Restore color

    How can I restore the color back to my cellphone
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  • What happened?

    I signed up days ago for the Thanksgiving  offer and I did not receive the free GB or anything. What happened? It said several times thanks for participating. Did I do something wrong?
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  • Payoff device with the trade-in gift card

    I received 3 Verizon gift cards from trade-in's. I want to pay off one the phone using those gift cards. It doesn't allow me to do it online as there is no option to enter 3 different gift card information.   H...
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  • New smartphone device payment activation req'd

    So if I upgrade I have  fee to pay to activate the new phone?  How much is this fee? 
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  • Cyber Monday deal - GizmoGadget

    I know the Gizmos have a smaller market than the smartphones do, but that's no excuse for messing with them on the deals page. On the Cyber Monday deals page it has the GizmoGadget set for free, but you try to click o...
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  • Verizon mobile

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop smartphone. I also have Verizon mobile. The mobile app has changed and I no longer able to see my incoming and outgoing calls from the phone. How do I access that call log? Thanks.
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  • MiFi6620L drops wifi to my Nest after last update, how to fix it?

    I was using a MiFi6620L at my cabin to control my NEST thermostat.  I has worked quite well since I got it almost a year ago.  I leave is connected to the AC power all of the time and also use it as an acces...
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  • Backup Assistant contacts - how to recover after sync deleted Verizon's data

    Hi, I am wondering how to recover my contacts from Backup Assistant Plus, but my situation is slightly more complicated than a simple recovery of data.  I had to do a factory reset because the new Lollipop upgrad...
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