• phone doesn't charge properly

    Phone keeps beeping as it charges. I have to hold the cable at a certain to charge it. It charges very slowly. What can I do to fix it?
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  • Phone not sending texts

    I went into my local verizon with an issue a few weeks ago, and the tech spent over an hour trying to get my phone to stop going in and out of service every 5 seconds or so. He finally did a factory reset, which seeme...
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  • voice mail - cannot retrieve

    cannot retrieve voice mail and cannot figure out why it changed. I call in to voice mail...throws me immediately into recording a message (not a greeting) and will not accept any pin numbers I put in..even when reassi...
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  • Can't send e-mails using comcast.net account

    I am unable to send e-mails from my Comcast.net account.  Messages stay in Outbox.  When I try to send, I get "Connection Error".  I am receiving messages fine.  I have deleted and added this accou...
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  • being screwed

    yes i bought my phone over a month ago and its worked crappy well i go on the web and find out i have the wrong package and wrong phone on my plan so i changed it and now they are saying i have to pay again and i just...
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  • Extremely Frustrated

          Steve Gary I agree with you. The company lies to me and never fixed the problem. Call customer service you have to wait and wait. I am going to look for another service provider.Like &middo...
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  • Samsung Fascinate Locked

    Last night my phone went mysteriously locked.  It is asking for a password and has an option for emergency calls only.  This is not the pattern lock it appears to be asking for a password.  The only pro...
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  • Extremely Frustrated

    I have been a loyal Verizon Customer for over 10 years and have always enjoyed the service.  I currently have a Samsung Fascinate and it has given me nothing but issues.  This is the 2nd replacement phone (s...
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  • Split text messages problem

    I have experienced this problem when receiving text messages from my husband, and only from him. We both have Stratosphere phones. Sometimes I will receive a message from him that are bits and pieces of messages that ...
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  • Pop Up Advertisements

    How to you get rid of pop up advertisements on websites that pop up?
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  • Can't send texts to a number

    It is my husband and that isn't good.  We can call each other and he can text me, but I am not even able to reply to his text.  This happened for the first time last week.  I thought it was because he m...
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  • Invalid MEID?

         Hello, I own a Samsung Fascinate that I've had for a while but have never activated it, but I would like to add a data plan to it.  When I try to activate my device, I dial *#06# and it g...
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  • syncservice Error message

    I am having this problem and I am on my fourth replacement phone.  My first one physically broke where you plug in the charger.  Every replacement since then has been a bigger (removed) than the last one.&nb...
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  • Getting a syncservice Error message.

    Everytime i boot up my phone i get the following error message.   The application SyncMLSvc(process com.samsung.syncservice) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again   Tried restarting the device, ...
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  • Fascinate stuck in airplane mode

    What was your solution to being stuck in airplane mode on the fascinate?
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  • Deactivated/Factory reset phone, need help to reactivate for Wi-Fi use.  (Verizon, help please???)

    Hello All, Hoping someone can help assist me in my bonehead move.   My wife and I recently purchased new iPhones and gave our old phones (Samsung fascinate / galaxy s1) to our small kids (5/7 yrs old).  Th...
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  • Beware of NFL Premium  Service False Representation

    For those of you who wish to see a key game on your phone and try to sign up for the streaming video, DON'T!  I tried to do so to watch a game and clicked on watch now bar on the screen, signed up for the $5/mont...
    created by prinhydro
  • Samsung Fascinate problems

    I can't emphasis the headache it's been with this phone. My wife and I have gone through 2 Samsung Fascinates each and had the exact same problems! We went to Verizon stores. We called Verizon customer service. We sen...
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  • My Fascinate asks for a password to access voicemail but I never set one up.

    Any help would be appreciated
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  • Texts delayed for days or never sent, now "service unavailable," "network unavailable" each evening

    Very frustrated.  For some time now I've had problems with texts saying they were sent but many people reporting that they received them hours to days later, often only after a hard reboot. Over past few days I h...
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