Have anybody use Samsung Galaxy S6 for "facetime" like in Apple iphone?
How can I remotely set a passcode on a stolen iphone 4?
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Has anyone else experienced a screen rotation issue on the S6 edge?  My device is locked in portrait mode and will not rotate.  Before you ask, YES SCREEN ROTATION IS TURNED ON.   I have spoken with…
Monday, May 25, 2015, I was taking pictures and all was well.  A few hours later I tried to take another picture and found that all I can take is 'selfies' because the camera only faces the phone…
Created a Verizon Cloud account on my computer and my Galaxy 5 phone.  The computer side appears to work as needed in that the documents I want to access via phone are there.  However, when I set the…
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Roughly a month ago my old phone started to really show its age so I decided to borrow a family members upgrade and invest in the iPhone 6. I drove to the store and the sales rep there convinced me…
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I can make another discussion specific to what I've seen here if these discussions are the ideal location for consumer sourced reports, just curious if there is an actual bug reporting system or…
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My husband and i moved to verizon from sprint when our contract with them was almost up. ive heard so any good things about them and we thought it would be good for us, despite the fact that we had…
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I am Outraged! I went online to buy a new phone for my son and checked my data plan and it said i currently had 6GB for $65 and it was no longer offered. The next teir was 10GB for $62.40. I thought…
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