• My Galaxy S6 will not accept updates.

    Since a few days after I got my S6, a screen appears every day asking to update the software. I follow the instruction, but it always reports that the update was unsuccessful. How I can get the update to finish, or tu...
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  • Upgrade without changing plan

    I am on  edge plan. I went to order a new phone online. I didn't change anything in the plan section and it told me that my monthly bill is going to drop by about $60. This doesn't make any sense when upgrading t...
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  • my phone beeps every couple minutes and not because of a text message. what setting do I need to change so I can get the beep for a text message but not continuously for I dont know what.

    my phone beeps every couple of minutes for no apparent reason. i only want it to beep for receiving a text message.  what setting do i need to change.
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  • Can you trade-in before upgrade?

    I'm wondering if I am able to recycle my current phone and use that money to get a new phone, if my current phone is not eligible for upgrade. I would purchase the new phone with a contract.
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  • Anyway I can upgrade my device for free considering I've been a loyal customer now for over 10 years?

    Basically the problem I'm finding is more and more for college and for my work study job I need a smartphone. Employer is pitching a fit I don't have one. Professor pitch a fit I can't be reached more quickly until I'...
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  • iPhone breaks and disappears from account

    One of the iPhone 5c in my account stopped working.  My son went to a Verizon store and, after some time without a solution, activated his old phone while the problem was solved. I am paying for the Verizon exten...
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  • New customer fed up ALREADY!

    So, I have been a verizon customer for not even a week and I am ready to cancel!!!!!!!!!! For starters, I ported from AT&T after I was promised I would have 4G LTE at my home. Well, I only get 1 bar of service ...
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  • Verizon unlimited data plan

    September 27, 2015     Verizon Wireless ATTN: Correspondence Team P.O. Box 5029 Wallingford, CT 06492   Regarding the line ending in [removed]   I am writing to you this afternoon to address ...
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  • Backup Assistant error 36

    I've had the same phone for over a year and all of a sudden my contacts won't update and I get an error 36 message EVERY DAY from the Backup Assistant program.  I've tried everything trying to get it to sync but ...
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  • How much would it cost to upgrade my phone right now?

    I can't seem to find this information anywhere and I'm really frustrated. I'm trying to upgrade my horrible LG Cosmos 3 to a smartphone, but I'm curious what the cost differences would be if I wanted to upgrade NOW i...
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  • 3 way call HTC 526 Desire

    When I am speaking to person A and I want to bring person B into a 3 way call, I hit the 3 dot line and choose Add Call, dial Person B's number and hit call. I see on my screen Person A is on Hold while it appears I a...
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  • My contract got extended 1 year without VZW Telling me.

    They offered me a promotion of 60 dollars because they never discounted my data plan as they promised when I returned to service. I have 3 lines total and 2 are in contract. I wanted to try Sprint and when I checked...
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  • switching from two year contract to verizon edge?

    Hi,   I purchased an iphone 6 in November of last year. I went through the normal 2 year contract with verizon. My phone now has until november 2016 for an upgrade. I was wondering if i was able to switch ove...
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  • Can you sell an edge device?

    I'm on an edge plan, and have recently been thinking about selling my current device (which I make payments on every month) in order to get a new, carrier unlocked phone (MotoX Pure Edition). Can I do this or is it a ...
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  • Got an iPhone 6 on Aug 17 and now they sell them for $100 cheaper than I paid.

    Do I have any recourse with Verizon on this.  I mean $100 is a lot of money.
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  • Puk code

    My SIM card has locked me out of my phone and I can't find the code
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  • Palm Pixi Plus, Do I need a data contract

    My wife's LG ENV Touch has died, and I got a really cheap Palm Pixi Plus, but she doesn't have a data plan   Can I activate the phone without a data contract, or what is the cheapest way of using that...
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  • Beeping disrupting while I record voice message

    I bought a prepaid Transpyre LG and have tried four times now to set up a personal voice message.  About 10 seconds in there is a beeping from the phone that interrupts the recording.  At first I thought it ...
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  • Bought a Mophie for wife's Samsung Galaxy 5 at Verizon Store and it is not working I believe it is at around 1 year old

    Galaxy 5 at Verizon Store and it is not working I believe it is at around 1 year old
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  • Being deceived and switched early, need help with price match.

    I was persuaded to switch from AT&T to Verizon on Aug 29th. I could've done that a couple days later or even after my bill cycle at AT&T (Sep 18th). I did it on Aug 29th only because the retail associate told ...
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