• Switched phones and 4g LTE not working - switched back to old phone and now it's not working either.

    I tried to switch to a prepaid phone which was given to me. When I switched, I was not receiving signal. Since then I was told that this phone may be an AT&T prepaid phone by a verizon representative.   Now...
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  • E-mail addresses when sharing pictures

    Is there a way to set a default email address to bring up when I share a picture?  Right now it brings up an email address I've never seen and it doesn't bring up anything that I use frequently until I drill down...
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  • I no longer receive a notice when I have voicemail.  Is there something on my phone I need to do to get it back?

    I no longer receive a notice in the notification panel when I have a voicemail.  Is there something on my phone I need to do to get it back?
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  • Unable To Switch From Gear s2 Back to S7

    Received my Gear s2 this morning and while setting up my device it was activated as my primary device. I presumed the watch would act as a secondary device on the same line; allowing simultaneous use -- (i.e. if watch...
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  • Elliposis wont print... Cant find a printer on here.

    Printer won't print
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  • Can not get sms alert

    Can not get sms that I setup on my lg transpyre
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  • Does anyone know how to uninstall a software update from Verizon?

    Verizon software update will not let my device hook up to my WIFI anymore, unit is useless now, how can I uninstall the update? Computers you can backdate the computer to before the update where can I find that on the...
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  • My router/phone is not reporting data useage

    My router/phone device that gives me internet and home phone service just stopped reporting data useage. It has been doing this for 43 days now. Home phone and intenet access working ok. Any ideas or haS ANYONE WITH ...
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  • Damaged my Galaxy S4, replacing with S5 from ebay. Will my sim card from S4 work in the S5?

    Damaged my Galaxy S4, replacing with an S5 from ebay (Verizon), without a sim card. Will the Sim card from the S4 work in the S5?
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  • Storage space and miscellenaous files

    I've gotten a message at times that says I am running low on storage space and to delete some files. After looking under settings/more/storage/miscellaneous files, I see that these files are using up half or more of m...
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  • Ellipsis Jetpack.  Can't register.  Error says my perfedctly valid email address is already used.

    I have purchased an Ellipsis Jetpack to use when travelling as a Wi-Fi hotspot for my laptop.  I can't resister the device on the registration Web Page because the page returns an error telling me my email addres...
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  • Galaxy 7 will not access data

    I  have two new Galaxy 7's, both will not access my data from 3rd party apps, we have done all the checks and rechecks over the phone with verizion techs and still no success, what could be interfering. It was 3 ...
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  • Cloud access

    How do I get to and access my cloud on the Verizon wireless website? Thanks!!
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  • Ransomware

    My device is locked with ransomware.im on another device .how to fix my phone
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  • my tablet screen is schattered

    I dropped my LG tablet and schatted the screen can I send it in and get the screen replaced or do I have  to buy another tablet
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  • changing device

    I want to switch my net ten phone to Verizon carrier so I can switch my current device with it. How do I do this
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  • I have a Blackberry Z10 and lately I have not been able to receive text messages

    Does anyone have a answer to my situation with my Blackberry Z10 not able to receive text messages unless I restart my phone
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  • I have been lied to an deceived by Verizon customer service. I have 11 email correspondences with no results. Who is in charge and when will I hear from you?

    Verizon customer service lied to me and now wont answer my emails. Eleven copies of emails to customer service and no results. Time to go to the better business bureau and anywhere else to make them be responsible for...
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  • Invalid number

    My phone has been working correctly up until now. I had a notification that I had a voicemail but when I check it, it says my number is invalid. I tried making a phone call same thing. I can however text and access ap...
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  • Why does one of my lines on my plans call logs show all zeros?

    Why does one of my lines on my plans call logs show all zeros is this done intentionally by my child who has this line so I can't see who is calling because it's like the numbers are blocked out it shows minutes but t...
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