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Come the 15th of this month we unlimited data users will be able to finally get a new device. I've heard that it's the device payment plan. Can we upgrade and get the subsidized phone as well? All…
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I have LG transpire and I want to uninstall last software update ate up 4nhalf giggs before I had 8 can I uninstall

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Why can't I download apps to my Elli8 even though I have 4-5 bars on Wi-fine network. Tried to download NFL Mobile and Netflix, neither will download.
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Can I disable the incognito mode on chrome?
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Verizon has decided that It need to add $20 per moth for unlimited data even though less than 1% of its customers still have it! I call foul. Customer service told me its to ensure integrity of the…
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Real simple yes or no question for the Verizon reps that monitor this board.   Is Verizon going to get a flagship Windows 10 phone either this year or in 2016?  Please give a straight answer, none…
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Is there a way for the Verizon Mobile app to alert someone on the phone via text when a bill is ready to be paid?
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I have an iPhone 4 with a plan that is no longer available. I'd like to buy a new iPhone 6s at full price so I can keep my current plan. I've tried purchasing online but it won't let me. The only…
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I am a worrying father.. My 2 girls have LG440g tracfones, so we can be in touch always..  however they go places I never did.. what is the quickest and easiest way I can track them???Also i'm…
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