Matters Most
About a year ago, I backed up all of my data to Verizon Cloud. Messages, Contacts, everything. Somebody restored my Galaxy s3 without permission, so those messages are gone off of the phone. The…
in Verizon Cloud
My note 4 freezes up all the time and so does my husband's mine is 2 months older than his, we find its mostly Facebook and internet. I've checked to see if  any of my apps caused and its not, I've…
in Android
My daughter is using all of our shared data by using Youtube to listen to music while driving?!  She says it's the only way she can get current RAP music.  I suggested iradio but she says it doesn't…
in iPhone 6
Matters Most
People having difficulty hearing and understanding me. They say I sound like I am in a tunnel and breaking up. On my end everything is coming in loud and clear with no difficulty. I've checked all…
in Samsung Galaxy Note II
I have been trying to see all messages after I had synced my car with Galaxy Note 2.  I cannot see the most recent messages, either read or unread. Any ideas how to fix this problem.
in Android
Just bought a galaxy core prime for my daughter and moved all our music files over to the SD card on the device via my computer.  Google music nor Samsung music apps will play the music.  Just says…
in Android
Ever since Verizon pushed the 212.166.3 update (to fix emergency dialing?), my 2013 Moto X cannot properly run WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously anymore. For WiFi to be able to see nearby access…
in Moto X by Motorola
So my g2 has turned to crap after the update but now I have another issue. I couldn't figure out why the volume was so low. I keep it in an otter box case. Come to find out the sound is coming out of…
in Android
My Samsung Galaxy s4 shows it is connected when it feels like it. But it is receiving and not transmitting. I can see it when I log in to my Verizon router and it fails the ping test.I get every…
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