• Data Problems...

    Whenever I go to turn my data on only for a certain app, it turns most of them on. When I try to turn the data access off for certain apps, it just turns them on again when I exit out of settings. It's eating up my da...
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  • Cannot verify server identity

    I keep receiving "cannot verify server identity brliv.myvzw.com.  I have the option to cancel, continue or details.  When I look at the details it states not recommended.  Help!
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  • Convert Text messages to email

    Hello I am trying to have my text messages that are received and sent also sent to my e-mail to document the conversation - Is there a way to have certain contacts text messages automatically sent to your email account?
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  • Does switching devices on your account, renew your contract?  Even if it wasn't an upgrade purchased through verizon?

    Does changing devices, changing a plan, ect. Automatically renew your contract?
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  • iphone can't text without wifi

    Why, Today all of a sudden my iphone 4 can not receive or send texts without wifi?
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  • How can I get Verizon Cloud on my prepaid account, with my IPhone4?

    I recently transferred from a 2002 OLD prepaid plan to a smartphone prepaid plan for $45/month, with an iphone 4.  All I want to do is backup my data using Verizon Cloud.  When I try to create an account onl...
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  • how do I unlink a phone from my apple ID

    My old iPhone 4 is still linked to my Apple ID.  I signed in to iCloud, went to find my phone, and removed the phone from my account.  What else do I need to do so this phone is usable by someone else?
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  • Iphone and Verizon Asurion Insurance

    With all the posts about data plans and the Iphone 5 I have a simple question. Will Verizon offer Asurion Insurance or another insurance plan for the Iphone. If they do what would be the cost per month and what would ...
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  • I need my iphone 4 unlocked and am currently in the UK.  How can I get this done while overseas so I can us the phone on a UK provider?

    I need my iphone 4 unlocked and am currently in the UK.  How can I get this done while overseas so I can us the phone on a UK provider?
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  • how do i get my facebook email addresses off my phone contact list?

    how do i get my facebook email addresses off my phone contact list?
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  • Cannot send picture text from an iPhone 6 to an Android phone, both on Verizon

    I cannot exchange picture texts between my iPhone 6 and my son's Android phone, both on the Verizon network, both with data plans, both have MMS enabled. Has anyone found a similar problem and a solution to the issue?
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  • My texts aren't being delivered to one specific person, but I can get their texts.  Any help?

    My texts to one specific person aren't being delivered.  I get their texts, but when I respond they don't get the message. Any ideas on fixing this?
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  • Friends can't leave a voicemail message

    Why can't my friends leave me a voicemail message on my iphone?   They say they get a message that tells them they can't. 
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  • Do I need to stop service on my old IPhone before using my new one?

    I activated my iphone,paid for service but no one can call me and I can't call out,I used my same number from my old Android which is still activated but no one can call me,I can call out.Do I need to stop service on ...
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  • Please solve my problem

    Dear Sir Apple Support already contact me try to solve my problem, inform me that my device closed only for Verizon in USA  and advice me to contact Verizon for my problem . And my problem is as follow :- I have ...
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  • I changed my pass code on my phone today.  now i cant get in  i  keep getting disabled saying wrong p *** code   what do i do?

    I changed my pass code on my phone today.  I keep getting locked out saying the password is wrong.  ugh    how do I get in?
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  • Strange Regular Beeping Tone During Call

    Recently I was on a call to my work and there was this strange beeping / tone that sounded like an Emergency Services Alert or something.  It would beep every few seconds regularly for a while, then stop for a fe...
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  • my iphone 4 is showing no service now and then it goes to 1 bar for service.it willt just starting taking screen shots on its own..My bill is paid. What could be happening?

    My phone disconnected when I was on a call.  then it started taking screen shots on its own. I looked and it says no service. Then it would change to 1 bar, but I could not get a call out. I looked online and my ...
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  • How do I block someone from using spyware on my phone?

    Apparently you can buy spyware and plug it into someones phone to access all of their stuff.  How do I block it?  Is there a way to block that or the only way to put a password on my phone?  I don't wan...
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  • Video

    Deleted video
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