• What is the Security Code for new Device?

    I got a phone from my cousin and I don't know what the 4 digit security code is. What can I do?
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  • Interruptions menu missing from Lollipop update on Galaxy Note 4

    I i updated my note 4 to the Lollipop update a few days ago.   Under settings,  sounds and notification, i couldn't locate the "interruptions" menu.   If I do a search, the interruptions menu doe...
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  • Fourth piece of crap refurbished Apple Iphone replacement from Verizon???

    Paid for the insurance, and have received three refurbished Apple IPhones.. all junk, none lasted longer than a few months. Now my last refurbished one won't keep/take a charge, a problem I had since I got it, but was...
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  • 2 year contract upgrade deal gone?

    We have 4 lines on our account, 2 of which were due for upgrades in July.  We were ready to upgrade our iPhone 5 to 5S - the deal was $0.99 with a 2 year contract (plus the upgrade fee of $40).  Not realizin...
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  • Tradein program

    Dear verizon, I just came to verizon from sprint. As part of the process in am supposed to trade in my Old. Sprint phone however my tradein bag keeps getting mailed to the wrong address. I live in a very small town a...
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  • upgrade

    So yesterday I talked to several sales reps on chat trying to upgrade my phone. I just found out they no longer give free phones even though that's what I was told when I started with Verizon. 3/7/14. and received fre...
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  • Does anyone know how to reach Verizon customer service by email?

    I am living overseas, my daughter in the states has run into roadblocks managing our account for us.  I have tried to call customer service with Skype but cannot ever get through, keep getting told to use their o...
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  • Sms to att not sending

    Having issues sending sms messages mainly to att customers
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  • Why does my apple 5c say "no service" when I am in Mexico, yet I have signed up for international service.

    I am in Mexico for a few months.  Prior to leaving the USA I spoke to a Verizon rep who suggested I use the $2 per day package which is applicable only on the days that I text or phone.  Since arriving, my p...
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  • Is there any way to upgrade my device early, before the end of my 2-year contract?

    @MADEINBR00KLYN asked @VZWSupport on Twitter:   Q: Is there any way to upgrade my device early, before the end of my 2-year contract?   A: With the Device Payment Program, you can purchase a new full priced ...
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  • Blue tooth

    I have an open ticket for some time now...No one has gotten back to me.  My new South Edge will not play my music through the radio in my Chevy Silverado 2011.  It worked with multiple Galaxy 4 in the same t...
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  • question about edge..

    If I have a phone on Edge, and I purchase an unlocked phone, how do I cancel the edge phone, return that phone and activate the unlocked phone on that line?
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  • my lg g4 will not turn on or charge

    This afternoon my phone randomly turned itself off. I tried to turn it on a couple of times and it would load up the LG welcome screen, but would turn off before the red Verizon screen came up. Now when I try to turn ...
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  • how do I retrieve my old apps from my old to new phone?

    Just activated a new phone for my wife.  All of her contacts transferred easily using Backup Assistant.  Pictures were swapped with the sim card.  I decided to just start over with most of her apps at t...
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  • 27545 zip code

    I live in 27545 zip code and my phone displays 1X and I can not call or text not even 611
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  • How can I find the identifying numbers for a phone that was lost in Dublin in a cab? There is an IMEI number and I believe, another.

    My son in law lost his phone in Dublin.
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  • Password

    How do I put a password on my phone, I just swipe to open but want more security
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  • How do I unlock a sim card?

    how do i unlock sim card?
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  • Return old phone

    Has anyone had success mailing old phone on Edge early upgrade program? I am still waiting on mailing label/kit after a week. If so, what address did you use?
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  • Beyond frustrated with Verizon

    I have been a customer of verizon for 15 years.  In August I took I bad leap of faith and upgrade from my iPhone to a a galaxy.  I have had nothing but problems with the galaxy. I have called numerous times ...
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