• contacts

    When I used backup assist, I was asked to synch w/ Facebook & I made the mistake of saying yes....I say mistake because it gave me a bunch of contacts I didn't really want.  So, I went through my phone & ...
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  • Callers can't leave a voice message

    My phone used to accept voice messages but now it rings and rings and then a message says this caller is not accepting messages or something like that. I also have Youmail but no messages are appearing there either.
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  • Why does my song speed up while playing?

    So I was listening to my music on my iphone and it randomly started speeding through the song like I was fast forwarding it(I wasn't, and the screen was black because I had locked it). During this time it would switch...
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  • Ringback tones

    I have done this but callers still hear the classical music. My purchased ringback tone is set as the default. It's just not working.     >> Branched from an earlier discussion <<   &nbs...
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  • How to get sound on a video I recorded on my phone?

    I did 2 videos on my iPhone 4 Sunday and cannot hear the people talking. I also sent to my email and I still could not hear it. Any suggestions?
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  • How do I get rid of the "Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable." message on my voicemail screen?

    How do I get rid of the "Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable." message on my voicemail screen? I don't use, don't want it and don't want to see anything about it!
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  • Verizon iPhone 4 in Germany

    I have an old iPhone 4 from Verizon and would like to use it in Germany for 3 months. Is there a way to remove the SIM card from the iPhone4 so I can replace it with one that works in Germany?    (I do not...
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  • Fixing a damaged iPhone

    My mom has an old iPhone 4 from Verizon which has a broken power button (since upgraded to an iPhone 5S).  Do you know if its possible to fix it yourself so that it could still be used.  It still charges so ...
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  • Text messages NOT being received be one person

    My messages all of a sudden (on December 6th, 2014) I stopped being received by only ONE person in my contacts list (my most important and most frequently used contact). I have HTC One, he has Metro PCS on Samsung Ga...
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  • I did a restore but now when it tries to activate it says no sim card in phone. yeah Its a CMDA there is no sim card. What can I do?

    I upgraded but want to use my old 4 as a mp3/itouch. I did a restore but now when it tries to activate it says no sim card in phone. yeah Its a CMDA there is no sim card. What can I do?
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  • does phone ring while dead

    does iphone 4 ring to caller if dead?
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  • Ringback tones....

    I tried purchasing the ringback tones for my iphone and it's not working at all... it's just the standard ring... does anyone know how I can fix this? 
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  • How do I get my email off my iphone?

    How do I get my email off my iphone?
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  • I updated to iOS 8.1.3 and now the phone will not recognize the correct Apple ID or connect to the internet?

    Is there any fix to this problem or should I just exchange the phone? Tried to reset or erase, but because it won't recognize the correct password none of these fixes can be applied.
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  • I switched to an older phone and everything got messed up

    I replaced my iphone with an old iphone that i had. The switch went through and now I can call and text and go on the internet on the old phone. The problem is I am sending texts on the old phone and am receiving some...
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  • charging for texts on unlimited text plan

    In early January we changed from a pay per text plan to unlimited texting plan. I am still being charged (green texts) for non iPhone to iPhone text messages. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change to stop...
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  • Cancel my service?

    Recently my mother decided to take my phone i am 18 and the phone is hooked to my bank account. Even though i pay for all the bills and everything involved with it goes through me and my bank accounts and such it is i...
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  • can't send texts or process calls with my iphone 4

    try making calls but i get error in processing he calls and texts doesn't get sent as well. i tried resetting it, turning airplane mode on/off.
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  • Can't receive or make calls.

    Can't receive calls; they go right to voice mail. Can't make calls; it says my number is either invalid or not active. I can text certain people, but not others. I can browse the web, no problem. My bill is up to ...
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  • will you fixed my cracked screen?

    I cracked my screen and was wondering if i brought in a new screen will you replace my cracked screen with the screen i bring in?
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