Does using iMessage use my data plan when I am otherwise using wifi at home?
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Ever since the most recent software update, my phone auto locks its self(this feature is turned off). While I am using it. It also attempts to turn off and shows the slide to turn off option. (This…
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I Have been trying to figure out how to connect to my home security camera remotely through my 4G LTE Jetpack. My camera connects wirelessly to my Jetpack. I use Verizon on my iPhone 6s, and could…
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aloha I used to get on line when I first got my phone But now I can not connect why
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I think i have a virus on my Note 5 , i keep getting a message showing up in my text message app that say WAP_PUSH_SI!' .I can delete it but it comes back. If i click on it to see who it is i get ,…
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My Droid Razr was working great in my 2013 Nissan Sentra for handsfree Bluetooth use until several months ago, and then it wasn't. My car still shows Droid Razr as a connected device but the…
I turn it off a couple of hours and it cools down then when I use Facebook or my other applications for five or ten minutes it gets warm or hot what should I do ?
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The wifi feature cannot be turned on with my Galaxy s5 running lollipop. I have had this issue before and I solved it by doing a settings reset. This time I do not have the same luck. I have tried to…
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