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When the heck is Verizon going to add number sync in their update, allowing us to share our cell number with our s2 gear classic watch whether we're connected via Bluetooth or tower signal? AT&T and… (Show more)
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I have been struggling with kids to stay within our data limit and wonder if Safety Mode is too cumbersome or restricting.  I would like to keep data at 6gb which we have been able to maintain pretty… (Show more)
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I purchased a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and have yet to receive the latest firmware update.  I have been told that there are problems on Verizon's end which are being "worked out".   Can someone… (Show more)
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verizon has been charging data overages on my plan since March ! when discussing this at work it seems this has happened to everyone !  My company atlantic health employs 10s of thousands of… (Show more)
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I am experiencing that same behavior that Roadblocked is having in this thread: 4G Network Extender is NOT compatible with iPhone 7 - PLEASE HELP .   If I reset Network settings, the phone will… (Show more)
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My s7 randomly and repeatedly turns the volume down and will continue to do so until the phone is restarted.  It will also begin to randomly open apps and send text messages by itself until… (Show more)
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I am trying to activate an iPhone 5s that was AT&T and then Tracfone/Straight Talk.  When I tried to activate it on my account, it kept giving me an error when trying to activate on my account.  I… (Show more)
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Dont laugh at my old phone.  For 9 years I have received and sent email on my curve - never had an issue.  All of sudden I am no longer receiving gmails.  I can send them but I can receive tried to… (Show more)
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