• Is there any way to deactivate a device from the Verizon website?

    I'm trying to deactivate a phone we don't use anymore, and I'm wondering if I can do that anywhere on the Verizon Wireless website? I've found the "suspend services" tab, but I want to permanently deactivate the phone...
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  • All Omnipotent Phone?

    Is there any phone in the world that works on all carriers?  Just wondering if there was such a beast in production.
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  • Callers cannot hear me when I use LG Accolade

    When I call someone or they call me, the caller can barely hear my voice. Master volume is set to high and I can hear them just fine.Just started yesterday! Any suggestions as to what is wrong?
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  • just paid for the samsung 5 has broken screen

    where can I get screen fixed
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  • The More Everything plan question

    What is the difference between smartphones and basic phones in The More Everything plan?
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  • IPhone order stuck in processing?

    Hi, my son recently broke his Iphone 5c and unknowingly that we had insurance on his phone, activated an old 4 as a replacement phone. Verizon would not support the claim for the 5c because of that. We didn't think th...
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  • How do I get a large mp4 file off of my phone?

    1--Its too big to upload to GDrive (presumably because it can't create a swap file) 2--I can no longer mount the phone as a USB Mass storage device in order to just drag it off to my desktop (thanks to one of Verizon...
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  • WiFi

    I cannot get my WiFi to activate. Can anyone help?
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  • can i see when my phone was last accesed and used and restored.

    can i see when my phone was last accesed and used and restored.
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  • Phone Upgrade Question

    My phone is available for an upgrade, but I am on my father's data plan and only his name is on the verizon wireless account. He is not able to go with me to the verizon store to get my upgrade. Is it possible for jus...
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  • Will sim card still work?

    I currently have an iPhone 4S and plan to switch to my sister's old iPhone 5. The sim cards are different sizes and I have to order a new one.  If I order a new SIM card for the iPhone 5, will my SIM card with my...
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  • Service

    Please help me understand how this company stays in business.   On the telephone with them since 10 ish tonight activating my voice mail.  Tech after tech cannot fix it.  I wait over 40 minutes on hold...
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  • How can I read my screen in bright sun  light

    I can not read my screen when I am outside when it's bright out. How can I get around this problem?
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  • New Note 4 Issues re incoming emails

    Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong because for my new Note 4, incoming emails are not accompanied by a ringtone of any kind, but are instead silent.
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  • verizon edge

    If I pay off my Verizon edge device, do I get to keep it?
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  • I tried to sing in on my moble phone but it keeps telling me it does not recogize my phone #, why not?

    I tried to sing in on my mobile phone but it keeps telling me it does not recognize my phone #, why not?
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  • Jack pack

    I want to stop billing on the jack pack it has been one of the worst investments I have made at first it used over 6 gigs and the two phones are operating the same today as back then and we do not even use 2 gigs. I o...
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  • Kyocera Brigadier, awful outbound call quality

    Working on the farm and in the woods I thought it would be good to have an indestructible phone in case of an emergency.   Have that supposedly indestructible phone, the Kyocera Brigadier, except no one will...
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  • Can't make connectivity with the USA even though I have international calling.  How can I get in touch with a Verizon representative?

    How can I make connectivity to the USA from Mexico?  I have an international calling plan but can't get in touch with a Verizon representative for help.
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  • 3rd mic failure on the LG G2 and Verizon + LG won't replace with different device

    I am now on my 3rd LG G2 in 7 months. Verizon has had to replace it twice when the microphone jack started disconnecting whenever slightly moved. This has now happened again with my third one. They work fine for 2 - 3...
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