• Worst phone I have ever had

    Kyocera chooses when it will connect to the internet. I have gone in to the Verizon service center and it works as every time. Their response is there is nothing wrong and they can not fix it if it is not broken. I am...
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  • Upgrade

    In the past, I have been able to upgrade my phone in May(actual upgrade date is October) with a small early upgrade fee(I believe it was $30 this last time). Is this still something that can be done?
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  • Difficulty upgrading

    Today has been the most disappointing day I have had as a Verizon customer of more than 12 years and the worst customer service experience I have received as a paying customer. Apparently the $1,400.00+ I pay per year...
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  • Cancel shipped upgrade order?

    I ordereda CPO Fascinate on Wednesday. the 2nd day shipping had it arriving on MONDAY the 28th (upsetting). My question is, If I decline the delivery and the device comes back, VZW will just undo all the changes on t...
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  • How can i replace my Sim card?

    I recently lost my phone. But since i'm almost due for an upgrade figured i'd just get the upgrade. However my sim card is obviously still in the old phone. Will my upgrade come with a sim card? if not, how do i reque...
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  • help

    I factory reseted my old phone so my brother could use it but it send me to setup wizard and it said i need to activate the phone or make an emergency call what can I do?:( vzw-admin vzw-admin
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  • Is Lollipop available for my Galaxy S4

    I am curious about the Lollipop upgrade on my Galaxy S4. Are there any known problems with upgrading? I have read that there are battery issues (draining fast) and bluetooth issues (losing connection in the car, then ...
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  • anyone else having a devil of a difficult time getting your subsidized upgrade re-stored?

    ...after buying a discounted (by the 2 year subsidized upgrade) phone from Amazon, and returning it?   Amazon received the returned phone on May 2nd 2015, and indicated that they'd informed Verizon that they had...
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  • Why should I stay?

    I started my service March of 2013 and bought the Droid Max with a 2 yr contract. Over the last year I have dealt with 2 phones which freeze up, lag, and have horrible battery life. One of the phones has been replaced...
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  • free fm radio without using data

    I have LG g3 and it won't let me use the chip for free fm radio (no data usage) I would love to use this already pay enough on data why not be able to listen to music fo free
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  • 3rd mic failure on the LG G2 and Verizon + LG won't replace with different device

    I am now on my 3rd LG G2 in 7 months. Verizon has had to replace it twice when the microphone jack started disconnecting whenever slightly moved. This has now happened again with my third one. They work fine for 2 - 3...
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  • Don't be misled like I was

    I went to a local Verizon store to get a new phone since mine was 2 years old...at the same time we were going to get my husband a phone since he'd not had one before.  The Verizon rep told me my account had a $4...
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  • Interruptions menu missing from Lollipop update on Galaxy Note 4

    I i updated my note 4 to the Lollipop update a few days ago.   Under settings,  sounds and notification, i couldn't locate the "interruptions" menu.   If I do a search, the interruptions menu doe...
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  • moto g to moto g device change

    I had a Walmart moto g and it broke so I switched to my other moto g. The screen doesn't work so I couldn't get the confirmation code to change the device. I tried to change again but the MEID is correct so it won't a...
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  • Sony experia z3v wifi connectivity issues

    So I am currently having this reoccurring issue with my phone staying connected to the wifi at my home or any wifi at all even though the wifi signal will read that it's connected when I get on the internet it pretty ...
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  • voice mail

    Why do I have to go on my DATA to receive my voice mail?
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  • Anyone having problems with VZ Navigator?

    Getting message that VZ Navigator is having a trouble communicating with its servers. Please try again. (2002)   Have been trying again for several days...same message. Can anyone help me?
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  • Upgrading out of home state

    I'm a CA resident with Verizon.  I'm currently out of state and need to upgrade my phone.  Are there any extra fees and/or penalties for upgrading outside one's home state?
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  • lg g3 vs98523a to vs98523b or c

    Hello all, hopefully someone can help me out with this.  My phone has been updated to Lollipop vs98523a.  It has a lot of bugs and a lot of my apps are force closing.  I'm seeing on here that many are g...
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  • switching devices

    I am trying to switch between my sg6 and a droid ultra. It keeps telling me to switch the Sims card but the ultra does not have one. I can't figure out how to switch devices. Verizon Wireless Customer Support
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