Just got an S5. Got a message saying I couldn't subscribe to the messaging service. Just discovered I can't receive calls or texts, but i can call and text out.
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
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Will Verizon be carrying the new Windows Lumia 950 and the 950 XL in October? 
in Windows Phone
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Al of a sudden, my droid maxx, turns back on when plugged in to charger.?¿??why?
in Data Utilization
At my workplace, I, as well as my coworkers on Verizon Wireless, had really good 4G LTE for the past few years. However, for well over a month or so now, the 4G LTE has dropped to 3G. Not sure why…
in 4G LTE
I accidentally turned on the TTY mode on my phone and locked it, now I can't unlock my phone. Help!
in Android

For what don't have service

in Dulcenelly1's status updates
when I delete one message off my gmail on my phone how do I get it to delete off my other devices automatically
in Android
I currently have a grandfathered Family plan with 1400 minuets for talk and unlimited text.  Two of the five lines I have have 6GB data, one has 4GB data and the other two are basic lines.  I am…
in My Verizon
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