• Message+ not sending over Wifi on S6 Edge

    I have terrible service at work (Verizon is actually trying to fix that) and the Message+ will not send over wifi. I know the Verizon techs have canned responses so I have tried everything below:   1. Uninstalle...
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  • Privacy question

    Can the primary account holder for my phone plan access my personal photos, videos and texts through any Verizon apps or online? I am going through a divorce and my husband is the primary account holder for our famil...
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  • Text

    How can I get my text messages online
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  • Message+ app/web does not sync when phone off network

    I have Verizon Messages+ on my phone, table, and desktop.  I also use the web app version on occasion.   In the past, I have noticed a delay in sync between devices when my actual phone is turned off or in...
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  • Why can't I respond to group texts with the online messnger but I can with my phone?

    Everytime I try to respond to a group chat with online messenger it says my funds are too low but I have unlimited messages and I can respond back when I am on my flip phone.
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  • Verizon Messages used for spying

    Verizon plan owner is able to download verizon messages and see all texts, deleted or not, on every phone in his plan without having to get permission. if you want same option for whatever reason, he has to give permi...
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  • Why do the text messages show contact name on my phone and only phone numbers on the website and message app?

    On the message+ app on my computer and on the verizon website, many of the contacts only show the phone numbers.. When I try to change the contact info, it won't let me. It seems the app doesn't recognize that these c...
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  • My Verizon - East Town Center - Lansing 48912

    I just have to say that my Verizon has the best customer services people in the surrounding Lansing area.  It does not matter what my issue is rather it be my bill, my phones or my tablet.  I always feel lik...
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  • can i get a record of phone calls

    can i get a record of my cell phone call.
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  • Verizon Message+ gif support

    I started using the Verizon Message+ app and really like it especially because of the integrated features for texting via a PC or a tablet. However I have tried to send and receive animated gifs and they do not work. ...
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  • Online messaging from both lines

    I am the account owner of two lines. One for business and one for personal. I seem to only be able to send texts online from one line. How can I access the same feature on my other line?
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  • Messages  Desktop App (Windows/OS X) Syncing Issue - Not all contacts appear

    I know there's plenty of threads out there - and I've search but couldn't find a resolution specific to my problem.   Issue: Not all contact names sync onto Messages+ Desktop App. It identifies the contact from ...
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  • Friends can't text me

    I am not receiving text messages from my friends.  Only replies to my messages and messages from Verizon.  I am told that my number does not show as a text capable number and that it is because my number was...
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  • Desktop Message+ App Misses Text Messages

    I use the desktop version of the Message+ app every day. I have a problem where sometimes I receive a text on my phone that does not appear in the desktop app.  This happens three or four times a day.  Somet...
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    I would like to know why Verizon has set a 50 Twitter Message Limit for its Mobile Devices. I get on average of 300 plus Twitter Messages a day so I need that Limit removed ASAP
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  • how do I go about requesting actual text messages for one of my phones on my account?

    help requesting actual text messages on one of my phones
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  • View Multiple Devices Under an Account in Online Integrated Messaging

    I have 3 devices in my account, I am the owner.  All of them have Verizon Integrated messaging installed, subscribed, and being used on each respective phone.  When I go online to the messaging link, I am on...
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  • Icon meaning

    On Verizon Message+, one active thread shows a grey triangle with an exclamation point inside it, under the threads time stamp.  What does this mean?   Thank you!
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  • Error in Messages+ Menu

    Hey all, Using a new LG Gpad 10.1 Getting this after installing the message + app. Not sure what's going on. http://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a442/Eddie_Myers/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20151106_225946_zps1boks7sm.jpg
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  • I need help with Verizon messages

    Hi I need help accessing my sons text messages the only help I can seem to receive is on my personal line. I'm the only account holder. So there should be no problem.  Thank u.
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