• Backup Assistant Fails to Sync with Update

    Does anyone know if this is a glitch? I have my VW Backup Assistant syncing overnight, and every morning since updating this week, I've seen the logo on the bar saying that syncing failed. It takes about three manual ...
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  • Ghost SMS Messages

    I have 2 Ghost New SMS messages being indicated by the Widget and in my Notification bar, but there appears to be no actual messages there, when I open Verizon Messages App or the built in Messages app.!  How can...
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  • I am having a problem with my nexus. If I have the Bluetooth and / or Wifi on the Phone gets very hot

    I am having a problem with my nexus. If I have the Bluetooth and / or Wifi on the phone gets very hot and the battery drains in about 1 hour. (from fully charged).
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  • Galaxy Nexus 4.3 OTA Upgrade?

    It's Tuesday, 11 June 2013, and rumors continue about the much anticipated release of Google Jelly Bean 4.3 (or some variant of it). Though it didn't happen yesterday the 10th as some had expected--others now say July...
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  • Wideband Audio

    Hello. I'm new here and I have a question of course. Does Verizon support Wideband Audio HD? My headset has a setting for it but there's no use to use it if it's not supported, right? It uses more battery. Thank you a...
    Alan Cargile
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  • Galaxy Nexus not getting or sending all texts.

    I have noticed the problem for about a week.  It seems my phone will pick and choose which text messages to send, and which to receive.  I send them to all makes and carriers.  I have tried restarting m...
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  • Sim card problem

    Recently the service to my cell phone went out, originally I though it was do to a late bill, but after paying the bill the service still has not been restored. I tried doing a factory reset but in the set up menu it ...
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  • Galaxy Nexus Not connecting to network

    Good Evening,   I just received a replacement phone for Galaxy Nexus. The phone is not connecting to network. I am able to connect to wifi but unable to make calls or send texts since having the phone activated ...
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  • Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    So last weekend as I was charging my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I smelled something burning I quickly looked at my phone and noticed smoke coming out from my phone ! I quickly unplugged it and almost burned my hand due to ...
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  • No 3G/4G service

    Hey, Today I noticed that I am no longer getting 3g/4g service in areas where it was previously fine. I have tried rebooting the phone, ensured that airplane mode is off, I'm nowhere near my data usage limits, Data...
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  • Stuck Downloading... Do not turn off target!!

    I restarted my stock, unrooted, GNEX because it wasn't getting a data connection. When it restarted, it has the Green Android robot and "Downloading... Do not turn off target!!". Some tiny text in the lower left with ...
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  • ringtone & ringbacks

    I purchased a ringtone &  a ring back at the same time, but only got my ringtone, where is my ring back?
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  • Hey, Verizon, where is 4.3?

    If this is the way you treat your customers, I guess it's time for a law requiring carriers to provide regular security updates for the length of the service contract.  It's downright criminal (or it should be) f...
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  • Voice Command

    Where is the Voice Command button? I have tried to find it in the manual and on the phone but can't find it.  Thanks for any info. Sue
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  • Hiding phone number code

    I tried *67 and all I got was a sound like a tornado warning.  I want to find the list of codes for my phone. 
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  • Trouble receiving all responses to a group text

    In the past, I have been able to send/receive group text messages to my wife and 3 kids with no issues. All responses have stayed in the same conversation thread. However, last weekend, my wife upgraded her old Samsun...
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  • Anybody Else's Nexus Catch Fire?

    I was charging my Galaxy Nexus with the USB cord over the weekend, and after about an hour it went black and started smoking.  I pulled the cord out and after it cooled off a bit (too hot to hold onto) I pulled t...
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  • unlock Samsung galaxy nexus

    Hi, juste bought a galaxy nexus on eBay and it was with verizon. I live in Canada, Quebec and i would love to unlocked it and go with Telus.....is dit possible?
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  • My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has android version 4.2.2

    As stated above my Nexus has the android version 4.2.2, however, we originally got poor reception in our home and within the past month we now get NO reception in our home and in many other places as well.  Not a...
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  • Where is Android 4.3 for the Galaxy Nexus???????????????????

    Title says it all.   Verizon, where is our 4.3 update?  I want a real answer, not "we don't have any information on updates"....not "we rely on getting updates from the manufacturer"..... not "visit blahbl...
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