removing detailed billing from all lines - will this work for paperless statements AND online bill viewing alike?
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I am looking at my bill and the calls made.  It shows the date and time of day.  My question is:  What time zone is used for the time of day?
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When I dial a number a voice calls out the numbers.  Can that be shut off?
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Why was there a loss of cell phone reception last night for over an hour around 8pm? Could not dial out.
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I use an alias: instead of, but that appears to be failing now.   It was working yesterday.
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I talked to a financial services/payment representative (7/21/2016) and had thought we arranged for a payment on August 1st to avoid suspension. I was without warning suspended today. I am unable to…
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Can't open yahoo email attachment
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Hello, Since the latest android update to version 6.0.1. My Samsung S6 asks for "Password needed for Additional Security" after a new text message arrives. I have my screen unlock setting set to…
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I just sent an E Gift Card.  I received my receipt from Verizon but the recipient can't open gift card. Who do I contact?
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