For over a week now my email accounts, Verizon and Google, will not sync and NO I have done nothing to cause this..What is going on??? Droid Maxx KK 4.4.4Android
in Android
I cannot get more than 12 to 14 hours out of a full charge, and with a new battery.  The battery has been charged at least a dozen times, so I know it's at full charge.  Is the phone dying?
in Android
I am on a 4GB plan. I just signed in to find that your pricing has changed.  My plan cost went down $10 per month, woohoo!!  Except you didn't bother to tell me that.  I was told that I need to ASK…
in My Verizon
I understood that I could down grade from a smartphone to a basic phone. I had no trouble switching phones but you would not allow me to discontinue the data package. That was never clear. I WANT it in writing. If it had been clear to me that I was forced to keep the data package I would have NEVER switched over..I am so disappointed. Where is it in writing? Your employee couldn't find it either.
in imkdlou's status updates
I can download and install Messages+ from the Google Play store on my phone.  The application launches, and gives me the "Go Beyond Text" screen.  I click "Get Started" and it briefly flashes "Please…
in Android
Noticed when "display network time zone" is checked, Eastern is chosen instead of Pacific?!
in Verizon Ellipsis 7
We use our 4620 Jetpack as our internet portal for our Macbook Pro & with 2 iPhones both while at home and on the road.  We are currently at a large RV park in Mesa AZ and I find our response time…
in Broadband & Netbook
Unable to connect wireless to my Jetpack MHS291LVW. All was working fine until windows update. Now, I can see it on wireless network connection but when I try to connect, message is unable to…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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