• Early contract upgrade

    I currently have a 2-yr contract with unlimited data and want to upgrade 6 weeks early.  I have tried 3 different routes to have this done and wasted precious time I could spend with my family all to recieve a ne...
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  • HTC M8 putting 011 in front of all US phone numbers

    Hi - I've had my HTC M8 (Verizon) for a few days now and I love it but for one major issue. My contacts are loaded on to the phone through the Exchange ActiveSync server. When I go to dial someone by either dialing th...
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  • I just got my replacement phone from Warranty. The phone was on for just 2 hours and it crashed. I was told that motorola knows about this "possible" issue. I got a new sim, hard reset, If it can be done I did it. They are now sending me the same phone ag

    I just got my replacement phone from Warranty. The phone was on for just 2 hours and it crashed. I was told that motorola knows about this "possible" issue. I got a new sim, hard reset, If it can be done I did it. The...
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  • S5 stolen during shipment via FedEx

    Big surprise, right? Unfortunately, the phone is so scarce in stores here that I had to opt to have it shipped. Either way, FedEx's thieving employee should have kept his/her greedy little hands out of my package. At ...
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  • Droid Charge will not connect to Verizon Email server

    A little over a week ago my Samsung Droid Charge stopped connecting to the Verizon mail server.  I've been to the local store and the associate did a factory reset - it still wouldn't connect.  He said I nee...
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  • Galaxy S3 Bluetooth not connecting after Jan 2014 update

    During the first week of January, my Galaxy S3 did an automatic system update.  Since that time, bluetooth is not working properly and I have not been able to obtain any valid help.   Prior to the update, m...
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  • I have an iphone 4s how do you track your phone when its lost

    I know you can track your phone when its lost, how do you do this
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  • VZW SIII Stuck on 4.1.1 - Heartbleed

    Hello - my device does not show any updates being available.  I did a factory reset and still stuck on 4.1.1   I know 4.1.2 and now 4.3 updates are available.   keeps saying NO OTA - no updates in Ki...
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  • how do i delete messages on galaxy s5

    I just got the new Galaxy s5, and can't seem to find a way to delete text messages.  Am I just stupid? Okay don't answer that.  Just the first part of the question.
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  • Cannot copy files direct from PC to DROID-Mini

    Have direct connection to PC (Win7x64 OS) via USB data/charge cable. I am trying to copy MP3 files to the Music folder on phone but I get "Device might not be able to play this type of file", and then "Cannot copy fil...
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  • After installing latest update to my Samsung Note2, it will ONLY flash the start-up screen that says "Samsung GALAXY NoteII"

    I installed the most recent update on my Galaxy Note2 and now all my phone does it flash the start-up screen that says "Samsung GALAXY NoteII".  I have tried everything from removing the battery for long periods ...
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  • No APN Specified. MMS problem

    My HTC One started giving me a toast notification yesterday stating "No APN specified on the device" and now I can't receive or send any MMS. I've tried resetting my phone, turning it off and pulling the sim out, manu...
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  • Low signal. Is it my phone or the service?

    Problem: Low signal: 1 or two bars (-110 dBm 30asu) poor voice quality: (frequent issues with the other line having difficulty hearing due to my phone breaking up)   Whether i'm inside or outside, I have been h...
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  • Jetpack sucking data with CPU off. We have proof!

    I have seen a few other posts here that did not contain enough information to pin the tail on the donkey and these charges on the Jetpack itself. This error in providing adequate information is what allowed Verizon to...
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  • With what we pay for our bill, why cant verizon hire more customer and technical people to answer their calls

    My military discount some how dropped off my bill...had to redo it months after i finally realized it.   10 years of verizon loyalty...and thousands of dollars spent on phones and bills.   Havent been able...
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  • Internet website accessInternet website access

    When I try to navigate to the Website,  www.verizonwireless.com   ,   my browser won't pull it up.  It doesn't even time out,  it just works and works.  I use the newest interne...
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  • Samsung Galaxy note 3 no service?

    I have just got the N3 on the 10th, i pre-ordered it from best buy. I have spent over 8 hours with best buy and Verizon trying to get my service to work everywhere. we have changed the phone and the sims card more tha...
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  • grandfather unlimited

    I have unlimited data with verizon. I am badly due for a new phone, but I do not want to spend the non-contract price for a device. Is there anyway verizon will allow me to buy a phone at the two year contract price w...
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  • Do you have to use the fingerprint option?

    Do you have to use the fingerprint option?  Or can you use the standard lock Swipe on Screen?
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  • M8 Update?

    Downloading now but cannot find any info or announcement on it. Anyone know what this update brings?
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