• My phone is constantly freezing up whether on the web or texting and I have to remove the battery to reboot. Thoughts?

    My phone is constantly freezing when I'm on the web or an app. Any thoughts on why?
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  • Unable to access BlackBerry services in Kenya!

    I am based in Kenya and a friend purchased for me the following BB phone from Amazon-Blackberry 9650 Bold Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 3 MP Camera, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, a... Sold by StarDavis. The BlackBerry is origi...
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  • Am in Kenya and was given a blackberry bold 9930 verizon. It prompts for MEP when turned on.I don't have the MEP code.How do I use a SIM from different service provider

    Am in Kenya and was given a blackberry bold 9930 verizon. It prompts for MEP when turned on.I don't have the MEP code.How do I use a SIM from different service provider
    Korir Joseph
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  • battery life drops to zero and reboots in my bold 9900

    i have a bold 9900... been using it for awhile now, screen was faulty after repairing the screen, today wen  i power on d fone after rebooting, it shows battery drain and go off and reboots again.... i put d bat...
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  • please help, hotspot not working on my bb 9930

    hello good day!   am in Nigeria, i just bought a verizon bold 9930 off amazon. the hotspot feature does not share network. connects well with laptop but laptop does not browse. please how do i get my laptop to b...
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  • data not working even though i have a data plan

    i woke up to not being able to send or receive email. then when i went to click on the email setup to delete and re-install the account and the set up icon would not open. then i did a security wipe and when i tried t...
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  • App error 523

    I am having a major problem with my Bold, I am on my third one in less than a year and it just quit working!!!  It goes through a reset and I get a error code of App Error 523 Reset.  When I rest it just han...
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  • please help, mobile hotspot not working on my bb 9930

    Duplicate post - please see: https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/817589   Message was edited by: Admin Moderator
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  • Weird texting issue - can't text hubby without a friend being added to the conversation

    Ever since the latest OS upgrade my 9930  has been having texting issues.  The most annoying is that for some reason, whenever I text my hubby a friend is automatically added to the conversation, even when I...
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  • Blackberry Transfers

    How can I transfer my purchased ring tones and photos from my old HTC Android phone to my new Blackberry Bold 9930?
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  • Bold 9930 battery life suddenly drops to zero

    I have a less than 2 yr old bold and the battery life suddenly drops from 60% to zero (red open rectangle) radio will go off. Will plug in charger and it quickly restores to about 60% and charges to full, Replaced bat...
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  • Blackberry Bold 9930 Scrolling by itself

    I have a blackberry 9930 and it seems to be scrolling by itself when I am outside. When I am inside it is fine. I tried a reset but does not work.... Can anyone help me with this problem as it is very frustrating... I...
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  • SIM card switch for Bold 9930

    Help! I have a Blackberry Bold 9930 and I would like to switch to a used phone I purchased, a Samsung Droid Charge! Will my SIM card be compatible? I attempted to activate the phone online and Verizon gave me an error...
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  • how to change mobile network from At&t to verizon

    how to change mobile network from At&t to verizon
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  • can't connect to voice mail

    Blackberry Bold 9650 - was told by someone who called that they could not leave me a voice mail. I called voice mail using my short cut and *86, and get a busy signal. I tried dialing *73 and restarting my phone, whic...
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  • Synching BB's with MacBooks

    How can I synch MacBook Pro with OS X 10.9.1 with BlackBerry Bold 9930?
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  • email stopped

    Since Dec 18, my Blackberry Bold 9930 will not receive email.  It can send and receive phone calls and text messages.  How do I fix this?
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  • Blackberry automatically calls during a call

    While in the middle of a call, phone starts ringing, and I cannot hear current caller, it is calling the last person called, and placing on a conference call, I believe, as it then shows 3 phone icons..please help!
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  • Text message delivered to email

    Does any one know of a method to automatically have a text message go straight to an email account. I need to be able to receive my text messages but do not have cell coverage at my new home but do have internet cover...
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  • why can't i register in this verizon wireless...

    ......my mobile no. is (removed) why  i can't register.....please someone help me....................also i entered my correct mobile no...i am unable to to register in  it......   Private info removed...
    Dikshit Mahat
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