• LG G4 notification light won't work with email

    Hello,   We've had our new LG G4s for a few days now and can't set the notification light to blink for incoming emails. There are settings for messages and missed calls for the light to blink, but this lollipop ...
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  • Use mifi 5510L with acuity weather station

    I am looking at buying an acurite weather station which connect wirelessly to an aculink Internet bridge. The directions have the bridge connecting via ethernet to a router. I would like to connect the bridge to the m...
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  • How do i change my media from share to just me and the number i messeage?

    how do I change my share media, to just me and that  person . My Verizon
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  • pictures upside down

    Any way I orient the camera , the taken images store upside down. I notice the shutter button and video button appear upside down prior to taking a picture.
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  • How to find Passkey

    Trying to Pair my phone with Bluetooth on Computer and it is asking for Passkey.Where do i get it?
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  • Activated LG enV3, can't sync saved contacts to phone, need Data plan?

    I activated a used LG enV3 after I broke the screen on my S4mini, and I'm happy about the reduction in my monthly bill, but I've been having a difficult time loading my contacts from my computers (MacOS) or from MyVer...
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  • Does my new iPhone 6 have a kill switch if stolen?

    Apparently the law changed today requiring phone manufacturers to incorporate kill switch technology or capability in phones sold / made? Does my iPhone 6 have this? If its stolen, who activates? Do I or do I need to ...
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  • Will Verizon block robocalls for us now that the FCC allows it?

    The Federal Communications Commission has just made it clear that customers can ask carriers to block illegal robocalls and spam messages for them -- and that telcos can legally do so. I get a ton of illegal texts and...
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  • Other Samsung cases to fit Galaxy Core Prime?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. It's a nice phone, but there's only about 3 options for cases... Do cases from other Galaxy phones fit the Core Prime as well? I'm not opposed to stuffing a case with cardstock if i...
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  • How can I figure what my early termination fee would be? I have a line that ends on 1/22/16

    I have a line that ends on 1/22/16. What would the early termination fee be and how can i figure that out on my own?
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  • is the phones charger covered under manufactures warranty?

    my original charger just stopped working phone is a year old
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  • My 3g will not work on my lg. I have turned my wifi on and off, turned my phone off for a while, and even restarted the harddrive 3x

    What is wrong with my 3g? I have turned my wifi on and off, I have left my phone off for an hour, and i have even restarted the harddrive, with no luck.
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  • My galaxy s5 is not operating properly and Verizon doesn't seem to care.

    I have had multiple issues with my phone. When I try to move music to the SD card it deletes them, I was unable to get to the Verison cloud because it said I did not have wifi access (even though I could wifi to the w...
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  • Easy Edge Upgrade

    I recently switch my phone line from one family plan to another (divorce/combining household necessitated this).   Under the old plan, I was eligible for an early upgrade if I were to use Easy Edge, however, on...
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  • got new wireless modem will my samsung network reset itself

    got a new wireless modem and now my verizon  samsung network extender is not working.its been hooked up for hours and has not started working and i have rebooted it. how can i get it to work??
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  • What's the number to call to activate your device?

    My friend gave me her old phone from Verizon because my phone broke and I am not due for an upgrade until December. I don't want to pay for a new phone so I am trying to use this phone. What is the number you call to ...
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  • IMEI for my device is not on the Verizon network, but it is a factory unlocked iPhone 6 ?

    When I insert a verizon SIM with a contract or prepaid, the device works perfectly, but the website says it is not compatible with the network. Specifically, "The phone associated with the Device ID you entered is not...
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  • Question about upgrading my deivce

    Hi, i currently own a device which is on a 2 year contract, but i want a new phone. I know you have to pay the ful retail price for the phone from verizon, but i have a few questions.   1. If i buy an unlocked d...
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  • Service

    Please help me understand how this company stays in business.   On the telephone with them since 10 ish tonight activating my voice mail.  Tech after tech cannot fix it.  I wait over 40 minutes on hold...
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  • Reset voicemail password LG Exalt

    How do I reset my voicemail password?  This is on a new phone and the old phone is totally dead.  Password was programmed in.  I checked the call history for any extra digits on the VM call number, but ...
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