How can I take the useless Slacker charge off my bill. It's never worked once, wasn't supposed to cost but $1.10 & all 5 iPhones are getting nailed with a useless $2.00 charge. Could use that $10 for…
in Apple
Samsung S6 edge+  I want to forward a text message to a Samsung  Note 5.  How can I do it?
in Android
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I want to block all calls in and out except trusted numbers but also allow data to be used up to the data cap for that line.   I have Family Base and I read to block all calls except trusted to make…
in Family Safeguards & Controls
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Trying to track down a certain text from a certain number and I clear my history. Is there a way Verizon can give me access?
in My Verizon
Looks like my phone reset on its own and it won't take my gmail info to let me reactivate.
in Android
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So basically, my cloud is full. I have over 2500 pictures and they are mostly nonsense. Anyway, every time I try to delete the pictures it tells me that there is a problem deleting because they have…
in Verizon Cloud
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I  I'm the account owner why do I have to ask permission to be a manager
in My Verizon
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