• How do I get Verizon unlock my Galaxy S4 so I can sell it or switch providers?

    I paid full price up front for it just ~6 months ago.  Haven been a customer in good standing for several years, and contract complete, I am month-to-month.
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  • How do I stop my LG Optimus Zone's screen from locking up during a call?

    When I answer a call my screen locks up, it used to be that when I took it away from my head it automatically would light up and I could use the other functions, now it locks up and I can't even hang up the call. Is t...
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  • Jetpack insanely slow, seems to be common problem....

    It's definitely not my computer nor my cache.  I have hooked up to other modems (such as my old provider and the library's wifi) and my laptop runs MUCH faster than with this hotspot.  I have no clue what I'...
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  • Transfering an eligible upgrade fron 1 line to another within the same plan

    Is it still possible to do this? I remember doing it before but no longer see it as an option. I have an eligible upgrade on one of the 4 lines on my plan but would like to use it on another line.
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  • Upgrades

    I have a HTC rezound which I would never recommend to anyone and have had it replaced many times, because it works terribly. My question is I am FINALLY due for my upgrade in June.  I want a galaxy 5s and are t...
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  • i have a galaxy 3 phone and i think i may have deleted some files it used on my home pc...i can no longer sink it with my computer.. please help

    i recently deleted some files from my compter and now my phone, a Galaxy 3 will no longer sink with my home pc...Please help
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  • Has anyone had your screen shatter on a Casio Commando 4G?

    Just got the new Casio Commando 4G; dropped it one time and the screen completely shattered. Not what I would call a rugged, tough phone. Verizon nor Casio will replace it. Casio Rep said they are aware that it will s...
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  • Switching Providers-need to unlock phone

    My husband paid full price to verizon for his smartphone. now we are wanting to switch providers. how do we get verizon to unlock his phone. We paid for it so we should be able to use it where we want.
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  • Just need to know how to switch my phone number on my htc to my daughters old Iphone 4, that was with Verizon too, but it doesn't show up on my online account anymore since her number went to her new phone on my account.

    Just need to know how to switch my phone number on my htc to my daughters old Iphone 4, that was with Verizon too, but it doesn't show up on my online account anymore since her number went to her new phone on my account.
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  • Anyone having a difficult time activating their new phone?

    I've been on hold for more than an hour trying to get someone from the 'customer service' line to help me with this and, well...here I am hoping someone else who has already gone through this can help me.  I trie...
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  • my phone number for the blacberry device

    Phone number for the blackberry device
    chris lopez
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  • Please Help!! Galaxy Note 3 custom opened padlock on turn on screen

    When I turn the phone it says custom lock with an opned padlock. How can i fix this? It's obvious that Verizon does not know how to fix this problem.This is the third phone that Verizon has sent me. I've only had my p...
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  • Rebate Problems Stink

    I am really frustrated because I went out of my way to ensure everything was correct that I sent in for the rebate.  Now I get a card that says I did not send in my UPC.  I did, without a doubt.  I had ...
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  • My phone keeps shutting off

    I have a Samsung Stratosphere and my phone keeps shutting off did it 6 time yesterday. and once today so far
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  • What Feature(s) Of A Cellphone Matter Most To You?

    For me the voice/call quality is #1. I want to hear and be heard clearly. After all it is a phone. This past year i've noticed something that i didn't pay any real attention to before this past year, and that is the p...
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  • Motorola Droid 4 no longer fully charging

    I knew before buying this phone that the battery life wasn't great, but this is getting ridiculous.  I bought this phone a year ago in January and now it's no longer charging to 100%.  It started about two w...
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  • having to re-enter numbers twice to make calls

    When making a call I.choose someone.from my contacts hit call then I get one of 2 messages: A. We are unable.to validate that mobile number please call *611 from your Verizon mobile phone! (Which I have). B. Please re...
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  • anyone else hate the LG

    Is anyone else having a lot of trouble with the LG phone?
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  • Samsung Illusion

    Hello, I bought this Phone Last month, it is a prepaid with page plus. Why cant I send my pictures? I try e-mail, and doesn't work, I have tried picture text, and it doesn't work. I get a text message from Version, ...
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  • My Jetpack MiFi $$$$$

    Having someone from Verizon inform me my usage charge (over use!) double pay for my Jetpack MiFi is due to a strong daily use of Internet.  I was told the Jetpack was for more of a convenience (stick in pocket &a...
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