• I phones/ Droids

    So, I recently switched to this model, and I cannot receive messages from I phones. I attempted with 2 different I phones and I did not receive texts from them , but I can receive texts from other models. Please help
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  • Backup Assistant Plus on Motorola Razr HD won't stop attempting to sync

    How do I get Backup Assistant Plus to stop attempting to sync? I've googled this and found it to be a common question, but none of the solutions posted there have resolved the problem that when my phone has been in st...
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  • My Google Play Store won't download apps.

    I have a Droid Razr M. When I try to download an app through my Google Play Store, it says asks me to agree to terms and services, says "installing" and has the movement on the blue bar that appears to be doing someth...
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  • One person does not receive my texts

    Beginning a week ago, one of my friends cannot receive any of my texts. We can both call each other, it works fine. He can send me a text and I do receive it. If I attempt sending him a text it looks like it went thro...
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  • Droid Razr M VZ Navigator crashing

    Ever since I bought VZ Navigator it will crash while driving, forcing me to pull over and reset the app and reapply my destination. During the crash the app turns gray with black blocks and no longer shows anything. I...
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  • Droid Razr M & Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

    I got the Plantronics voyager Pro HD a few weeks ago. It paired perfectly and worked great until about a week ago. Now even though is connects and says phone connected, I can't get it to do anything. Pressing and hold...
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  • My Droid won't connect to my home wifi. What should i DO?

    I've tried, resetting the phone and powering off and on but it still won't connect to my wifi.  Other devices in my home connect to the wifi but this phone will not.  It's a replacement they sent me and my o...
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  • when i record a video it saves sideways how can i fix this?

    I have the droid razr maxx. When i record a video and it saves to my gallery, i go to watch it and its turned 90 degrees.If i try and turn my phone ti fix the problem the picture is upside down.  I have tried the...
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  • droid RAZR keeps restarting non stop

    ive tried safe mode still the same ive deleted the most recently installed apps and still the same, any other ideas that could fix it. I dont wanna try factory reset unless i try all my options.
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  • I bought a smart phone Motorola Droid Razr M through amazon.com, for use in Venezuela. What should I do to optimize performance?

    I bought a smart phone Motorola Droid Razr M through amazon.com, for use in Venezuela. What should I do to optimize performance?
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  • Broken Phone need a replacement

    My RAZR M broke and I need to buy a new phone does anyone know any good websites for used phones?
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  • picture message didn't automatically send after enabling data... or did it?

    I went back to my message i was trying to send after I enabled mobile data, like it told me to, but my message wasnt a draft- it looked like it had been sent, but I don't think it was.   Can someone help me out?...
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  • kitkat 4.4

    will the droid razr m update to kitkat 4.4
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  • How do I get the event / text to show on my calendar?

    In my calendar, when on the day, the text / event is not showing and it used to.  If I click on it, it's still there but I want the event to show at a quick glance. How do I get that back?
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  • Did cache clear now people complaining of poor quality from my calls

    My Razr M was slowing down so I did a cache clear. That sped it back up but now people that I talk to on the Razr are complaining that my voice sounds garbled or in a tunnel? Could the cache clear have casued this?
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  • Do you care about your customer?!

    I am leaving you guys permanently for a reason. I was promised by Michael the supervisor (employee number 130541) based in Seattle to call me back to resolve some issues. He had not called and there is no way to get a...
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  • Droid Razr Maxx is painfully slow

    I have searched around here to get some advice on why my phone is so painfully slow.  When I use apps, they freeze up.  When I click on app shortcuts on the main screen, the wrong apps will open.  I've ...
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  • Droid Razr HD in white

    I have spent all weekend on the phone with Verizon Tech Support. I have a Droid Razr HD and i hate it!!!! It gets hot, won't hold a charge, kicks me out of apps i've downloaded, even apps that come on the phone like m...
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  • multiple replacements with same problem

    I cannot count how many replacement Motorola android RAZR HD I have had but its getting ridiculous. Must have been  at least 4 in the last couple weeks. My wife has had her iPhone since we started our contract bu...
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  • Droid Razr M- Home icon missing

    My Droid Razr M is acting weird, the screen stretches up and down and now my Home Icon is missing so when you go into something there is no back button or home button to get out.  Anyone had this happen?  I ...
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