• Why certified like new phones?

    I want to know why I have to get a certified like new phone as a swap for my fascinate.  My phone is approx. 5 months old, obviously not working correctly and now I have to get a used phone.  It shouldn't be...
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  • printing

    i have a fascinate an d my question is can i use my fascinate to print to my wireless porinter straight from my phone and if so how do i go about it    bthanks in advance
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  • InnoPath ActiveCare Server Unavailable

    What does it mean when I click on System Updates then Status and the message says Server Unavailable. Is it ever available?   InnoPath ActiveCare Source: Verizon Wireless Status: Server unavailable...
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  • phone doesn't charge properly

    Phone keeps beeping as it charges. I have to hold the cable at a certain to charge it. It charges very slowly. What can I do to fix it?
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  • Phone not sending texts

    I went into my local verizon with an issue a few weeks ago, and the tech spent over an hour trying to get my phone to stop going in and out of service every 5 seconds or so. He finally did a factory reset, which seeme...
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  • voice mail - cannot retrieve

    cannot retrieve voice mail and cannot figure out why it changed. I call in to voice mail...throws me immediately into recording a message (not a greeting) and will not accept any pin numbers I put in..even when reassi...
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  • Can't send e-mails using comcast.net account

    I am unable to send e-mails from my Comcast.net account.  Messages stay in Outbox.  When I try to send, I get "Connection Error".  I am receiving messages fine.  I have deleted and added this accou...
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  • being screwed

    yes i bought my phone over a month ago and its worked crappy well i go on the web and find out i have the wrong package and wrong phone on my plan so i changed it and now they are saying i have to pay again and i just...
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  • Extremely Frustrated

          Steve Gary I agree with you. The company lies to me and never fixed the problem. Call customer service you have to wait and wait. I am going to look for another service provider.Like &middo...
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  • Samsung Fascinate Locked

    Last night my phone went mysteriously locked.  It is asking for a password and has an option for emergency calls only.  This is not the pattern lock it appears to be asking for a password.  The only pro...
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  • Extremely Frustrated

    I have been a loyal Verizon Customer for over 10 years and have always enjoyed the service.  I currently have a Samsung Fascinate and it has given me nothing but issues.  This is the 2nd replacement phone (s...
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  • Split text messages problem

    I have experienced this problem when receiving text messages from my husband, and only from him. We both have Stratosphere phones. Sometimes I will receive a message from him that are bits and pieces of messages that ...
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  • Pop Up Advertisements

    How to you get rid of pop up advertisements on websites that pop up?
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  • Can't send texts to a number

    It is my husband and that isn't good.  We can call each other and he can text me, but I am not even able to reply to his text.  This happened for the first time last week.  I thought it was because he m...
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  • Invalid MEID?

         Hello, I own a Samsung Fascinate that I've had for a while but have never activated it, but I would like to add a data plan to it.  When I try to activate my device, I dial *#06# and it g...
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  • syncservice Error message

    I am having this problem and I am on my fourth replacement phone.  My first one physically broke where you plug in the charger.  Every replacement since then has been a bigger (removed) than the last one.&nb...
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  • Getting a syncservice Error message.

    Everytime i boot up my phone i get the following error message.   The application SyncMLSvc(process com.samsung.syncservice) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again   Tried restarting the device, ...
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  • Fascinate stuck in airplane mode

    What was your solution to being stuck in airplane mode on the fascinate?
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  • Deactivated/Factory reset phone, need help to reactivate for Wi-Fi use.  (Verizon, help please???)

    Hello All, Hoping someone can help assist me in my bonehead move.   My wife and I recently purchased new iPhones and gave our old phones (Samsung fascinate / galaxy s1) to our small kids (5/7 yrs old).  Th...
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  • Beware of NFL Premium  Service False Representation

    For those of you who wish to see a key game on your phone and try to sign up for the streaming video, DON'T!  I tried to do so to watch a game and clicked on watch now bar on the screen, signed up for the $5/mont...
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