how to transfer money from my verizon account to paypal
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i was with alltel when verizon bought it and though i tried to change to verizon plans twice at contract renewal i am still on my original alltel plan and coverage area which results in roaming…
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I'm not very happy with what's going on right now.  My family of 3 shares a data plan of 8GB.  I use under 1G, my husband <1G-1.5G and my son uses a ton so I decided to start looking into when/how…
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This FORCED updated to Lollipop 5.0 from a working and happy version 4.4.4 Kitkat is unacceptable.  There are now over 1000 complaints just on this forum in the last 3 weeks.  I suggest we all write…
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Some kind of point update pushed to my HTC One M8 on Friday night (24 April). Since then, the following apps either crash instantly or after one minute of use:   My Verizon Mobile USAA Discover…
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Every time I try and open the camera settings to make a change within the camera app it force closes the settings menu but leaves me within the camera app.  I've restarted, shutdown, tried…
Verizon just took over Golden State Cellular, who ran a CDMA network. As part of that buyout, they upgraded the network and customer phones; can I swap out the SIM card for the old iPhone 4S with a…
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I have a Droid Turbo. I want to download the message program for my xp computer. I received the error 0x800713ec - Asia.....the program will not install. I want to adjust the text message settings on…
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