Why when i reset my phone, while i had minutes on it, it now won't let me text or call??, It's roaming 24/7 and it acts as if i had no minutes left on it when i see my account online still says i have 3 days until my ...
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  • What is cause code 64 error class 2

    What is this?
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  • Phone over heating. Battery not holding charge.

    This is the second time I have had this issue with this phone. It has began to get hot when I charge it, and as quickly as the charge is completed it is drained. The battery life is lasting literally 5-10 minutes.&nbs...
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  • Casue Code: 3 Error Class: 2

    My Phone will not send any text messages to any cell phone I'm getting an SMS Error Cause Code: 3 Error Class: 2. What is this someone please help??
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  • My rhyme will not charge

    I have been to the Verizon store twice, attitude is; too bad, so sad, get a new phone and new plan. They say they can't even save my data (pictures etc) even though it has a SD card in it? I have tried different charg...
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  • Factory Reset now can't redownload apps

    Due to an encryption nightmare I had to hard reset/ factory reset my phone. Since I have done so i have discovered that Verizon's backup assistant is a joke. I highly suggest you manually save your contacts and photos...
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  • My phone wont even hard reset

    My phone stopped charging randomly and apparently it doesn't have enough battery power to even turn on....i know it's not broken because it keeps turning on every once in a while but quickly turns off for lack of batt...
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  • Another Rhyme with a "No Sound" problem

    Daughter's phone. Cannot hear anything. Check all settings. No ringing, no sounds at all. People on other end cannot hear her either.
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  • on back up

    i just turned on a new device ad when i was setting up iCloud and was backing up it had asked what date i wanted to back up from,giving me the options from the last two back ups and i chose the wrong date,is there any...
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  • Apps and New Phone

    i have two questions 1)i have an old verizon phone a friend gave me to use because my phone keeps getting worse and quite frankly idk how much longer it will last.how do i go about getting all of my information and nu...
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  • Phone Won't Connect to Dock

    I've had my HTC Rhyme for a year now. Up until last month it worked flawlessly. Suddenly it will no longer connect to Dock Mode. I've checked everything that I can and have figured out the following:   1. The ph...
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  • HTC Rhyme - ring will not unlock

    for some reason I can't unlock my phone. The ring will not slide up to open my phone. I can't even power my phone off so I can restart it. Does anyone have any tips on how to get my phone to unlock? Please and thank you!
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  • Phone would not turn back on

    My HTC Rhyme shut down and will not turn back on. I have been charging it for over 2 hour still will not power on.
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  • Password for gmail

    How do I find out what my password is for my gmail account?
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  • Can't install some apps

    So I'm trying to help my mother with her phone because she could not install a lot of the newer apps in the Google Play store.  Come to find out, she was running an old software version and the phone would not up...
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  • HTC Rhyme won't charge

    I've never had an issue with my HTC Rhyme, but I went to plug it in to charge last night and it won't charge either through the docking station or by direct plug in.  I'm assuming battery?  Any other suggest...
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  • HTC Rhyme Mail Problems!

    Last week, I got my new HTC Rhyme. After playing around with it, I discovered the Mail function doesn't work. Keeps giving me the error message: "503 80201: Getting Token Failed" when I try to set it up. Contacted Ver...
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  • Software update status blank

    I'm checking for updates for my HTC Rhyme, and it comes up blank. Also, when I check the status, it shows the following:   Source: Verizon Wireless Name: Status: Code: 0 Date: Time: Description:   Ca...
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  • Problems with phone

    I've had this phone for a while. We used to have the same model and had problems so we sent it back and they sent us another HTC Rhyme. And go figure. More problems. My phone won't load messages and anytime I download...
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  • Good Phone. Any way to bring it back to life?

    Greetings,   I've had this phone for a bit. I've enjoyed having this phone a lot. I left it to charge near the house sink one night and when coming back to it I found it wet. It has a phone cover and I didn't th...
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