• My camera no longer opens. Error messgae: Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped...I am still using Samsung Galaxy Nexus (2012) running Andoid 4.2.2

    I don't see the camera app icon within my settings so I cannot force stop it or clear cache. I only have the gallery icon.
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  • Gave up, returned, charged restocking fee

    Well folks I've been doing all the research, trying to make the best decision like many of you and after as much "testing" as I can do I've finally given up on having this phone and now must consider my options. I'm i...
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  • No 3G/4G service

    Hey, Today I noticed that I am no longer getting 3g/4g service in areas where it was previously fine. I have tried rebooting the phone, ensured that airplane mode is off, I'm nowhere near my data usage limits, Data...
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  • How can I enable "quick response"

    I cant figure out how to get the icons in the ringing screen to show so I can respond with a text. I have edited a text that I want to use.
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  • Nexus 5

    Disappointed Verizon won't be getting the Nexus 5. I'm going to be trying the phone on AT&T Pre-Paid but I would have rather stayed with Verizon.
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  • Where is the 4.3/4.4 update?!?!?

    The point of a Nexus phone was to get these updates quickly! 4.2.2 has its issues and we are forced to change phones.  Pitiful - time to change carriers!  Why do these companies always need to kill technolog...
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  • Major time lag with text messaging

    Experiencing a major time lag (6-12hrs) in terms of receiving text messages.  I'm clearly within Verizon service (everything else on the Nexus works) since everything else (apps, voicemail) notifies immediately w...
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  • My sons nexus is failing. will the sim card work in a refurbished and unloxked S3?

    Will my sons nexus sim card, currently Verizon, work in an unlocked and refurbished S3
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  • txt messages blocked from one user

    I need help, Txt messages sent from my husband's phone do not seem to be getting delivered to my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, running Android V.4.1.  His messages to our daughter's iPhone are delivered (her ser...
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  • Galaxy nexus, mms is not working at all

    My mms is not working at all, cant group chat nor can I send or recieve pic. I try doing a hard reset, which did work but only for a few hrs. I can also get it to work temporarily by removing the sim card and reinsert...
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  • Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

    It's Tuesday, 11 June 2013, and rumors continue about the much anticipated release of Google Jelly Bean 4.3 (or some variant of it). Though it didn't happen yesterday the 10th as some had expected--others now say July...
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  • Getting error message: VZ Backup Assistant auto sync failed

    Getting error message: VZ Backup Assistant auto sync failed
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  • After dialing a phone #, access codes, ID#s etc. aren't read  or duplicate #s--anyone having issues?

    I've had tech services try to figure out, and I've been back to the Verizon store 4 times, where they have readjusted DTMF tones and even replaced the device  with the same issue.  Since I use the phone for ...
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  • How do I use Nexus in Vietnam

    I'm travelling to Vietnam this Spring, and want to use my Nexus.  What do I have to do?
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  • MMS Not sending, APN settings?

    I've been checking the forums and there doesn't seem to be any direct answers to this problem so I thought I'd start a more detailed thread.   I have a Galaxy Nexus that has been pretty dependable until about a ...
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  • Samsung galaxy nexus camera not working

    So all of a sudden my camera doesn't work. It tells me unfortunately gallery has stopped working. I went into safe mode still didn't work did a factory reset but even that failed. HELP!!
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  • Many text messages are not being delivered, with no notification of failure

    I have had problems with sending and receiving some text messages with my girlfriend over the past six months. She's also a Verizon customer. I even turned on delivery confirmation, but it doesn't help me know when on...
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  • how do I remove profile photos from this phone

    Have old Nexus Galaxy that I need to remove all remaining pictures on phone. Profile Photos/Drop Box/Auto Backup and Posts.  Can't seem to remove  them and I want to donate this phone...I was able to remove ...
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  • No longer getting 4g service in my area

    I have a samsung galaxy nexus since it released. I have always had 4g service at my home for years. Never had a problem until about a month ago. Now i can barely get one bar of 3g signal. I have unlimited data plan, I...
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  • Battery/4g Connectivity

    IIIII I I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 5. The device is only a little more than a month old. My battery only lasts for 5 hours, and I only get 1-2 bars of 4g connectivity. What are the solutions?
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