• Why won't the keyboard activate to add my new contact name?

    I cannot get the keyboard to activate in order to type my new contact name.
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  • fraudulent international calls

      Verizon should learn the fundamentals of customer service, such as the customer is always right and not accused them of lying (never said that but definitely implied it based on the numerous times I was told "...
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  • Verizon return policy

    Apparently for Verizon, policy trumps customer satisfaction.  I just found out the hard way that Verizon's retail policy is if you fail to return an item in 2 weeks, you're out of luck.  I bought an $18 case...
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  • my phone is powered on but I am unable to get home screen nothing but a black screen?

    I was using my iphone4 last evening on a phone call - hung up with that call and tapped the phone icon as I was going to see how long the last phone call lasted and when I tapped the phone icon my screen sort of dimme...
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  • Why do you only get a busy signal when you call my phone ?

    I can call out and text by everyone that tries to call in only gets a busy signal. I have checked the call forwarding, anything blocked, airplane mode and turned the phone off and back on but nothing works.   Me...
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  • Why doesn't my call waiting feature work AT ALL?

    My call waiting feature does not work at all. I receive absolutely no alert when I am on the phone and have a second incoming call. My phone goes straight to voicemail for the person who is attempting to call me while...
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  • Where are my text message badges

    My granddaughter has an iPhone (iPhone 4 I believe).  She is not receiving any notice of an incoming text message. There is no badge by the text message icon showing the number of unread messages or any other ind...
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  • no service in puerto rico

    For 3 years my phone wont work in Puerto rico so they gave me a iPhone4 and it still doesn't work !  I called Verizon several times with no fix , it made my vacation miserable and they are violating my contract ,...
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  • unable to connect to network

    My IPhone will not connect to my home network. The it comes up with the message unable  to connect to network. My home network is a secure network and I have a password but my phone isn't asking for the password ...
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  • i need to know how to sync my iphone4 to my car

    i need to know how to sync my iphone4 to my car.
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  • my iphone just locked up what do i do?

    My iphone locked up what do I do?
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  • Can I activate my iPhone on verizon prepaid?

    Will my iPhone work Verizon prepaid?
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  • contacts

    When I used backup assist, I was asked to synch w/ Facebook & I made the mistake of saying yes....I say mistake because it gave me a bunch of contacts I didn't really want.  So, I went through my phone & ...
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  • Callers can't leave a voice message

    My phone used to accept voice messages but now it rings and rings and then a message says this caller is not accepting messages or something like that. I also have Youmail but no messages are appearing there either.
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  • Why does my song speed up while playing?

    So I was listening to my music on my iphone and it randomly started speeding through the song like I was fast forwarding it(I wasn't, and the screen was black because I had locked it). During this time it would switch...
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  • Ringback tones

    I have done this but callers still hear the classical music. My purchased ringback tone is set as the default. It's just not working.     >> Branched from an earlier discussion <<   &nbs...
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  • How to get sound on a video I recorded on my phone?

    I did 2 videos on my iPhone 4 Sunday and cannot hear the people talking. I also sent to my email and I still could not hear it. Any suggestions?
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  • How do I get rid of the "Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable." message on my voicemail screen?

    How do I get rid of the "Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable." message on my voicemail screen? I don't use, don't want it and don't want to see anything about it!
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  • Verizon iPhone 4 in Germany

    I have an old iPhone 4 from Verizon and would like to use it in Germany for 3 months. Is there a way to remove the SIM card from the iPhone4 so I can replace it with one that works in Germany?    (I do not...
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  • Fixing a damaged iPhone

    My mom has an old iPhone 4 from Verizon which has a broken power button (since upgraded to an iPhone 5S).  Do you know if its possible to fix it yourself so that it could still be used.  It still charges so ...
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