My Turbo recently started giving no audible alerts when I rec'd a text and only a short start of ringtone with incoming calls.  I chatted with cust svc, we put phone in safe mode and texts from rep…
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I have ported my number from Verizon to a pay as you go carrier  (total wireless which, as I understand is a Verizon carrier).  The port carried over to the new phone and is working fine.  I was a…
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How can I delete the Threat History from VZ Protect on my Samsung S4
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HTC One M8 GPS not working since March 20th 2015 shortly after Android 5.0.1 update. No info about a fix yet.
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I'm feeling as if I have been taken. I switched to the more everything plan and one of the features that sold me on it was that since my wife and I are commercial pilots we would get free…
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I'm about to exceed my monthly text limit. How do I stop incoming texts from coming in to me?
in Messaging
I am trying the Verizon Messages app instead of the stock texting app that came with the Maxx because I dislike the plain white background and the app doesn't allow you to change background colors.…
I was told and it was put in writing that my monthly bill would be no more than $107.  So why does my current bill state I owe $199?  Is this a one time occurrence with a newly processed account?
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