• Please help re multiples in contacts

    I just purchased an iphone6 plus @ Best Buy under my Verizon upgrade...I am using Verizon Cloud for my storage. The guy at BB transferred my data for me which was fine either way as I still have original phone. I late...
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  • Having an issue porting number

    So I'm trying to switch to Verizon prepaid, have my new phone, and trying to switch my old number from a different provider. For about 24 hours now, my status online shows:   "Your Old Service Provider has agree...
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  • screen trouble

    My phone recently did an update and ever since my phone hasn't been the same. When I turn my screen on to use my phone it will stay on for a split second then go off. I continue trying to turn my screen on and fight b...
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  • verizon or not

    I am ready to stop using Verizon after 10 years of service...I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy4 notebook. It has the worst service of any phone I've had in YEARS. I can't have a complete conversation on it for drop...
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  • Brigadier sent messages won't show

    Any messages I send on the Kyocera brigadier aren't showing up. They are sending, but it isn't showing them on screen. When I look at my list of all text messages, the convo isn't showing up at all, sent or received. ...
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  • Unlocked iPhone 6 on Verizon?

    Sprint unlocked or just an unlocked iPhone 6 plus, can either be activated on Verizon!   I used a Verizon sims card, in the Sprint unlocked iPhone and it works, I see 5 bars of LTE but if I try to enter the IME...
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  • How can I access call history from over a year ago?

    I would like to reach my calling history from over a year ago. How would I do that?
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  • Google Nexus 6 IMEI

    I have a Nexus 6 purchased from the Google Play Store.  Can you add my IMEI to my account so that the phone doesn't show as a "non Verizon device"?  The only difference between this phone and the one sold in...
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  • Note 4

    Note 4 unable to update any apps...
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  • New phone for out-of-contract line

    My husband recently jumped to a different carrier, so I decided that I would give his out-of-contract line to our daughter as a trial for her having a cell phone. As I don't know if I'll continue with Verizon after my...
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  • Can you use your Verizon cell phone on another cell phone provider

    can you take your Verizon cell phone to another cell phone provider?
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  • Galaxy s6 order still processing

    My order on a new phone was placed on April 9th and I still only have one email from the 9th that says it's still processing!  No update email yet and it's the 14th now. The money hasn't been taken out of my bank...
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  • I have a iphone 6 plus and i wanted to ask you all has anyone got an iPhone that overheats and doesn't turn back on?

    Idk how to go about getting a new one or just waiting to see what happens with it??
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  • Phone going straight to voicemail.

    My bf and I are on the same plan; granted I haven't paid our cell phone bill yet; his phone is able to receive incoming calls but unable to make outgoing calls/texts. My phone is sending my callers straight to voicema...
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  • early upgrade

    My upgrade on my ancient galaxy s3 is eligible on 08/06/15..only a few months away. Is there any way I can upgrade two weeks into july?? I am going to a wedding out of town on July 17th & I am hoping I can have a ...
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  • Interruptions menu missing from Lollipop update on Galaxy Note 4

    I i updated my note 4 to the Lollipop update a few days ago.   Under settings,  sounds and notification, i couldn't locate the "interruptions" menu.   If I do a search, the interruptions menu doe...
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  • Mounting an SD card

    I am having trouble with my LG Lucid. I finally figured out why my internal storage is continually full. The SD card is not mounted.   Problem is, my phone does not even allow me to select the option for mountin...
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  • My sister has the Iphone 5s, She is constantly going over data even after turning off cellular and just using wifi. Does Apple products tend to use more Data? My samsung Galaxy s5 does not seem to use as much as hers. Thank you!

    My sister has the Iphone 5s, She is constantly going over data even after turning off cellular and just using wifi. Does Apple products tend to use more Data? My samsung Galaxy s5 does not seem to use as much as hers....
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  • Switching from 5.0 ghz to 2.4 ghz results in lack of use of the Jetpack

    I am unable to return to using the 2.4 ghz frequency (channel) after having switched to the 5.0 ghz frequency (channel) on my Sony Vaio laptop computer. Anytime I select the 2.4 ghz setting, my Jetpack MHS291L is no l...
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