• Can you reset the ability to go on the web and do messaging. I changed my mind and want it reset how do you do that? So you have to re-agree to the terms?

    Please help me figure out how to do this. I realized that it saves everything and I want to clear it and  not have this ability until later when I move.
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  • my new phone has the verizon messager and i'm able to sync my messges from my old phone? but i don't understand how i just want my old messages

    i tried saving them but they won't transfer to my new phone? i'm not sure how to use this app...and i can't subscribe with my old phone?? does that matter?
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  • online album and verizon cloud question

    Ok,  I have around 60 pictures stored to the online album from as early as 2009.  I receive texts from Verizon that my content will be deleted if I don't log on to www.vzwpix.com within 30 days.  It red...
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  • How do I stop getting text messages from a fake Verizon web site asking for my personal information?

    I get two texts a week from a number that is outside the USA and that presents a red screen that looks just like the Verison Wireless homepage. The messages are usually dire such as "You number is currently blocked." ...
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  • Getting Pictures off old phone

    I cracked the screen on my old phone and got a replacement, I have put the SD card and everything into my new phone and have all my contacts but not my pictures. How do I get my pictures off my old phone onto the new ...
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  • Messaging

    3 years ago I signed up for Verizon alert text messages and was receiving messages from 1111 and now they have suddenly stopped being sent. I would still like to be receiving these messages because they are baseball s...
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  • Old Phone Text Retieval

    I got a new phone this week. The old one was under warranty, and I had to return it, so I don't have it anymore. Saved my pics, etc. However, there was one text that I failed to save or forward to my email. I received...
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  • Picture/video message retrievals

    I just received a text message on my basic Samsung cell that I needed to go on the internet and access the website vzwpix.com and follow the directions in order to view, however, when I do this, I get nothing.  W...
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  • how can i get records of all text messages

    How do you get records of all your texts? Everyone tells me to go to text usage for my number but it does not show up. Any ideas? I need them like now
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  • How can you find out where texts are coming from if they are 0000042742 for example

    Hi, I'm trying to track texts on my account and one of my lines keeps getting texts from numbers that arent numbers.  Things like 0000342913.  Stuff like that. How do I track what that is?  This is a t...
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  • texting on the bill

    when I pull up and checking the messages on the accont it has incoming pix test and out going and texting that I don't see on the phone itself could those had been deleted and that's the reason its on the bill but not...
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  • messaging

    When I go to My Verizon and click on send a message I go to the screen that has all my text messages.  I have 5 phones on my account.  Is there a way for me to see messages on the other phones on my account?
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  • new phone trouble

    I just purchased an apple iphone and would like to know how you and where you can get free ringtones
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  • Why is the messaging details usage not very detailed anymore?

    I used to be able to see the telephone numbers of every message sent and received. I can't see them anymore. What am i doing wrong? Thanks, Kevin
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  • Can I shut off cellular data service remotely?

    I don't want my daughter accessing internet service via cellular on her iPhone 5. Is there a way to shut off cellular within My Verizon - without needing to access the phone directly - so that she can only use the int...
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  • Old text messages

    Is there a way to get information on text messages over 90 days old?
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  • blocking SPAM

    I just received a text from ixkfgoctlns@realdealsmsalerts.com   [[SPAM]] You have earned a complimentary cruise for two! Call (610) 8440866   How do I block this kind of spam?   Thanks.
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  • My Usage view

    Can you view telephone numbers on My Usage that are not a verizon number? And if so what would cause some numbers to show and others not to?
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  • pix or flix message

    How to retrieve a pix or flix message?
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  • ringtones

    i I know I am a dinasour (lol) but I have never had a "ringtone" (that people can listen to while they wait for me to answer). Is it saying that I can "buy" this fo $2.99 or am I gonna be charged $2.99 each month? I h...
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