My Jetpack gets consistently horrible LTE connectivity. It's practically useless all over the city and I live in San Francisco which should be covered. This is the second device I've had so I'm sure…
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I just want to know is my LG3 vulnerable to the text message vulnerability announced today.  The news said that all the hackers need to do is send a text message to your phone and they can take your…
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When I playback a video it doesn't show it full screen, it's small and i can barely see it.  Can I and how do I change that.
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I am over my data plan of 30gbs, and I know that you do not provide more than 30gbs either.  I don't want to pay triple the price for the 30 gbs plan and I would really like some assistance. …
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I recently left AT&T because my S6 edge, out of the blue, stopped getting a good signal and AT&T, after a multitude of other issues, told me they would not replace my phone until they've done some…
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I have a Verizon Plan with four phones, and 18GB data, and my kids run through it like its nothing.  Is there a way I can give them a specific amount of data per month and once they hit that they…
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I'm considering upgrading from the S4 to the S6. Can someone describe the important differences between the two?
Good day. Is it possible to buy this phone with shipping to Russia? Will it work in Russia with local GSM operator w/o any magic?
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I edged up my phone November 2014 and have been getting charged for two edge contracts since.  I have tried getting help via live chat, phone call and multiple trips to the store and no one can seem…
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