• my home screen is blank.  There are no apps displayed

    my home screen is blank and no apps are on the screen, how can i reset this?  It is responding to touch but there is nothing there and i can get to the settings by swiping from top down.
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  • Droid Razr M Camera is unable to initialize problem HELP!!

    I have a Droid Razr M and lately when I try to use the camera I get a message saying "camera is unable to initialize".  Now this doesn't always appear but when it does I have to reboot my phone if I want to use t...
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  • Motorola Luge touchscreen acting crazy, battery not charging. Help?

    Hi all, I'm having issues with my Motorola Luge/Droid Razr M. This started a few days ago. The touchscreen has been acting crazy, as if the calibration is out of whack. I go to press one thing, and it presses somethin...
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  • Cannot access playstore.   Get message "there was a problem communicating with google services"

    Been getting this message for over a week.  Have cleared cache and stopped/ restarted app.   Have made sure all google apps are running.  Don't want to do a system reboot unless I have no other opt...
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  • Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped after Sept. 12, 2014 Update (Razr M)

    As I have been searching for an "answer or fix" which appears to be none at this time, after the last Update from VZ or Motorola, did not pay that much attention to whom was pushing the update, I am now getting the "U...
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  • What to do when stuck in a boot-loop?

    I've tried to reset, even to factory.  Nothing.  It went crazy when someone called me.  No physical damage, no new software. Anything else I can do?  I saw someone else had the same problem but wit...
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  • Poor service

       Very unhappy with Verizon wireless at the moment.  I am entertaining moving my services to a competitor.  I have 5 lines with Verizon and have terrible service.  I can place my phone on the...
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  • Phone is stuck on "Dual Core" Screen.

    My phone is stuck on the "Dual Core" screen. It will not turn on or off. I've tried rebooting, had no luck. Was able to get to a FastBoot screen, but only tells me my phone is locked, then goes back to the "Dual Core"...
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  • My Droid Razr HD went Dead

    My Droid Razr started to stuck in after while when My Kids playing games and then power off and power on automatically just some weeks earlier before it goes dead. One day I placed it on a table and when I back from...
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  • Interference/distortion when using earbuds to listen to streaming radio

    I am getting some kind of distortion/interference when using earbuds to listen to streaming radio.  I can hear the speech from the radio but there is an "other worldly" type sound in the background.  This pr...
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  • Time display is incorrect

    I recently returned from a trip abroad where I used a local sim card for calls in the country I was visiting.  After re-installing my Verizon sim card and restarting the phone the time displayed is that of the co...
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  • Several Questions Who Ever Can Answer

    I waited so long to get involved in this community because I was trying to research my answer on my own... there really needs to be an easier way.   Ok so here are my questions;   1. You can manually open ...
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  • I charged my phone and now I can't get it to turn on again. What do I do? I can't find a solution here. All I get are error messages.

    I charged my phone and now I can't get it to turn on again. What do I do? I can't find a solution here. All I get are error messages.
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  • no 4g service

    Hi everybody.   So for the past 4-5 months I haven't had 4g service on my RAZR xt912. I know that I am in a 4g lte zone, but all I get is 3g   If I am in a no service zone for an extended period of time, ...
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  • no app found to open URL

    I was clearing up space on my phone and apparently removed a program that I needed to open URL's. I can go to the internet but I can't open anything. How do I find something to open URL's?
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  • Backup Assistant Fails to Sync

    My last complete sync was the first of February. Ever since then it says "failed to sync." I can no longer download music or access my contacts now. Everyone else's phones on our plan is working so what's up?
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  • how do I make my phone say droid

    How do I make my phone say droid when it powers up
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  • Doesn't push emails to me anymore

    Since January 31, my RAZR M hasn't been able to push emails to me or send or receive texts with pictures.  I did not change any settings.  What happened to my phone and how do I get it to push emails to me a...
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  • Voicemail issue:

    Callers cannot leave a voicemail. When I dial *86, I am asked for a 10 digit mailbox number. I put in my cell phone number and it is not recognized as a mailbox number. This problem started about a month or so ago. Vo...
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  • Play Store Issue

    Message says browser no longer supported. Cannot download play store app
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