• Default storage locations

    Is there anyway in the settings to make pictures and videos automatically save to the SD card instead of internal memory? Or is there a way to move them to the SD card?
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  • battery life percentage

    I have a Droid Maxx.  Until about a week ago, there was an icon on my home screen that showed me how much battery life I had left.  Now there is a "gear" (like the settings gear).  Does anyone know how ...
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  • Phone not receiving calls from the network

    Okay.  My phone will randomly not pick up calls from the network.  I have been experiencing this problem for over a year now.  It started when I had a Casio Rock and continued when I upgraded to a Droid...
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  • i can get a text from a number but not a pic?

    I can send and receive text messages from a friend but we can't receive or send pictures to each other?.
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  • My MOTO X Second Gen.

    If this the right forum to solve my problems? Never had a problem before so I've never had to use one of these. I can say I'm [removed] and I'm sad to see my phone not work like it has as been....   Profanity re...
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  • Droid X

    I have a Driod X and It won't work it is Not safe If can't call 911 in an emergancy What the good is this phone I want a different droid phone that works and doesn't Freeze Or I will quit verizion
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  • Deleting E-Mail

    I have an optimum.net email account. Can't delete emails in trash from server. Have used my computer to delete from server; have checked phone setting delete from server when deleted from inbox. Still remain in trash ...
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  • Ordered phone, cannot pick up in store, cannot redirect to ship, cannot cancel contract.

    I ordered an IPhone online for in store pickup an hour ago. The store said that they cannot do in store pickup and that I would have to get it shipped.   I cannot change the order to have it shipped so they ...
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  • Location & Security Settings-Set Up restriction lock-HELP?!?!

    Somehow, someway my mother (who's account I am using right now to help her) has managed to Enable restriction lock (which is under Settings-Location & Security Settings-Set Up restriction lock).  I have not e...
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  • Droid x2 phone dial pad does not respond to touch on call

    When on a call and asked to input numbers even to get to voicemail phone freezes and will not accept certain numbers like 1 (but it may take an 8) or screen goes black or both. Cannot get my voicemail from this phone....
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  • Droid X2, ready to pull my hair out

    So for the past few months I have been using a Motorola Droid X2 running 2.3.3 and have been experiencing frequent and random freezes and restarts. I could be trying to lock the phone, open Google Voice, open Gmail, u...
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  • Voicemail Notification will not go away

    I have a Droid X that constantly displays a new voicemail notification.  The problem is that there are no actual new voicemails and the voicemail account has been completely cleared out.  The phone is also s...
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  • cant sign on with gmail account

    cant sign on with gmail account
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  • My Moto X changes from 4GLTE TO 1X when making outgoing calls or receiving incoming calls, causes calls to drop or connection is bad.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
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  • Droid X email will not send, just sits in OUTBOX and errors out. Both Hotmail and GMAIL accounts.

    Emails have been working fine since I got the phone, then all of a sudden, when I tried to reply to an email, it just sits in the outbox. It does this on all email accounts, the hotmail and gmail. The hotmail generate...
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  • how can i use my droid x2 only as a hotspot

    i have a droid x2. i ran out of mins and data. how can i use it as a hotspot only
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  • where do I find my droid ID number?

    Please help.  Going to transfer phones.  Where do I find my Droid ID number?  Thanks!
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  • My Phone Won't Activate

    I am trying to activate my phone. I got all the way through the payment and everything twice but it won't activate and now I've put twice as much as I wanted on. My signal is good. What do I do?
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  • Sending texts with upside down question marks

    I send text messages to my friends and some of them are getting a bunch of upside down question marks. One of them is an iPhone user the other is not. Obviously its something the Droid has that the other phones don't....
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  • Resetting connection to towers

    I am curious to know what the code is that you dial-in to for redirecting your device to the local area towers.  Back in the day, it was recommended when on travel to dial-in a code to set your device to the loca...
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