I have a business landline that I would like to have my calls call forwarded to my cell.  When I do this and choose not to answer a call, the caller hears this announcement, "Your call has been…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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First, I don't understand why there is not a V10 space on the community.   Now on to the real issue.   Am I the only one having problems staying connected to WiFi? I have no issues at all when I am…
in Android
Samsung Gusto 3: Can I upload several of My Pics together to my email account? I know how to upload one pic, but can I upload several at once?  Thanks, Sam K.
in Basic Phones
After the upgrade I no longer get a voicemail notification, instead I receive a text message with a string of random characters and the number that called.   I only see the voicemails if I restart…
in Android
LG G4 that I had to update the firmare on when I received it as a replacement. However, I am unable to update kindle reading app and amazon music app from play store now. If I open the app it informs…
in Android
I have three devices on Verizon, two which are not active. One is a mobile phone which was stolen. I continued to make the monthly payments in addition also paying the monthly installments on the…
in My Verizon
Some update occurred the other day that took away all my Droid Maxx 2 app notification settings, home screen lock and worst of all the phone doesnt ring and goes straight to voice mail.   I've tried…
in Android
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I bought my Turbo 2 in late November, and I'm already having a problem with the charging port not working.  Originally, I thought the included turbo charger was bad, so I bought an exact replacement…
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