• Global data plan question

    I have an iphone 6 with a Verizon unlimited data plan. I am traveling to Canada in a few weeks and want to add a glob...
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  • How disable cellular radio but not wifi?

    I'm in an area for a few days with no verizon cell service but do have wifi. The samsung galaxy note 4 quickly drains...
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  • Can't switch from Blackberry to iPhone on MyVerizon

    I have to switch to my old BlackBerry Bold when I go to areas that won't allow camera phone.  I can switch to my...
  • New upgrade wrecked my wifi internet.

    Ever since I've installed the new upgrade, trying to do anything on wifi internet has been nothing short of impossibl...
  • Accessories Space

    I see the space for "Additional Devices and Products" but it seems related to specific hardware.  How about a sp...
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  • Unlocking Razr M Screen with PIN

    I just enabled a screen lock with a PIN, and now my Razr M won't unlock.  Is there a trick tap or swipe you're s...
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  • What is going on with Verizon??

    iMessages, FaceTime, and some phone calls aren't going through. Messages saying delivered but other person never rece...
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  • VZ Protect

    How do I deactivate VZ Protect on my Galaxy S6? It is draining my battery.
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  • not receiving txt messages

    I have a Nexus 6 and I am able to send txt messages, but I am unable to receive any. I am wondering if anyone has had...
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  • Prepaid Moto E Model XT1528 - Can this be used on a GSM Network?

    As I understand, the Moto E Verizon Prepaid smartphone model XT1528 is unlocked. Can it be used on a GSM network? I...
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  • signal booster for CDMA

    We have been searching for a signal booster for our car that will give our Verizon CDMA Apple iPhones better signal i...
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  • Control Tab in FamilyBase doesn't list all phones on account

    I have four lines on my Verizon account,  Three are marked child.  When I go to the FamilyBase Controls tab...
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  • Handcent Next SMS and mms not working

    I have a galaxy s5 running the latest version of lollipop.  I use both textra and the new handscent (next sms) f...
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  • Lollipop 'fix' did not fix

    I installed the Lollipop update released OTA last Friday. It helped a lot - for about 3 days.  Now, I'm getting ...
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  • Droid Turbo Problem

    My Droid Turbo automatically answers in speakerphone. How do i get this to stop?
  • How to I set do not disturb so my phone won't ring at night

    Is there a way to set the phone so it won't ring between certain hours?
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  • Is anyone else having all pictures, Ringtones, and other media disappear from their S6?

    I am getting my THIRD warranty replacement tomorrow. Here's what happened. Today I got a call.The ringtone was a stan...
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  • Verizon screwing me again.

    I have been waiting 4 days now for my Note 3 replacement to get here. I've paid over $160 on the insurance during the...
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  • Mac File Transfers

    Has anyone been able to transfer file from a Turbo to a mac without using Bluetooth? Android File Transfer on the Mac...
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  • call log problems

    Does anyone know where on the myverizon site I can find where to access the list of numbers that were received and ou...