• just activated my iphone 4 but it will not allow me to make calls or send texts

    Just added money to my prepaid plan on my iPhone 4. but when I go to activate calling *228 it says call failed???
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  • Can I turn data off on my grandsons iphone 4

    Can I lock the data or restrict on iphone 4s
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  • iPhone 4 CDMA

    I just ordered a refurbished iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon) for my daughter who desperately wants an iPhone. Can you please verify that CDMA still works on Verizon so I can cancel before it ships if it doesn't work?   ...
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  • not receiving texts

    For some time now I have been able to send texts to people, but I am not receiving a reply. Yes, they are replying, lol. It happens when texting all types of phones i.e. iphone 5, galaxy, etc.  It is quite irrita...
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  • Cancel service on iPhone 4

    How do I cancel service to an iPhone 4 that I don't have and the contract is completed.  I am being billed monthly after requesting that this device be removed from my plan at completion of contract time
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  • Anyone else having huge problems with incorrect data usage charges

    they are trying to say we used 13 GB of data- & we know it is incorrect but not sure how to prove it;( any one have anyway to help??
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  • Resetting voice mail greeting option

    I have already chosen to set up my voice mail with the "personal greeting" option.  I would like to change this  to the "standard greeting" option, which was offered when I initially set up my voicemail.&nbs...
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  • My phone won't charge???

    I plug my phone in and suddenly it won't charge.  Any suggestions?
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  • how to print my pictures from my icloud

    trying to find out how to print my pictures from my Verizon icloud??
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  • Verizon return policy

    Apparently for Verizon, policy trumps customer satisfaction.  I just found out the hard way that Verizon's retail policy is if you fail to return an item in 2 weeks, you're out of luck.  I bought an $18 case...
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  • My i phone 4 is stuck in the calculator mode, how do I get it back to normal

    My I phone 4 is stuck in calculation mode, how do I get it back to normal?
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  • my phone stopped sending messages

    For some reason today my phone stopped sending messages, but is still able to receive them. I have tried restarting, and texting other numbers, but no luck. I am still able to make calls though. Please help!
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  • How much will I be charged if I send in my iPhone 4 for an early upgrade with a minor scratch under the camera lens?

    Yesterday, I went in to my local Verizon store to get an early upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ from my iPhone 4. When I went in, the associate I was talking to asked to see my iPhone so he could see whether or ...
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  • Where do I find the SIM card number on my iPhone 4?

    I followed the instructions that Verizon has given me (settings>general>about), and it's not in there. I know it has to start with an 89, but I just don't see it anywhere! Does anyone else know where else it can...
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  • MyVerizon online activation for iPhone 4

    I'm trying to activate my girlfriends old iPhone 4 to use with my number. My parents are currently paying for 2GB of data for my phone, however I am rocking a LG Envy Touch which has limited Internet Capabilities. Whe...
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  • Why am I not able to add or edit my contacts on my iphone4 all of a sudden?

    Why am I not able to add or edit my contacts on my iphone4 all of a sudden?
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  • Can't send picture messages

    Have a walmart pay as u go LG Optimus zone 2. At the time of trying to send a 1MB picture i had.... Full signals bars, 3G service (Data ON). Tried sending it 3 times be4 i gave up. Restarted cell, and tried it aga...
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  • i have unlimited texting but i cant send picture messages

    why cant I send picture messages if I have unlimited texting
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  • Why won't my screen tilt?

    why won't my screen tilt?  I have tried rebooting and updating, it didn't help
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  • Lost Restrictions Passcode

    I have lost 'RESTRICTIONS' passcode and now 6 failed attempts.  What do i do to rectify situation?
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