"If you have a sufficient balance for your monthly access on the MONTHLY PLAN, enjoy the benefits of your calling plan. If you don't have enough funds to cover your monthly access fee, you will be…
in Verizon Wireless Services
Anyone tried using the old Extravert phone cases on the Extravert 2?  I'm hoping we don't have to buy new ones.
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It says on Droid Life Tomorrow is the Day that Turbo Gets it's 5.1 but I will Caution this as in the Past when Updates are sent out it's Done in Phases   So if it Does Release out.!   Some may Get…
Loyal customer for 3 years - Horrible Service and customer support always giving the run around.  Started my contract in 2012, Since i was a Canadian citizen my social security number did not…
in My Verizon
Dear Verizon, Now that net neutrality is in effect why is my unlimited data plan still being throttled?   Also why am I disabled from creating a mobile hotspot on my iPhone?
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My Android phone has been downloading "Dictionary update information" all day. Anyone know what that is?
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A couple of hours ago my phone got hot and froze on the Verizon start up screen. Since then I have done everything. Battery is fine, started in safe mode, then did a hard reset. It will start and…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
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I have had the absolute worst experience of my life using the Verizon Trade in Program. I came back to Verizon as a return customer in October 2014 expecting to get the same great customer experience…
in iPhone 6
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