• How do I restore phone contacts from Backup Assistant backups?

    Something caused my contacts to revert to an older version.  I not able to find how to restore them from an earlier Backup Assistant backup.
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  • Why does my battery die prematurely?

    Just re-activated my Blackberry Storm 2 with Verizon. Prior to this it had been working perfectly. Charged lasted a LONG time. I installed a new battery and charged it up. Now charge only lasts 6 hours before dieing. ...
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  • Multiple Problems. In-store help useless. Online chat is a robot

    Ok, I have had the Blackberry Stom 2 since May of last year and had the touch screen went dead in spots around December of last year. I took the phone into one of the retail stores here in Tallahassee and they to...
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  • voicemail language?

    How do i change the language on my voicemail back to english? Its on Spanish and i dont understand what its saying to change it back to english! Spoiler(Highlight to read)     
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  • Help. I need an MEP to unlock my Blackberry storm 1

    Anyone out there know how to do this? thanks
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  • Can't find service in New Zealand

    I am having the same problem in New Zealand. It is really depressing that the original messages is three years old and with no replies. I think I have just entered the land of unanswered questions.
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  • Can't find service in Greece even though I have internal plan

    I set up international data plan prior to departure but I receive an SOS instead of a signal. How do I get service?
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  • Travel Overseas Italy: Comprehensive Task List

    I will be traveling to Italy in January from my base in New York. Since this is my first time taking a Verizon phone overseas, I have spent some time researching the Verizon web site to prepare myself for a journey wi...
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  • What to Look For when Buying a Used Storm to activate on Verizon Pre-Pay

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Storm 9550 refurbished for use on Verizon Pre-Pay and am just wondering what all I need to look for.   Would something like this work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Great-BlackBerry-Storm2-9...
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  • How do I activate a new BB Storm 2 9550?

    Hello,   I purchased a new BB Storm 2 9550 and cannot activate it on the Verizon network.  When I enter the MEID # I repeatedly get the message :The Device ID you entered is not valid. Please try again or c...
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  • Contacting Tech Support

    Does anyone know how to contact Verizon Blackberry Tech Support via email? They keep cutting me off or giving me the run around if I call on the phone.
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  • Releasing Blackberry Pin

    Hi, I have been trying all week to no avail to get my Blackberry PIN released from the Verizon network, to use with a foreign sim & BIS service. The phone is unlocked but it seems the PIN is locked to a BES servi...
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  • BB 9530 unregister pin from network

    Hi   I bought the BB 9530 secondhand, and I realized after alot of headaches I needed to deregister the pin from this phone so I could register it here in South Africa, because I am unable to get service books, ...
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  • can i use a texting bundle on my blackberry storm

    I have a blackberry storm 1 and want to know if I can put a 10 dollar texting bundle on it till I have the money to put the 60 on it can I use a texting bundle
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  • "Expired" messages

    I've gotten a couple of strange texts in the last 24 hours that says .."Message to {phone number} expired".  What makes it especially strange is that it is referring to a number of a person that never answered th...
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  • Deregister Blackberry from Verizon

    Hello, i live in Zambia and I have a big problem... I recently purchased a Blackberry 9930 Verizon branded from Amazon. The phone works abit ok as it is unlocked to my local network however I cannot get internet conne...
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  • loyal customer getting bad service

    I bought the blackberry storm back in August i have had nothing, but trouble with the phone. It's been one thing after another.  I went to the verizon store and just had it wipes out cause i guess you can get a t...
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  • Blackberry Storm 2 BBM & BIS in South Africa

    Hi, I recently bought the Blackberry Storm  2 online. I have been battling to connect it to BIS and Blackberry services here in South Africa. The phone works fine to make/receive calls on GSM network. I also an ...
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  • blackberry in india

    hai my cousin bro bot a blackberry storm 2 from us in ur network now i am using it in india. how do i unlock the phone so i can use it india on a local network? please help
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  • I am using bb 9530 in india & I need service for my bb in india is it possible to get service globally or not.

    I am using bb 9530 in india & I need service for my bb in india is it possible to get service globally or not.Because the verizon number by which i buyed my bb is change & i dont have the verizon account also ...
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